empire of the sun

Updated 4/16/2013

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  Lampeter     Terrace 4 

Mark Hodgkinson, bn

2012 Champion

2nd:  Antero Kuusi, fn

3rd: Tom Thornsen, NY

4th: Paul Gaberson, PA

5th: Dennis Culhane, PA

6th: Craig Yope, MI
Event History
2005    Bob Heinzmann    26
2006    Dennis Culhane      8
2007    Mark Popofski    10
2008     Dennis Culhane    11
2009    Dennis Culhane      8 
2010    Mark Popofski    19
2011    Antero Kuusi    26
2012    Mark Hodgkinson    24

Mark Herman, MD
2013 GM

the game's designer



finally arrived ...

After years as an also ran, this event switched to Class B status and welcomed a crop of newcomers to finally drew a large enough field to qualify for the Century and has not had to rely on the membership vote for a return trip since. Empire of the Sun™ was released by GMT in April, 2005. The tournament will use the one-year tournament scenarios supplied with the game. The GM will teach folks during the tournament although he will be doing double duty as GM of For The People which runs parallel with this event so don't expect miracles. Please catch the one hour demo before the event starts if you're new to the game or want to brush up on the rules.

Rounds 1, 2, and 3 will use the single year scenarios with bidding for sides (1942, 1943, 1944 respectively). Final round will use the Campaign scenario with bidding for sides. 2007 Reprint rules will be used for all rounds.

For the latest details on this game see members.tripod.com/~MarkHerman/index.html.

GMT will provide merchandise certificates for the top three players.

 GM      Mark Herman  [8th Year]   NA  
    NA    NA

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