bitter woods 

Updated 4/16/2013

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   Lampeter     Heritage

Tom Gregorio, PA

2012 Champion

2nd: Marty Musella, VA

3rd: Forrest Pafenberg, VA

4th: Bill Morse, VA

5th: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

6th: Ed Witkowski, VA
Event History
1999    Phil Evans     19
2000    Randy Heller     16
2001    Rich Ogata     14
2002    Tom Gregorio     16
2003     Bob Ryan     17
2004    Bob Ryan     20
2005     Randy Heller     20
2006     Steve Likevich     21
2007    Tom Gregorio     21
2008    Tom Gregorio     22
2009     Tom Gregorio     26
2010     Bruno Sinigaglio     22
2011    Tom Gregorio     21
2012    Tom Gregorio     25

Bruno Sinigaglio, AK
2013 GM

one Top Six GM Nomination

2007 Hobby Service Award

2005 Sportsman of the Year




Bitter Woods is an Operational Level game of the Battle of the Bulge. The version played will be Deluxe Fourth Edition Bitter Woods produced by the L2 Design Group.

Five rounds of Single Elimination plus a Mulligan Round on Tuesday at 1800. The scenarios to be played during all rounds except the Final will be the 6-turn 16AM Attack scenario or the 8-turn 16AM Attack scenario. Each round will end after six hours and games not completed will be judged. Pairings will be at random as will scenario and side. For scenario determination, a 1-3 rolled by the GM assigns the 6-turn 16AM scenario; a 4-6 rolled assigns the 8-turn 16AM scenario. Sides will also be determined at random; however, during the Mulligan Round and Round 1, a lower AREA rated player may chose the Shark Repellent Option in order to switch sides.

Shark Repellent - A lower AREA player may exercise the Shark Repellent option to switch sides after the GM die roll to determine sides. If this option is chosen, the higher rated player may call for a Re-Roll of the Random Event when it is rolled. If the Random Event Re-Roll is requested, the RE-Roll must be used.

Six-turn 16AM Attack Scenario: this scenario will be played as described in rule section 38 of the rule book.

Eight-turn 16AM Attack Scenario: this scenario will be played as described in section 39 of the rule book.

 GM      Bruno Sinigaglio [2nd Year]  NA   NA

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