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Ra! (Ra!) Updated February 29, 2024
GM:Steve Scott (20th Year)
Event Website:N/A
Class:B – Beginning Players Welcome
Format:HWO: Heats Winners Only
Rounds:4 Heats, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final
Round Length:2 Hours
Advancement:Quarterfinal All winners. Semifinal 16-25, Final 4-5
Prize Level:4

Play the innovative and challenging game of Ra! by Rio Grande Games that spans three epochs of Egyptian history. This game is very easy to learn and fun to play with no additional house rules of any kind. Basically, you’re collecting tiles by bidding on them. Different combinations of the tiles will get you points. Most points win. Beginners are most welcome, and rules will be taught at the scheduled teaching demo. The game will NOT be taught during or just prior to the actual event. The object of the game is to accumulate the most points by the end of the third and final epoch.

Two-hour, 5-player games: Play in any or all of the heats.

All heat winners will advance to the Quarterfinal. There is a strong possibility that multiple heat winners will receive a bye into the Semifinal. So, the more heats you play the better your chances of advancing.

The winners in the Quarterfinal will play in the Semifinal.

The winners in the Semifinal will play in the Final.

Additional Prizes: GM will provide additional prizes.