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Updated 4/20/2014

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  Wheatland        Terrace 7

Ken Gutermuth, NC

2013 Champion

2nd: Rich Meyer, MA

3rd: Trella Bromley, FL

4th: Debbie Gutermuth, NC

5th: Chris Gnech, PA

6th: Mark Kennel, DE
Event History
1999     Steve Okonski     64
2000     Bill Navolis      61
2001     Jim Yerkey      44
2002     Jim Yerkey      43
2003     Donna Balkan      57
2004     Tom Dunning      64
2005      Tom Dunning      49
2006      Rich Meyer      52
2007      Eric Brosius      62
2008     Harald Henning      66
2009     Mark Kennel      56
2010     Tedd Mullally      58
2011     Rich Meyer      70
2012     Bart Pisarik      59
2013     Ken Gutermuth      63

Bob Stribula, PA
2014 GM



Do the Locomotion …

The Empire Builder Series tournament offers play of Mayfair’s “Crayon Rails” games. Empire Builder and Eurorails will be offered in each of the three Round 1 heats. Instead, players may choose to play variants if their choice is shared by at least three other players. Variants include: original Empire Builder [without Mexico], North American Rails [with Mexico], Australian Rails, British Rails, China Rails, India Rails, Iron Dragon, Lunar Rails, Martian Rails, M bius Rails, Nippon Rails, and Russian Rails. If you would like to play one of the variants, it is recommended that you bring your own copy and appear early to set it up and recruit players. Variants that do not get four willing participants will be derailed in favor of the default games of either Empire Builder [with or without Mexico] or Eurorails.

To encourage faster play, we will request players choose the best “three out of four cards” opening. At the start of each game, deal one extra demand card to each player. (Event Cards are reshuffled into the deck.) The player with the single highest pay out from his four cards must discard one card and may begin building track as soon as he is ready. Succeeding players must discard one of their four cards to the discard pile immediately before each first builds track. All games will use a “switch-back" start.

The semifinal games will feature Empire Builder with Mexico. The Final will be contested on the newest edition of Eurorails [MFG#4507; © 2009].

If there are 50 or more total entrants, we will advance 25 players to five 5-player semifinal games. If there are between 40 and 49 entrants (inclusive), we will advance 20 players to five 4-player semifinals. If there are between 32 and 39 entrants (inclusive), we will advance 16 players to four 4-player semifinals. With fewer than 32 entrants, we will advance no more than half the entrants to four semifinals of approximately equal numbers of participants. Semifinal finishing order with a tiebreaker of final cash will be used to seed sSemifinalists to the Final.

REMEMBER: If we have more individual Heat winners than semifinal slots, a single Round 1 win will NOT in itself guarantee advancement. We will be using the following tie breakers for advancement and seeding:

1. Most Wins (e.g., total in all heats entered)
2. Win in first Heat entered
3. Win in second Heat entered
4. Win in third Heat entered
5. Repeat Rules 1-5 substituting Second Place finishes for Win(s)
6. Player’s highest score
7. High dice roll

The last set of seven hand-painted, detailed pewter locomotive miniatures in colors appropriate for both Empire Builder and Rail Baron will be awarded to the EPB winner. Additionally, the Tom Dunning Memorial Medal will be awarded to the player with the highest cumulative cash total in three different (not to include Empire Builder or Eurorails) Round 1 games.

 GM      Bob Stribula  [5th Year]  22 Zinnia Way, Langhorne, PA 19047 
    stribula@ptd.net   NA

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