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March Madness (MMS) Updated June 30, 2023
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Bruce Reiff (1st Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1FSu91Exhibit Hall Annex #2
Heat 1/4FSu105Evergreen
Heat 2/4Tu195Snowflake
Heat 3/4Th95Chestnut
Heat 4/4Fr95Chestnut
2023 Tournament Format  Heats Multiple Single Elimination

Each heat will be set up so that as many teams as possible will play in each round and the assignments will follow a fixed format so you will know which game your opponent in the next round will come from. The specific match-ups will depend upon the teams drafted - the non-selected teams will be dropped from the seedings and lower teams will be moved up. In addition, byes, created when there are an odd number of teams in a round, are pre-assigned so normal WBC bye rules (i.e. former champions) will NOT apply.

The Final Four will once again be scheduled at the convenience of the players, if possible, with the scheduled Semifinal and Final as a default.

Players will be allowed to keep their team cards which will be pre-labelled with heat, year, and initial seed, so you are welcome to record your opponents and scores directly on the back for posterity.

Rules Clarifications

12.4) What happens to cards removed by a Withdrawn Strategy Card?
A.) They are returned to the player's hand.

12.7) Can a Coaching Move negate an opposing Timeout re-roll of a scoring resolution?
A.) No. The scoring resolution, including all re-rolls, must be completed before the Player whose turn it is may take a Coaching Move.

12.8) If both players have a Timeout available and the potential need to use it, which player has to declare if he is using a Timeout first?
A.) The resolving player must declare if he is using a Timeout first.

12.9) What is the penalty for an F shooter who gets into foul trouble since he cannot lose a letter grade?
A.) The player he is guarding is eligible for a +1 die roll modifier.

13) How many coaching moves do you get in overtime? Where is the timer set?
A.) Take the original coaching rating minus all technical fouls on the coach and divide the result by two, rounding up. Clock is set at 5 minutes.

14.1) Box and One cards state they can be used once per half. If I have two of these cards, may I use each card once per half?
A.) No. The Box and One effects can only be employed once per half, no matter how many such cards you have. Furthermore, the card is considered used as soon as it is played - even if withdrawn before the position is resolved.

14.2.5 How is the Key Sixth Man card used?
1) If the Key Sixth Man is already played on a position which suffers a foul, it eliminates the effect of the foul during that resolution.
2) If Key Sixth Man is played immediately after suffering a second foul, it can be used to prevent fouling out (though it would not affect the scoring resolution for that position). This tactic can be prevented if the player resolving the position immediately takes a Coaching Move to prevent the immediate response.. The card cannot be played on a position that has already been resolved in that half.
3) Key Sixth Man may be played on a position face-up to remove a foul at that position, in which case, the Key Sixth Man card is discarded and the foul removed. However, this requires that there be a slot available - if there are already two cards on that position, the card cannot be played there unless one of the other cards is removed. Playing the Key Sixth Man card requires that the player use a normal move or coaching move, just as when normally playing any other card. However, playing the Key Sixth Man on a position and subsequently discarding it does not prevent the play of other cards on that position in that half; i.e. the limit is two cards on a position at a time, not a half.

14.2.6) Does the 4-point bonus for Clutch Free Throws apply to an already existing foul? To a foul that is immediately removed by a Key Sixth Man or Zone Defense? To a foul that is negated by a Timeout roll?
A.) No. Yes. No, unless the re-roll also results in a foul on the opposing player.

14.3.6 & 14.3.7) Can a Controlling The Boards and Boxing Out affect other positions before the position they are played on is resolved? After?
A.) Yes. No.

NOTE: A Clutch Free Throws card is never negated, just as it states on the card. This is true even if the opponent has played a Box and One card on that position. Of course, the opponent must foul for the Clutch Free Throws card to score any points.

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