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Titan: The Arena (TTA) Links Email GM Updated July 2, 2023
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Kevin Breza (2nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1We111Exhibit Hall Annex #6
Heat 1/3We201Snowflake
Heat 2/3Th201Seasons
Heat 3/3Sa121Seasons
2023 Tournament Format  Heats Most Wins - Points

Always a titanic struggle …

"Eight will enter, three will leave!” Come on, say it with me, “Eight will enter, three will leave!” Dyin’ time is nigh.

Welcome to Titan the Arena, the only game where it does not matter who dies, as long as you did not bet on them. Place your bets on who you think will survive and play your strength cards to make sure they do. Rounds continue until only three live, and whoever has the biggest payoff from their bets wins. What could be more fun?

This is my second year as GM of this event and I will do my best to live up to the legacy created by the previous GM Greg Crowe. There will be three preliminary Heats leading up to (optimally) a Semifinal of 25 players. The winners of each of the five games in the Semifinal will compete in a Final to determine who will take home the wood.

To determine the 25 players who will play in the semifinal, the Advancement criteria will use the Heat Mos Wins Points standard tiebreakers.

The GM will be playing and will have two AGMs identified.

In-game Tiebreaker - Instead of the “player who made the last play” tiebreaker in the rules, I will break all ties in this tournament as follows:

  • Ties will be broken by looking at the bets on the last creature to die. The player among those tied who had the most points on that creature wins the tie.
  • If a tie persists, then do the same thing with the next to last creature to die, and so on.
  • If a tie still persists after looking at the bets on all five dead creatures, then the one among those tied who played most recently wins the tie.
  • Note: Do NOT add tiebreaker points to the total scores; the total scores should only contain bets on the three surviving creatures.

I realize that this requires an accurate recording of bet history, but I will provide a diagram that makes it easy to record bets and eliminations during gameplay. If you have any questions about it once you see it, please ask.

Note about the New Version: In 2004, Fantasy Flight Games re-released this game, entitled Colossal Arena. Usage of this version of the game will be allowed with the following provisos:

  1. The eight creatures that will be used are: Amazon, Cyclops, Ettin, Magus, Titan, Troll, Unicorn, and Wyrm.
  2. Remove all strength cards for the other four creatures from the deck before beginning play.
  3. When the deck is exhausted, instead of ending the game immediately, use the ’Original Stalemate Rules’ as printed in the Official FAQ (available at Fantasy Flight’s website), which are the same as the rules in the original game.

In the Final, there will be the option to play the latest version of the game according to its rules, but only if all five finalists desire it. If one wishes to play with the original rules, then that is what will happen. If the new version’s rules are used, the eight creatures used will be randomly determined, for time considerations.

In order to make the two versions jive even more, I am instituting this rule, applicable to all games of both versions: The method of determining who begins play may be by strength card auction, or by any random method agreeable to all players.

Additional Prizes: Each of the five players who makes it to the finalist table will receive a cup-style trophy to commemorate their achievement. In addition, I will award the following medals, named after various spectator cards in the game:

  • The Mighty Minotaur (6) will be given to the person who places 6th in the tournament in lieu of a sandman fez. In a five-game semi-final, sixth place goes to one of the runners-up whose score was the highest percentage of their game’s winner. Ties are broken in favor of the player with the highest actual score.
  • The Battling Behemoth (10) will be given to the player credited with the most kills in a regular heat game. Ties will be broken in favor of the player with the best average place.
  • The Shining Serpent (0) will be given to the player who loses the most points in bets placed on a creature who dies in the last round of play in a regular heat game. Ties will be broken in favor of the player with the best place in their respective game, followed by highest score.
  • The Ardent Angel (7) will be given to the player who has the highest last-place score in a regular heat game. Ties will be broken in favor of the player with the highest percentage of the first-place score in their respective game.
  • The Weary Warbear (4) will be given to the player who has the lowest first-place score in a regular heat game. Ties will be broken in favor of the player with the highest percentage of the second-place score in their respective game.
  • The Overacheiving Ogre (5) will be given to the player who has accumulated the most total points in all their regular heat games combined. Ties will be broken in favor of the player’s best place among those games, followed by second best, etc.


  1. Most Wins (e.g., total in all heats entered)
  2. Total Points – Players earn the following pints in each heat they entered:
    • 1st Place - 1,000 points
    • 2nd Place - 100 points
    • 3rd Place - 10 points
    • 4th Place - 1 points
    • All other places - 0 points
    • e.g. player has a 1st, 2nd, and 4th in three heats: total points would be 1,101
  3. GM Specific Tie-breaker - Fewest total points behind first place in best second place finishes
  4. High dice roll.