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Innovation (IOV) Updated March 22, 2024
GM:Robb Effinger (9th Year)
GM Contact:N/A
Event Website:N/A
Class:B – Beginning Players Welcome
Format:SwEl: Swiss Elimination
Rounds:5 Swiss, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final
Round Length:1 Hours
Advancement:Quarterfinal 8, Semifinal 4, Final 2
Prize Level:3

Format: Swiss portion will be a pod of 4 people play three rounds, once against each other player. The player(s) with the best records advance into a single-elimination bracket. If the number of winners is less than a power of two, we will a) check to see if all the 3-0 players can have byes, so that the next round will be a multiple of 2, or b) advance randomly selected 2-1 players who did not advance already to fill out the bracket, until we either have a multiple of two in the first round, or in the second round after giving out byes to the 3-0s.

We will be preferentially using the Deluxe/3rd edition, if there are available copies (there are some changes in some of the card texts). If using a non-deluxe edition, we will preferentially use the Asmadi edition as opposed to the Iello one, provided there are sufficient copies. (These differences are mostly cosmetic - there are some misprints/typos in the Iello edition, however, which change card meanings).

Starting this year, we will allow players that prefer the Ultimate (4th) Edition to play in the same pod, if there are sufficient copies and interest, although the 3rd edition will still be used by default for the elimination rounds. Expansions will not be used, except possibly in the Final, and only if both Finalists agree. If an 11 is drawn, then the winner is:

  • Highest score
  • If score is tied, most achievements
  • If achievements are tied too
  • the player who would draw the 11 wins

Game info: Innovation is the history of Civilization, from prehistory to the present day, in a 45-minute card game. As you advance through the ten decks of cards, from Prehistory to the Information Age, your abilities become more and more powerful. But each ability requires one of the six technologies, and if your opponent is as powerful as you in the relevant technology, he will share the ability when you use it. Abilities let you increase your score, which lets you gain achievements. Gain six achievements or have the high score when the present day is reached, and you win. Should you progress towards the modern age, strengthen your technologies, or just try to score rapidly, and gain six achievements before the superior abilities of your opponent destroy your score? Any of these strategies can succeed with the right cards, but you will need to figure out how to make the right strategic plan for your current situation and be flexible as circumstances change.

Additional Prizes: Unknown!? Asmadi Games sometimes donates prizes for the winner and/or runners-up. I have not confirmed if they will be doing the same this year.