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Scheduled Open Gaming - WBC 2016  

Try out demos and scheduled Open Gaming opportunities ALL WEEK LONG!

The much improved facilities at Seven Springs allow us to expand this feature in a big way with emphasis on individual demos and scheduled Open Gaming opportunities all week long. If you've ever bemoaned the difficulty of finding like-minded gamers to play what YOU want to play, this is your chance. Merely commit to providing the game in question and playing at a specified time in the designated Demo area in the Exhibit Annex and we will reserve your table plus advertise your game on the printed, web, android and rotating schedules for all to see and even provide signage for your "game event". 

The catch? You must commit to it in a timely fashion; i.e., now. You must be a Sustaining or Tribune member by June 1 and you must submit details to CD@boardgamers.org by June 1 to include:

  • Name of published game (limit 1 game); unpublished games must be handled as Commercial Demos.
  • Start Time and length of game (even hours only; no half-hour starts; e.g., 7 PM, not 7:15 or 7:30)
  • Type of table; 8' rectangular or 6' round (or if either is acceptable, indicate so)
  • Rate your game as A (expert), B (played previously or read rules) or C (will coach), insofar as experience level of players sought

The table must be surrendered promptly to the next user before the next reserved timeslot.


  • Multi-player games only - must accommodate a minimum of three players
  • One reservation slot per person. Second requests will be honored on a space available basis only after all other primary requests have been fulfilled.

All requests are based on availability. First come, first served.


  • Submit multiple start times in case your first choice is unavailable
  • A willingness to use either round or rectangular tables will increase your chances of getting a slot
  • The longer your requested time slot, the less your chances of getting a reservation.
  • Avoid high usage time slots. Slots on Tuesday evening have little chance of acceptance.