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WBC 2023 Auction Lots Last updated July 12,2023

Lot numbers will be announced during the auction. Bring this list with you; copies will NOT be provided onsite.

Download Auction Lots (July 12, 2023 - Excel)

# Name Publisher Condition
Shrink Unpunched Punched Complete Punched Unknown Punched Missing Other
1The Civil War 1861-1865Victory Games x
2The Civil War 1861-1865 (second copy)Victory Games x
3Republic of Rome (Lot of 2)Avalon Hill x
4Blood RoyaleGames Workshop x
5Death Valley- Battles for ShenandoahGMT Games x
6ComancheriaGMT Games x
73 Days of Gettysburg (+ 2nd ed. upgrade)GMT Games x
8Here Come The Rebels! Avalon Hill x
9Raid on St. NazaireAvalon Hill x
10Raid on St. NazaireAvalon Hill x
11Atlantic StormAvalon Hill x
12War in the PacificSPI x
13Pacific WarVictory Games x
14Tokyo Express: Guadalcanal Naval CampaignVictory Games x
15La Regis MarinaSimulations Canada x
16World In Flames + Days of DecisionAustralian Design Grp. x
17Afrika - 2nd EditionMMP x
18Battlestar GalacticaFanstasy Flight x
19Fields of DespairGMT x
20Heroes of Normandie & D-Day & Pegasus Bridgeielloxx
21Great Western Trail & Rails to the North expansionEggertspielex x
22Tales of the Arabian KnightsZ-Man x
23FAB - The BulgeGMT x
24Command and Colors Napoleonics 2nd EditionGMTx
25Command and Colors Napoleonics 2nd EditionGMTx
26Diplomacy Hasbro x
27Memoir '44 Campaign BagDays of Wonderx
28TitanValley Games x
29Clash of Cultures and Civilations Expansion Z-Manx x
30The Caucasus CampaignGMT x
31Operation MercuryGMT x
32ArchipelagoLudically x
33St. Petersburg and New Society Expansion Rio Grande x
34Legendary Encounters - AlienUpper Deck x
35Tribune Plus ExpansionFanstasy Flightxx
36Labarynth - 3rd printing GMT
37TamskRio Grandex
38Mice and Mystics - and Heart of Glorm ExpansionPlaid Hatxx
39D-Day at Omaha BeachDecision x
40Eclipse w/ Rise of the Ancients and Supernova ExpansionsLautapelite xx
41Clash of Cultures + Civilizations & Aztecs expansionsZ-Man x
42SkyminesPegasus Spielex
43Legends of the American FronierGame Salute x
44DadaochengSoso Gamesx
45Messina 1347Delicious Games x
46Call to Adventure + expansions and playmatBrotherwise Games x
47 Last Frontier bundle (large edition)PnP Productions x
48 Exodus: Proxima Centauri w/ALL expansions in Big BoxNSKN x
49Vinyl + many expansionsTalon Strike x
50Alien Frontiers Bundle (Base Game, Exp Packs #1-7, Faction Packs #1-4 Space Crane promo, Mind Control Hgelmet Promo, several sets Rocket Dice)Clever Mojo x
51Navegador + Privilege Cards & Pirates/Diplomat expsRGG x
52Tales of the Arabian NightsZ-Man x
53Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game +3 decksMcGartlin Motorsport x
54Memoir '44 huge bundle, many maps, much more Days of Wonder x
55MosaicForbidden Games x
56Brass (2007 version)Martin Wallace x
575th FleetVictory Games x
58Circadian First Lightgarphill Games x
591941 Race to MoscoePhalanx x
60Warhammer InvasionFantasy Flight x
61South China SeaCompass games x
62Fall of the Third Reich (mostly unpunched)Compass games x
63Undaunted North Africa (box minor damage)Osprey Games x
64Admiral's War: World War II at SeaCanvas Publishing x
65Dark valleyGMT x
66Dark Sands: War in North AfricaGMT x
67Army Group CenterConflict Simulations x
68Axis and Allies 1914Avalon Hill x
69Through the Ages : Story of CivilizationCzech Games x
70Absolute War! The Russian Front 1941-45GMT x
71CarnegieQuined Games x
72The Supreme Commander: WWII in EuropeGMT x
73Terra MyticaFeuerland Spielex
74Asia EngulfedGMT x
75Europe EngulfedGMT x
76Salerno 43gmtx
77caesar rome vs gaulgmtx
78Normandy 44gmtx
79Ardenes 44gmtx
80overlord ex[ansion to killing groungnes x
81give us victorydis simulax
82serpents of the seagmtx
83victory roadshexasimx
841805 sea of glorygmt x
85flying colors w/ship of linegmt x
86sword of rome w/5th playergmt x
87next war korea w/ errta countersgmt x
88dune imperiumlegandry x
89waskingtons war w/extra cardsgmt x
90wingspan5m x
91dune rise of ixlegandary x
92Holland 44gmt x
93operation michaelmmn x
94no place better to diegamma x
95bismark [the chase of the]vuca x
96dominiom big boxrio grand 0x
97antietam w/ battle of south mountianworthington x
98the spanish civil wargmt x
99Pax Renaissanc (2016)Sierra Madre x
100The Korean War: June 1950-May 1951(1986)Victory x Laminated Map
101Vietman 1965-1975 (1984)Victory x Laminated Map
102The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC (1991)Victory x
103The Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945 ( 1985)Victory x Laminated Map
104Catan (German 2nd Edition 1995)& Catan: Seafares (German 1st Edition 1997)Kosmos x some damage to Seafarers box
105Runebound: 2nd Edition (2005)Fantasy Flight x
106Dungeon Twister (2005)& Paladins & Dragons (2005) & 3/4 Players Expansion (2006)Asmodee xx DT punched /comeplete cards in shrink, other two are unpunched
107Monty's Gamble: Market Garden (2003)MMP /Avalon Hill x
108The Sands of War (1991) & Sands of War Expansion (1992)GDW x
109Manoeuvre (2008)GMT x
110Mosby’s RaidersVictory Games x
111The War For The Union 1861 – 1865Compass Games x
112EvergreenRio Grande Games x
113Rise and Decline of the Third Reich 4th edAvalon Hill x Some pieces have fallen out of the punch, so not sure if it’s truly “unpunched”
114Axis and Allies 1941Wizards of the Coastx
115NavegadorPD Verlag x
116Eminent DomainTMG x
117ArkadiaRavensburger x
118Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun Card GameMongoose Publishing x
119MaracaiboCapstone Games x
120Terraforming Mars Ares ExpeditionStronghold Games x
121Terraforming Mars Ares ExpeditionStronghold Games x
122Mare Nostrum EmpiresAcademy Games x
123Puerto RicoRio Grande x
124Warhammer Chaos in the Old WorldFantasy Flight x
1257 WondersRepos Production x
126Agricola Farmers of the MoorZman x
1271989GMT Gamesx
1282nd FleetVictory Games x
1295th FleetVictory Games x
1306th FleetVictory Games x
1317th FleetVictory Games x
132Arab Israeli WarsAvalon Hill x
133ChurchillGMT Gamesx
134Circus MaximusAvalon Hill x
135GCACW: Atlanta is OursMulti-Man Publishingx
136GCACW: Battle Above the CloudsMulti-Man Publishing x
137GCACW: Grant takes CommandMulti-Man Publishing x
138GCACW: Roads to Gettysburg IIMulti-Man Publishingx
139GCACW: Stonewall Jackson's Way IIMulti-Man Publishing x
140NevskyGMT Games x
141Silver BayonetGMT Gamesx
142Space CorpGMT Games x
143Stellar HorizonsCompass Gamesx
144Struggle for the Galactic EmpireDecision Gamesx
145TalonGMT Gamesx
146Thunder AlleyGMT Games x
147Time of CrisisGMT Gamesx
148Washington's WarGMT Gamesx
149Europe in TurmoilCompass Gamesx
150Axis and Allies Battle of the BuldgeAHx
151TTR AnniversaryDOW x
152Fince w/ El Razul in boxFranjos x
153Cinque TerreRGG x
154TTR MarklinDOW x
155CycladesMatagot x
156Stone Age Anniversary Limited EdZman x
157CondottierreEuro Games x
158Settlers of Catan Early Brown BoxMayfair x
159Medina (later Edition in blue box)Strongholdx
160Race Formula 90 w/ both expansionsGotha Games x
161Das Motorsport Spiele (DTM Racing Game)Prof Motor Sport G x
162CapCom CatanCapComx
163878 Vikings w/ Viking Exp (Exp shrink)Academy Games x
164A few Actres of SnowTreefrog x
165Siedler Das Buch (Material box UP)Kosmos x
166Settler Catan Limited Autumn Hex SheetCatan Studiosx
167Stock Car Champ Motor Racing Limited Black BoxMcGartlin x
168Triumph and TragedyGMT Games x
169SamuraiRio Grande Games x
170Barbarian KingsSPI x
171Hegemony w/ Historical events and Crisis and Control expHegemonic Games x
172Stars of Akarios with playmatOOOM Games x
173Hoplomachus RemasteredChip Theory Games x
174Hoplomachus Victorium w/ premium health, upgraded character sheet, deluxe bagChip Theory Games x
175Beyond the SunRio Grande Games x
176Virgin QueenGMT Games x
177Cataclysm A second World WarGMT Games x
178Monsters Menace AmericaAH/Hasbrox
179The Napoleonic Wars 1st EditionGMTx
180The Napoleonic Wars 2nd EditionGMTx
181Here I Stand 1st EditionGMT x
182Liberty or DeathGMT x
183Falling SkyGMT x
184PendragonGMT x
185Cuba LibreGMT x
186A Distant PlainGMT x
187Wilderness WarGMT x
188Flying Colors (Deluxe)GMT x
189Captain's SeaLegion x
190Hitler's ReichGMT x
191Enemy Action: ArdennesCompass x
192Hornet LeaderDVG x
193Field Commander NapoleonDVG x
194Triumph and TragedyGMT x
195Space Empires with Close Encounters ExpansionGMT x
196GandhiGMT x
197Talon with Talon 1000GMT x
198Versailles 1919GMT x
199Tank Duel with North Africa and Tank Pack IGMT x
200Atiantic ChaseGMT x
201Breakout NormandyL2x
202The Napoleonic WarsGMTx
203TAC AIRAvalon Hillx
204KingmakerAvalon Hillx
205Gulf Strike 2nd EditionVictory Gamesx
206Baltimore & OhioEagle Gamesx
207Saint PetersburgHans Im Gluckx
208Tyranno ExAvalon Hillx
209Europe EngulfedGMT x
210Pursuit of GloryGMT x
212Sword of RomeGMTx
213Commands & Colors: AncientsGMT x
214Santa Fe RailsGMT x
215Washington's WarGMT x
216Kaiser's PiratesGMT x
217The BulgeGMT x
218Commands & Colors: NapoleonicsGMTx
219Paths of GloryGMT x
2221880: ChinaLookoutx
2231880: ChinaLookoutx
2241824: Autrian-Hungarian RailwayLonnyx
22518MAG: Hungarian Railway HistoryLonnyx
22618CZ: The Railway Comes to Czech LandsLonnyx
22718Chesapeake The Birth of American RailroadsAll Aboardx
2281846: The Race for the MidwestGMTx
2291862: Railway Mania in the Eastern CountiesGMTx
230Everdell Collector's Edition Bundle (Everdell Collector's, Pearlkbrook Collector's, Wooden Ever Tree)Starlingx
231Death in the Trenches: The Great War 1914-1918Compassx
232Dawn's Early Light: The War of 1812Compassx
233Small World Bundle (PC - Base, SH - Cursed, Royal Bonus, A Spider's Web, Be Not Afraid, Pocket Encyclopedia, Nevromancer Island, 2x 6 Player Maps/Rules, Power Pack #2, River World, Realms, Underground) Days of Wonderx x
234TapestryStonemaier x
235Cthulhu Death May Die: R'lyeh Rising Epic Episode - Cthulhu FigureCMONx
236Fields od Fire 2 - 5th MarinesGMTx
237Versailles 1919GMTx
238Ultimate RailroadsZ-Manx
239Thunder RollsMr Bx
240ConquestPara Bellumx
2411754 ConquestAcademyx
242Awakwning the Bear! 3rd EditionAcademyx
243Storms of Steel 3rd EditionAcademyx
244Age of Steam Deluxe EditionEagle-Gryphonx
245Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings ExpansionFantasy Flightx
246Wilderness EmpiresWorthingtonx
247Time of CrisisGMTx
248Twilight Struggle Deluxe EditionGMTx
249The Great WarLombardy Sdudios x
250The HuntersGMTx
251Normanedy - The Beginningof the EndDraco Ideasx
252Built for WarMr Bx
253Star Wars ArmadaFantasy Flightx
254Star Wars Imperial AssaultFantasy Flightx
255Power Grid Deluxe - Europe/North AmericaRio Grandex
256Vegas ShowdownHasbrox
257Imperial SteamCapstone Gamesx
258The Voyages of Marco PoloZ-Manx
259Pandemic Legacy Bundle - (Season 0, Season 1 Blue Ed, Season 1 Red Ed, Season 2 Black Ed)Z-Manx
260Oathsworn Kickstarter Edition Bundle (Into the Deep KS Ed, Mystery Chest #1 Hidden Miniatures, Mystery Chest #2, Terrain Pack, Armory Box Customizable Characters, Secret Boc, Extra Dice Set, Metal Coins, Map Pack)Shadowbornex
261Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Bndle (Ult Werewolf Legacy, 2x Diary Recharge Pack)Bezier x
2627 Wonders Bundle (Base 2nd Ed, Armada, Leaders, Cities, Edifice)Repos Productionx
263The Witcher - Old World Kickstarter Edition (shaded Minis, Mage, Legendary Hunt,Skellige, Metal Coins, Extra Dice, Playmat)Go On Boardx
264Hellinica Bundle (Hellenica, Leaders & Legends)Mr Bx
265Descent Bundle (SH - Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed, Sea of Blood w/ Nara Promo figure, Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, Tombe of Ice, Quest Compendium, Sea of Blood Exp - Ocean Map Board, UP - Road to Legend)Fantasy Flightxx
266Batman the Animated Series Adventure Bundle (UP - Shadows of the Bat Kickstarter Ed, All-in Big Box, Stretch Goals & Exclusives, SH - Arkham Asylum Exp)IDWxx
267Rising Sun Bundle (Base, Kami Unbound Exp)CMONx
268Song of Ice & Fire Bundle (Targaryen Starter, Free Folk Starter, Free Folk Raiders, Targaryen Heroes 3)CMONx
269Trekking Bundle (Trekking the National Parks 2nd ed, Trekking Through History)Underdogx
270Everdell Bundle (Everdell, Spirecrest, Wooden Ever Tree)Starlingx
271Bloodbourne Bundle (Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Exp, Forbidden Woods Exp, Chalice Dungeon Exp, Hunter's Dream Exp)CMONx
272COIN Bundle (IV Fire in the Lake, X All Bridges Burning)GMTx
273No Retreat Bundle (No Retreat, French & Ploish Fronts, Italian Front 1943-45)GMTx
274Commands & Colors Bundle (Samurai, Ancients)GMTx
275Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons Bundle (Combat Patrol, Infernal Master)Games Workshopx
276Warhammer 40K Adeptas Mechanicus Bundle (Boarding Patrol, Ironstrider x2, Technoarcheaologist)Games Workshopx
277Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Bundle (Dominion, Praetors, Annihilators, Vanquishers, Vindicators, Vigilors, Knight Relictor)Games Workshopx
278Warhammer Age of Sigmar Orruk Warclans Bundle (Gobsprakk, Hobgrot Slittaz, Swampboss Skumdrekk, Gutrippaz, Breaka-Boss, Marshcrawla Sloggoth, Beast-Skewer Killbow, Warscroll Cards)Games Workshopx
279Warhammer 40K Black Templar Bundle (Army Set, Marshall, Emporer's Champion, Datacards)Games Workshopx
280Blood Bowl Bundle (Second Season Base, Imperial Nobility Team, Elven Union Team, Elven Union Team Card Pack, Elven Union Pitch)Games Workshopx
281Frosthaven Bundle (Frosthaven, Card Sleeves, Solo Scenarios, Removable Stickers)Cephalofairx
2821829 MainlineTreshamx
2831830Avalon Hillx
284Star Wars ShatterpointAtomic Massx
285Agents of Smersh Epic EditionEverything Epicx
286Trudvang LegendsCMONx
287On Mars Bundle (Kickstarter Edition including Upgrade Pack, Playmat)Eaglex
288Secrets of the Lost Station Deluxe Minis Kickstarter Edition (Deluxe Game, Miniatures Box, Dr. Quatuormanus XVI Promo))Everything Epicx
289Alien Frontiers Bundle (SH - Alien Frontiers, UP - Exp Pack #1-5, Matter Extractor Promo) Game Salutexx
290ChaostleChivalry Gamesx
2917 Fortunes Greek Mythology EditionAlpha Wolf x
292Frostpunk Kicxkstarter Pre-Shaded Bundle (Frostpunk, Miniatures Exp, Resources Exp, Frostlander Exp, Dreadnought Exp, Playmat)Glass Cannonx
293Titans Kickstarter Deluxe Edition (Base Game, Holy Roman Empire 5th Player, Echoes of the Past, Monuments, Fallen Titan, Rain of Fire, Fields of Blood, Banners of Glory, King's Miniature, Spirit of War, Titans Power, King's Emissaries, 2x extra Battle Dice Sets)Go On Board x
294Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtl;es Kickstarter Bundle (PC - City Fall, SH - Shadows of the Past, Change is Constant, Secret History of the Foot Clan, Savage Slash Pack, Loner Raph Pack, Deviations Pack, Stan Sakai Pack, Villain Upgrade Pack, Stretch Goals Box, Pizza Spinners)IDWx x
295Ankh-Gods of Egypt Kickstarter Bundle (SH - Ankh, Tomb of WondersDivine Offerings, Guardians Set, Double-sided Playmat, UP - Pantheon w 3D Cats & Plastic Eye, Pharaoh w/ 3D Sphinxes & Cardboard Palace Board)CMONxx
296Massive Darkness 2 Kickstarter Bundle (Hellscape, Demon Dragon, Four Horsemen, Feyfolk, Gates of Hell, War of Souls, Darkbringer Pack, Heavenfall, Monks & Necromancers vs Paragon, Rainbow Crossing, Bards & Tinkerers vs Metal Angel, Druids & Beezlebub, Kickstarter Upgrade Pack)CMONx
297Nemesis Lockdown Kickstarter Bundle (Nemesis, Nemesis Lockdown, Void Seekers, Aftermath, Carnomorph, Untold Stories #1`, Untold Stories #2, Lockdown Stretch Goals, Event Cards, Medic, Blood Test Deck Promo, Nemesis Playmat, Lockdown Playmat)Awaken Realmsx
298Marvel United Kickstarter Bundle (PC - Marvel United, SH-KS Miniatures Box, Rise of the Black Panther, Return of the Sinister Six, Enter the Spider-verse, Guardians of the Galaxy Remix, Tales of Asgard, The Infinity Guantlet, Adam Warlock, Yondu, Cardboard Locations, Playmat, MU X-Men Playmat)CMONx x
299Sentinel of the Multiverse/Tactics Bundle (PC - Tactics Uprising, UP - Multiverse, SH -Oblivaeon, Vengeance, Rock City & Infernal Relics, Shattered Timelines, Luminary, Omnittron, Miss Information, Silver Gulch 1883, The Final Mastermind, The Scholar, Unity, 10 Proos, Stuntman, Void Guard, Benchmark, Foil Cards, Complete Hero Variant Collection, Tactics The Wraith, Tactics Promo Power Car Pack) Sentinel Comicsxxx
300Sword & Sorcery Kickstarters Bundle (SH S&S, Northwind Taes, Wave 2 Components, Add-On Box, Northwind Tales Challenge, Vastaryous Lair, AC Stretch Goal Box, AC Spawn Gods, AC Add-Ons, Enhanced Hero Sheets, Triston Hero, Myths of the Arena, PC - Ancient Chronicles)Aresx x
301World War II Bundle (UP - Barbarossa 1941, SH - German Messerschmitt BF-109 F2, Soviet Stormovik IL-2, Battle of the Danube, Battle for Mosvow 1941)Zvedaxx UP 1 box corner split
302Barbarossa Army Group Bundle (SH - North, UP - Center, PC - South) GMTxxx
304Rising SunAHx
305Stalin's WarGMT x
306Pax BalticaGMTx
307Pax Romana (includes Mounted Map, C3i #19 Counters, C3i #20 Counters, C3i #21 Counters)GMT x
308Unhappy King CharlesGMT x
309Clash of Monarchs (includes C3i #20 Counters, C3i#25 Counters)GMT x
310Crown of RosesGMT x Stickered
3111st & Goal Bundle (Base, Expansion Dice: SE - Columbia, Savannah, Raliegh, Virginia Beach, SW - LA, San Antonio, Ok City, LV, MW - Milwaukee, Springfield, Louisville, Knoxville, ME - Toronto, Birmongham, Scranton, Columbus, NW - Portland, St. Paul, Boulder, SLC, NE - Boston, Manchester, Newark, Rochester)R&R x All expansion Teams bagged in one box
312Invasion: NorwayGMT x
313Operation ShoestringGMT x
314Lost VictoryGMT x
315GMT WW2 Bundle (PC - Barbarossa to Berlin, Tigers in the Most, Britain Stands Alone, Artic Storm, UP - Victory in the West, Operation Mercury, Battle for North Africa) GMT xx B2B includes Deluxe Map
316Next War Bundle (Korea, Poland, Series Supplement #2)GMTx
317Victory Games Bundle (UP - Pacific War, PC Omaha Beachhead)GMT xx
318SPI Bundle (UP - Freedom in the Galaxy, Starforce Alpha Centaury, PC John Carter Warlord of Mars, Battle for Stalingrad)SPI xx
319Russian FrontAH x
320Death Ride Kursk - Gross DeutschlandGrognard Simulationsx
321ContainerValley Games x
322Russian Railroads (PC - Base, SH - Mini-Expansion, American Railroads)Lookoutx x
323Euphrat & TigrisHans im Gluck x
324World of Warcraft Board GameFantasy Flight x
325Merchants & Marauders w/ ExpansionZ-Man x
326Dragonlance GameTSR x
327LeviathansCatalyst x
328Dust Tactics collectionFantasy Flightxxx
329Dark Souls CollectionSteamforged Gamesx
330Oathsworn Into the Deep x
3311880 ChinaLookout Gamesx
332StrongholdIello x
3333rd FleetVGx
334Army of the HeartlandClash of Armsx
335Absolute VictoryCompassx
336ISS Vanguard w/ 2x minisAwaken Realmsx
337Heroes of Normandie BundleIello x
338EclipseFantasy Flight x
339Horizon Zero Dawn bundle w/ kickstarter exclusives x
340Okko w/ expansionHazgaardxx
341Robo Rally x
342Res Arcana w/ Expansion x
343Tomb CryptmasterAEG x
344Doom the BoardgameFantasy Flight x
348BATTLE CRY American. H. (MB) x
353 6 JUNE GMT x
359Colonial TwilightGMTx
360Churchill (3rd Printing) GMTx
361Fire in the Lake (3rd Printing) GMTx
362Fall of Saigon (Fire in the Lake Expansion)GMTx
363Cuba Libre (4th Printing)GMTx
364Andean Abyss (1st Ed.)GMTx
365Andean Abyss (2nd Ed.)GMTx
366Falling Sky (2nd Ed.)GMTx
367Falling Sky (1st Ed.)GMT x Cards in shrink
368Empire of the Sun (2nd Ed, 3rd Printing)GMTx
369Great Battles of Julius Caesar Deluxe Ed.GMTx
370Skies Above the ReichGMTx
371Storm Above the Reich GMTx
372Red Flag Over ParisGMTx
373Red Storm (Air War Over Central Germany, 1987)GMTx
374Red Storm, Baltic Approaches (Red Storm Expansion)GMTx
3751848 AustraliaGMTx
3761862 - Railway Mania in the Eastern CountiesGMTx
377Fields of Fire - 5th MarinesGMTx
378Fields of Fire - 9th MarinesGMT x Cards in shrink
379Fields of Fire - 9th Marines – expansion packGMTx
380Virgin QueenGMTx
381Expansion & Update Packs Bundle (various GMT games) GMTx
382KremlinAvalon Hill x
383Fury in the WestAvalon Hill x
384Civilization/Advanced Civilization BundleAvalon Hill x
385GangstersAvalon Hill x
386Stonewall Jackson's WayAvalon Hill x extra counter set
387Age of MythologyEagle x Cards in shrink
388Dominant Speices - MarineGMTx
389Skies Above BritainGMTx
390Wing Leader - Victories 1940-1942GMTx
391Wing Leader - Supremacy 1943-1945GMTx
392Barbarossa - Army Grup Center 1941GMTx
393Mage KnightWizKids x
394Battlestar Galactica: The Board GameFantasy Flight x
395Dominant SpeciesGMTx
397Gaines MillGamers x
398AusterlitzGamers x
399Embrace an Angry WindGamersx
400Champion HillGamers x
401Seven PinesGamers x
402La Bastille de FranceCompassx
403Fortress EuropaCompass x
404Walnut GroveLookout Spiele x
405Fading GloryGMT Games x
406Cape HornRio Grande Games x
407KutuzovGMT Games x
408Paths of GloryGMT Games x
409NationsLautapelli.fi x
410Trickerion (Legend Box with Kickstarter exclusives)Mindclash Games x
411Samurai SwordsMilton Bradleyx
412Union PacificAmigox
413Merchant of VenusAHx
414Battle CryAHx
415We the PeopleAH x
416Red Sun RisingSPI x
417Moscow CampaignSPI x
418SorcererSPI x
419Red Star/White StarSPI x
420Squad Leader Bundle (4th ed Base PC /Cross fo Iron UP/ Cresendo of Doom UP)AH xx
421Quebec 1759Columbia Games x
422El Grande Decennial EditionRio Grande Games x
423Picket Duty (1st ed)Legion Wargames x
424B-17 Queen of the SkiesAvalon Hill x
425Bar-LevConflict Game Co. x
426Sinai: The Arab Israeli WarsCAG Inc. x
427Russian Railroads w/German and American ExpansionsZ-Man Games x
428Time AgentTimJim Gamesx
429Unhappy King CharlesGMT Gamesx
430Magna GreciaRio Grande Games x
431Hammer of the Scots (3rd Edition)Columbia Gamesx
432Air BaronAvalon Hill Games x
433SPQR Deluxe w/Alexander (w/o box) + Phalanx + Diadochoi + Tyrant + BarbarianGMT Games x
434Battle CryAvalon Hill x
435Conquest of the EmpireEagle Games x
436 Mesopotamia - Cradle of CivilizationPhalanx Games x
437Germantown: Washington Strikes Back!GMT Games x
438 BrandywineGMT Games x
439Guilford: Guilford Courthouse and Eutaw SpringsGMT Games x
440Hexostrategy: Battle of Lake Peipus - 1242Zvezda x
441Commands & Colors MedievalGMT Games x
442WaterlooAH x Some corner wear.
443Victory in the PacificAH x Corners taped.
444Caesar at AlesiaAH x Som corner wear
445DuneAH x Copy from playtesting game.
446TobrukAHx First run, signed number 444.
447Between Two Cities Special Edition 1355/5100Stonemaier x
448Kings of IsraelFunhill Games x
449Wisdom of SolomonFunhill Games x
450Starfarers of CatanMayfair Games x
451BrittaniaAvalon Hill x
4521830Mayfair x
4531830AH x
4541844/54Mayfair x
45518Africa?? x
4561835Hans-im-Gluck x
4571870Mayfair x
4581856Mayfair x
4591856Mayfair x
460Advanced Civilization (w/Western Expansion)Mayfair x
4611853 (old version)Mayfair x
4621829 (north and south combined)Hartland Trefoil x
4631860Mike Hutton x
4641861JKLM x
465Rail BaronAH x
466SPI Assorted Games (North Africa/Napolean's Last Battles/Blue & Gray/West Wall/Veracruz/Dixie/The Plot to Assassinate Hitler/Oil War-Barbarian Kings (in same sorter plate/The Punic Wars/Conquistador/Fall of Rome/Sorceror/South Africa/October War/Panzergruppe Guderian/Scrimmage/Ardennes/Kampfpanzer/Breitenfeld/The American Civil War/Combined Arms/Raid (Commando Ops in the 20th Century)/Road to Richmond/Sort-tray with lots of unpunched blank counters/Quazar (published by Excalibre Games)/Many with accompanying S&T magazine)SPI x
4672038Timjim Games x
468Russia BeseigedL2 Games x
469Normandy 44GMT x
470Terriforming MarsStronghold Games x
47118OEDICE x
472Caucasus CampaignGMT x
473Silverton Mayfair Games x
47418NYCGary Mroczka x
475Virgin QueenGMT x
4761862GMT x
477US Civil War 3rd EditionGMT x
478Naval Bundle (The Hunters/Hunted/Silent Victory/Beneath the Med)GMTx
479Pax RomanaGMTx
480Great Battles of Alexander - Expanded Deluxe EditionGMT x
481Ancient Civilizations of the Inner SeaGMTx
482War and PeaceOne Small Stepx
483Skies above the ReichGMT x
484GBoH/Musket&Pike Bundle (Lion of the North UP/Gustav Adolf the GreatUP /Saints in Armor Sh)GMTxx
485Virgin QueenGMT x
486Coin Bundle (Liberty or Death SH/Falling Sky UP/Colonial Twilight UP/PendragonUP/Ghandi SH)GMTxx
487Wild Blue YonderGMT x
488Levy & Coampaign Series Bundle (Nevsky/Almoravid)GMTx
489Western & Eastern Empires (MegaEmpires) w Special Bldgs999 Gamesx
490Barbarossa to BerlinGMT x
491Box of Parts x
492Box of Leftover Store Stuff x
493Belfort (KS 10th Anniversary & KS Expansion Exp)TMGxx
494Blue Moon w/ The Khind, Mimix and Terrah ExpansionsFantasy Flight x
495Cacao w/ Chocolatl, Diamante, Volcanoes, Huts & MoreAbacusspiele/ZManxxx
496Chocolate Facotry (Deluxe KS Edition)Alley Cat Gamesx
497Dinosaur Island X-Treme KS: Base + Duel + Totally LiquidPandasaurusx
498Black Rose War KS w/ Core Game, Crono Exp & Sator BoxLudus Magnusx
499Heroscape MEGA LOT 4 assort Master, Marvel, and 8 expMB/Hasbro x x
500Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the UnderdarkHasbro x
501KLASK w/ Extra Parts Accessory PackBuffalo Games x
502Kremlin (Limited KS Edition) w/ XL T-ShirtJolly Roger x
503Nanty Narking (KS Edition w/ bonus metal coins)Phalanx x
504Santa Maria (KS w/ American Kingdoms & Explore Deck)Aportaxx
505Takenoko & Chibis (Both Wooden Collector's Editions)Bombyx/Matagot x
506Trains and Trains: Rising SunAEG/Okazux x
507Bomber CommandGMTx
508Merkator w/ Messe Sonderkarte card & Foam InsertLookout x
509PARKS Deluxe Kickstarter EditionKeymaster Games x
510Battlelore (2nd Edition)Fantasy Flightx
511Battles of WesterosFantasy Flight x
512Baltic GapMMP x
513Hungarian RhapsodyMMP x
514The Third WinterMMPx
515Guderian's Blitzkrieg IIMMPx
517GuadalcanalAH x
518We The People w/exp. CardsAH x
519Struggle of EmpiresWarfrog x
520BrassWarfrog x
521A Few Cares of SnowTreefrog x
522ASL Bundle: Code of Bushido + Gung HoAH x
523ASL Action Pack #2MMP x
524ASL: Doomed Battalions, 3rd Ed.MMP x
525Europe EngulfedGMT x
526Asia EngulfedGMT x
527CarrierVG x
52888Yaquinto x
529C3i 5 pack: #12, 14, 17, 20, 22 (97% unpunched)GMT x
530The Grenadier Issues 15, 22-35 (15 Total)Tibbets x
531WingsYaquinto x
532Pacific WarVictory Games x
533World War II: ETOSPI/TSR x
534Wolrd War II: PTOSPI/TSR x
535Battle CryTAHGCx
536Streets of Fire: Deluxe ASL Module 1TAHGC x
537Red Barrocades: ASL Historical Module 1TAHGC x
538Hedgerow Hell: Deluxe ASL Module 2TAHGC x
539Pegasus Bridge: ASL Historical Module 4TAHGC x
540Operation CrusaderFresno x
541Korean WarVictory Games x
542The Fires of Midway/ The Hell of StalingradClash of Arms x
543Clash Of MonarchsGMT x
544Onward Christian Soldiers- The CrusadesGMT x
545Wealth of NationsTableStar x
546Steel WolvesCompassx
547Power Grid DeluxeRio Grandex
548Brew CraftersDice Hate Mex
549Food Chain MagnateSplotter x
550Risorgimento 1859GMT x
551The Great War in Europe deluxeGMT x
552Adel VerpflichtetAH x
553Jihad!Simulations Canada x
554A World at War ©2003 0303GMT Gamesx
555River of Death ©1999 9904GMT Gamesx
556Invasion: Norway ©1995 9507GMT Games x
557Air Bridge to Victory ©1990 9002GMT Gamesx
558Air War Over Europe Eighth Air Force DiF V2 ©1995 9404GMT Gamesx
559Corsairs & Hellcats DiF V4 ©2003 0004GMT Gamesx
560Blue vs Gray The Civil War Card Game ©2003 0205GMT Gamesx
561The Battle for North Africa War in the Desert ©1996 9603GMT Gamesx
562Empire of the Sun ©2005 0501GMT Games x
563The Battle of Waterloo ©1994 9403GMT Games x One short row of chits has fallen out of the sheet. Otherwise, unpunched.
564We the People ©1993 737Avalon Hillx
565Alpha Omega ©1983 8931Avalon Hill x
566National Liberation Front ©1983 0101Harris Game Designs x
567This Terrible SoundThe Gamersx
568River of DeathGMTx
569Attack SubAHx
570Civilization plus Western Expansion MapAHx
571Up FrontAHx
572This Hallowed GroundThe Gamersx
573Great Wall Board Game - Dragon Collector's Pledge (Sundrop)Awaken Realmsx
574Monster Hunter World - All-in Pledge Steamforged Gamesx
575Advanced Third ReichAHx
580FORMULA DE (PLUS BOARDS 9,10,23,24,25,26Descartes Editeur x
589 Settlers Cities and Knights 3rd EDMayfair x
590 TTR w/ Clear Trains DOWx
591Wallenstein Big BoxQueenx
592Magnifico Davinci's Art of WarTilsitx
593Tide of IronFF x
594Napoleon in EuropeEagle x
595Battle CryAH x
596Shogun Big BoxQueen x
597VerdantAEG x
598San MarcoRavensburger x
599El GrandeHIG x
600Railroad Tycoon The BoardgameEagle x
601Formula DeEuro Games x
602TikalRGG x
603Das Wasser des Lebens Whiskey SettlersKosmos x whiskey!
604Touring, 1926 editionParker bros. x
605Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill x
606Attack SubAvalon Hill x
607Catan 3D EditionCatan Studiox
608Case BlueGamers/MMP X
609Unconditional SurrenderGMT X
610ChurchillGMT X
611Clash of MonarchsGMT X
612Last BlitzkriegGamers/MMPX
613Stalingrad Pocket 2Gamers/MMP X
614Atlantic StormAvalon HillX
616Space Hulk Death AngelFantasy Flight X
617SpaceCorpGMT X
618Age of RenaissanceAvalon HillX
619Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill X
620Victory RoadsHexasim X
621Napoleon Against Europe plus update kitHexasim X
622Amateurs to ArmsClash of Arma X
623Next War Korea 2nd ed + 1st Next War ExpGMT X
624Attack SubAvalon Hill X
625Big Trouble in Little China DeluxeEverything Epic X
626Rise of the Roman RepublicGMT X
627Carthage The First Punic WarGMT X
628Marvel Dicemasters lot - Avengers, X Men, Spiderman, 300+ dice Wizkids X
629Mage Knight + 3 expansionsWizkids X