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Alhambra (ALH) Updated March 25, 2024
GM:Debbie Gutermuth (18th Year)
GM Contact:N/A
Event Website:N/A
Class:B – Beginning Players Welcome
Format:HWO: Heats Winnners Only
Rounds:2 Heats, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final
Round Length:2 Hours
Advancement:Quarterfinal 64, Semifinal 16, Final 4
Prize Level:3

Players compete to construct their own biggest and best Alhambra (palace) by buying a combination of six different building styles while carefully managing their money and attempting to maintain dominance in building styles. It is a wonderful mix of luck and strategy with a surprise element of when the scoring will take place.

4-player games will be the norm with 3-player games used as necessary depending on number of entrants and copies of the game on hand.

New in 2024: All winners will advance to a Quarterfinal. The quarterfinal will be 4-player games. If less than 64 winners, byes will be given into the Semifinal to ensure a 16 player Semifinal. Byes will be given to Double Winners first.

The Semifinal winners will advance to the Final.

Come build your ALHAMBRA!!!