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Updated 6/28/2013

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Jeff Cornett, FL

2012 Champion

2nd: Joe Powell, VA

3rd: Patrick Mirk, FL

4th: Ben Knight, MD

5th: Jim Bell, MD

6th: David Metzger, NY
Event History
2001    Ilan Woll     56
2002    Philip Shea     52
2003    Josh Githens     64
2004     Barry Shoults     52
2005    Robert Eastman     52
2006    Jeff Cornett     42
2007     Larry Lingle     64
2008    Jeff Cornett     48
2009     Steve Lollis     32
2010    Nicole Reiff     44
2011    Lyman Moquin     49
2012    Jeff Cornett     44

Bruce Reiff, OH
2013 GM

2010 Consul



Fresh Scenarios

Tournament Format
The first round will consist of four preliminary games with players matched by their records in true swiss fashion. After the swiss portion, those with at least three wins will qualify for Round 2 and continue to Single Elimination play.

Each match will consist of a single game. Some of the battles may not be balanced, and players will bid card draws for sides. Card draws may occur at any time. A card draw consists of drawing a replacement card, then discarding one card (including perhaps the card just drawn). The card draws do not increase a player's hand size.

There will be a time limit of one hour per game. Games not finished after one hour will be subject to adjudication.

2013 Scenarios

The default game will be the new version, and all scenarios are designed for the new version.  However if both sides agree the old version can be played.

The scenarios for the first four rounds are (in order):

  1. First Bull Run
  2. Little Sugar Creek
  3. Falling Waters
  4. Glorieta

The scenarios for the first two rounds of the single elimination portion will be:

  1. Chickamauga 2nd Day
  2. Bethesda Church

Any rounds beyond this (which should be just the semi’s and final) will be determined by the participants and GM on site by mutual agreement (with the default being the above two repeated).

A scan of these scenarios is available by emailing the GM. 

 GM      Bruce Reiff  [1st Year]  NA   NA

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