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Updated 4/16/2013

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  Laurel Grove      Terrace 2

Rob Doane, MD

2012 Champion

2nd: Greg Tanner, AZ

3rd: Ed Beach, MD

4th: Dave Cross, VA

 5th: Chris Withers, CAA

 6th: -

* Stonewall Jackson's Way

** Great Campaigns 1862 prior to 2005

Event History
1993    Ed Beach*      22
1994    Ray Rooks*      22
1995    Bruno Passacantando*      22
1996    Paul Tisevich *      27
1997    Jeff Otto*      22
1998    Bruno Passacantando*      13
1999    Ken Lee*     18
2000    Chris Withers**     19
2001    Chris Withers**     20
2002    Chris Withers**     18
2003    Chris Withers**     19
2004    Chris Withers**     16
2005    Chris Withers     26
2006    Chris Withers     19
2007     Chris Withers     22
2008    Ed Beach     17 
2009     Ed Beach     20
2010    Chris Withers     18
2011    Chris Withers     17
2012    Rob Doane     10

Justin Rice, VA
2013 GM



Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

It's back to the eastern theater and the revisiting of an old classic for the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War crew this summer. This year's tournament will center on the revamped Stonewall Jackson's Way II, along with its new First Manassas module, All Green Alike.

All three preliminary rounds and three elimination rounds were chosen from SJWII keeping in mind that designer Chris Withers had competitive play in mind when he was retooling these scenarios. We think it will lead to some close battles
across Northern Virginia.

For game-packing purposes, only SJW II will be necessary, and we should have a few tournament copies available, too, in case you're not able to bring yours. The format will not change this year - three preliminary rounds, with eight players advancing to the quarterfinals.

One change we will make is A MORE STRICT ADHERENCE TO PUBLISHED ROUND TIMES. As many of you know, GCA had to survive the membership vote this year because of declining attendance. We also know that there are many fans of the series who just didn't have time to work the game into your busy WBC schedule. We hope by more strictly following the round start and end times, it will be easier for many of you to jump in for a preliminary round or two. We're hoping many of you veterans who we still see roaming the halls at the Host will rejoin us this August as we welcome the ninth edition of the series to WBC.

Swiss Elimination Qualifying Day
Demo - 9 am
Learn the mechanics of the system from some of the best players. Try out a brief scenario: "An End to Innocence" from All Green Alike.
An End to Innocence
(AGA), 11 a.m.
Lee vs. Pope (SJW), 2 p.m.
Bag the Whole Crowd (SJW), 6 p.m.

Single-Elimination Round
Quarterfinal: Jackson's March (SJW), 9 a.m.
Semifinal: McDowell's Opportunity (AGA), 2 p.m.

Final: From the Rappahannock to Bull Run (SJW)

Games not completed by the start time of the next round are subject to adjudication by the GM and his assistants.

Bidding for sides: Players must bid for sides. First, players secretly select what side they want by placing a Confederate or Union counter in their hand. If players pick opposite sides play proceeds with no VP modifier. If players pick the same side, roll dice to determine the first bidder. Players then bid VPs until a player passes. That bid becomes the VP modifier for the game.

Pairings: First-round pairings will be made at random. Second- and third-round pairings will be random among players with identical records. In all preliminary rounds, we will ensure no two players will meet more than once.

Advancement: Players who win at least two preliminary games will be eligible to advance. We will strive to advance eight players to the quarterfinals. The quarterfinal round will be seeded first based on total preliminary wins, and then points.

Points: Players receive points each time they win. No points are awarded for a loss. Points are given to the winner by taking the loser's AREA rating and multiplying by the scenario multiplier (longer scenarios have higher multipliers)

Scenario Multipliers:
End to Innocence 1.0
Lee vs. Pope 1.1
Bag the Whole Crowd 1.2a
Port Republic 1.2
McDowell 1.3

Supplementary Prizes: Multi-Man Publications will supplement the WBC plaques with merchandise credits of $10 per prize level.

 GM      Justin Rice  [3rd Year]  3229 Lancaster Ring Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408   540-840-9267

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