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Robo Rally (RRY) Links Email GM   Updated July 1, 2023
Class C: Coached Inexperienced players welcome. The game will be taught to anyone present at the scheduled starting time. All players are expected to help newcomers. GMs may also schedule a demonstration for the Event.
Schedule  GM: Marc Houde (23rd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Heat 1/3FSu103Grand Ballroom
Heat 2/3We193Grand Ballroom
Heat 3/3Th173Grand Ballroom
SemifinalFr153Grand Ballroom
FinalSa173Grand Ballroom
2023 Tournament Format Heats Winners Only

It's a slow day at the widget factory, so the central race computer has prepared a RoboRally tournament for the factory computers. You can be one of those computers. Navigate your robot across conveyor belts, over gears, and past pushers in your effort to be the first to touch all the checkpoints.

But watch out for the other robots, not only are they trying to beat you to the checkpoints, but they might even try to push you off course. And don't forget the lasers mounted throughout the factory, and on each of the other robots too. Easy to learn, hard to master. Beginners welcome. This will be a coached event this year and we have several experienced players that are willing to coach folks through their first game. Those who are only familiar with the new Hasbro Editions should arrive early to learn the old school rules.

Two of the heats will use 2-board, 3-flag setups that will be pre-determined. As discussed at the 2013 tournament there will be one deathmatch. Whatever heat falls closest to noon on Wednesday be the optional deathmatch heat where there are no flags and each robot gets only one life. Last robot standing wins. (Those who would prefer normal rules will be matched with others who also prefer those for a normal game.

Heats: Winners Only (HWO): Only the winners from each heat advance to the Semifinal. No alternates advance. EVERY winner of a game advances. There is no limit on the number of winners that can be accommodated. Runners-up do not qualify even if the person who finished first in that game has won a previous heat or chooses not to advance.

Rulings of note:

  1. We will be mostly using the original Wizards of the Coast rules which are different from the current Avalon Hill/Hasbro rules. If you have not played with these rules you will need to arrive early for a quick teach
  2. A robot may spend a turn offboard after being killed to come back at full strength.
  3. The robotic arm does update your archive if used to touch a checkpoint - this is not optional
  4. You turn in a robot head counter to get another life, so if you have three head counters you actually have four lives including the one you are currently using.
  5. When entering/re-entering the board you may select your facing after seeing your cards.

Advice for beginners: Don't stop for options (unless it gets you closer to the checkpoint), and don't be afraid to shutdown, especially when those registers get locked, but don't overdo it, you do have at least three lives. And remember to update your archive point as often as possible. If you do die, you want to come back as close to the next checkpoint as possible.