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Updated April 25, 2015

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Wheatland  Ballroom B Terrace 4  

John Pack, CO

2014 Champion

2nd: Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

3rd: Scott Saccenti, MD

4th: Tom DeMarco, NJ

5th: Greg Crowe, MD

6th: Peter Staab, PA

Event History
1991    Ray Pfeiffer      23
1992    Terry Tegler      34
1993    Tom DeMarco      55
1994    Ralph May      49
1995    Beth Barnard      65
1996    Ray Pfeiffer      32
1997    Thomas Stokes      54
1998    Marc Geary      64
1999    Ray Pfeiffer     46
2000    Richard Irving     40
2001    John Pack     58
2002    John Pack     47
2003    Thomas Browne     60
2004    Marc Houde     52
2005    Ray Pfeifer     35
2006    Mark Geary     31
2007     Tom DeMarco     51
2008     Louis Gehring     64
2009    Phillip Yaure     47
2010    John Pack     58
2011    Derek Landel     35
2012    Ray Stakenas II     43
2013    Philip Livingston     35
2014    John Pack     58

John Pack et al, CO
2015 GM




More Opportunities for Glory ...

This year Adel Verpflichtet, also known as Hoity Toity and By Hook or Crook among other less savory epithets, adapts its tried and true format to a system of four heats which have been carefully coordinated with other Euro events.

In each heat and the semifinal, everyone will play two games (though players with just one hour to spare could play just the first if needed). The result will be determined by adding the scores of both games (the points are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for five-players; 5, 4, 2, 1 for four-players; 5, 3, 1 for three-players). Pairings will be designed to have no 3-player games and a minimum number of 4-player games.

Each heat is a separate entry for qualifying for the Sunday morning semifinal. The number of advancing players will be the smallest of 15, 20, or 25 which accommodates all those who scored 8 points or more and a minimum of 20% of entrants. Any remaining positions will be filled using tiebreakers. The Final will have 5 players.

The place in each game is determined by # of spaces past the finish line, the largest exhibit, and the oldest card in the set. For the semifinal and Final, advancement will be based on the score (in a single heat or the semifinal). Tie-breakers will be total spaces beyond the finish line, total size of final sets, total cards, oldest card, second oldest card, and best heat.

In Adel Verpflichtect, players assume the roles of eccentric, aristocratic collectors who attempt to buy the greatest collection of obscure items at the auctionhouse and exhibit them at a number of castles and palaces around Europe; the best exhibits gaining prestige and movement around the board. But beware! Thieves may appear at the auctionhouse to steal the money paid for items or steal the items themselves when exhibited. Detectives may catch thieves who spend time in jail until their parole, while the Detective also gains movement around the board. Finally, when at least one player crosses the finish line, all the players have one more exhibit and the one who ends up farthest along the track is the winner. Come to any heat and learn how to play in 5-10 minutes!

Each heat will be run by one tournament official (who will appoint assistants from experienced participants as needed). Ivan Lawson will run the first heat; Tom DeMarco, six-time GM, will run the second heat; Greg Crowe will run the third, traditional heat; and John Pack, GM, will run the fourth heat, semifinal, and Final.

Get set ... ready, exhibit!

 GM      John Pack [2nd Year]  11213 Keota St, Parker, CO 80134   NA

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