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Updated June 22, 2022.
Class A: Advanced; for experienced players, rules not explained
B: Beginners welcome, rules explained at scheduled demo.
  C: Coached, game will be taught by GM during play.
  Century: This event is part of the Century Group, earns 2 or more plaques, and the winner receives a Centurion shirt.
  Trial: This event is not part of the Century Group, grants only 1 plaque, and does not earn a Centurion shirt for the winner.
  Legacy: A non-Century event with a 10-year history of maintaining satisfactory player totals AND GM compliance with all BPA requirements/deadlines selected by the BPA Board of Directors for Century status.
  Late Night: A late night event that will not end before midnight.
  Play-by-Email Tournament
Prize Level Number of Prizes
Trial Event
Event Format Single Elimination Swiss Elimination
Single Elimination w/Mulligan Freeform
Swiss Heats (Using one of several methods of advancement: HWO, HMSE, HMW-P, HMW-T, and HE (Heat Exceptions)
Event Features League, Pool Play Mulligan Round
Event Style Continuous Scheduled
Links and Misc. ACTS
GM Webpage Juniors Event
New Event Game Designer Extra Prizes Awarded
Bring a copy of the game, if possible. This event has turned away players in recent years due to lack of sufficient copies.