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Updated July 1, 2023

A World at War After Action Meeting (Bruce Harper)
Saturday @ 21 - Foggy Brews
Players in the week long A World at War tournament gather to receive awards, swap war stories, and discuss the state of all things about Gathering Storm, A World at War, and Storm Over Asia. Visitors are most welcome!

B-17 After Action Meeting (Mark Yoshikawa)
Friday @ 21 – Foggy Brews
B-17 After Action Meeting to report the results of the missions of the previous day. Any new players we will have a prize table where people will pick out something going from the person with the lowest score to the highest. Please bring something to contribute to the table.

BPA Annual Meeting (Andy Lewis)
Tuesday @ 15 – Grand Ballroom
BPA annual meeting with reports from the Chairman, Executive Director, and Treasurer as well as the presentation of the BPA Annual Awards

Catholic Mass (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst
Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst

Weekly Catholic Mass hosted by Seven Springs

Christian Worship Services (Glenn Petroski)
First Sunday @ 8 – Sunburst
Sunday @ 8 - Sunburst

Interfaith Service to give thanks for another year of fellowship – and maybe a few good dice rolls. Couldn’t hurt… with Music, singing, brief motivational talk.

International Battlefield Visits (Antony )
Friday @ 18 - Dogwood
Game Designer Antony Birkett has been lucky to travel the world and fit in great battlefield tours snd museums. He will cover: Stalingrad, Central army museum, Moscow, plus the Borodino round -Zulu wars South Africa and if time Pearl Harbor, Falkland’s etc.

Juniors Meet and Greet (Megan Byrd)
First Sunday @ 18 – Hemlock
Junior Coordinator Megan Byrd gives Parents and juniors the opportunity to meet each other before the Juniors Program kicks off on Monday morning. A good chance for new Juniors to see where the Juniors Program is held and meet other Juniors they will interact with during the convention.

Learning the Operational Combat System (OCS) (Chip Saltsman)
Friday @ 12 – Dogwood
Chip is the OCS "Honcho" (game series manager) for Dean Essig and the publisher MMP. Chip plans to to bring several copies of the soon-to-be-released OCS game Luzon, in oversize print, giving some overview on OCS game topics and how to play in the first hour, and then have people dive into the games in the second hour.

WBC After Action Meeting (Ken Gutermuth)
Saturday @ 8 – Foggy Brews
With the convention being a full 9 days, many are departing on Saturday. Therefore, the discussion of WBC week in review has been moved up a day, allowing those wishing to leave either Saturday or early Sunday to get an earlier start.