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Heat (HET) Updated March 29, 2024
GM:Devin H. Smith (1st Year)
GM Contact:N/A
Event Website:N/A
Class:B – Beginning Players Welcome
Format:HWO: Heats Winners Only
Rounds:3 Heats, Semifinal, Final
Round Length:2 Hours
Advancement:Semifinal 36, Final 6
Prize Level:1

Heat: Pedal to the Metal is a new take on the old genre of racing games, depicting formula 1 racing in the early 1960s. Here, your car’s performance—and wear—is represented by a deck of cards, which is supplemented by three “option” cards drafted before the race. Managing your car’s Heat is a core part of the game - using your available heat to advance, and then dealing with the consequences.

There is also a catch up mechanism (“adrenaline”), as well as highly important slip-streaming of other cars, such that the results are often not set in stone until the last corner is cleared.

Heats will advance all (and only) winners to the Semifinal. Heats will play 4- or 5-player games with legends. In Heat 1 we will play with basic options and no weather to ease beginners in. In all other Heats, Semifinal, and Final, all options and weather will be in effect. In all Heats, Semifinal, and Final, legends will be used to fill the grid to six players, with suitable “pro” performance.

The expansion was not released by February 28th, therefore it will not be allowed for the tournament.