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Updated 4/20/2014

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  Lampeter     Laurel Grove     Terrace 2

Dave Cross, VA

2013 Champion

2nd: Doug Smith, PA

3rd: Ed Beach, MD

4th: Greg Tanner, AZ

 5th: Justin Rice, VA

 6th: Geoff Allbutt, NY

* Stonewall Jackson’s Way

** Great Campaigns 1862 prior to 2005

Event History
1993    Ed Beach*      22
1994    Ray Rooks*      22
1995    Bruno Passacantando*      22
1996    Paul Tisevich *      27
1997    Jeff Otto*      22
1998    Bruno Passacantando*      13
1999    Ken Lee*     18
2000    Chris Withers**     19
2001    Chris Withers**     20
2002    Chris Withers**     18
2003    Chris Withers**     19
2004    Chris Withers**     16
2005    Chris Withers     26
2006    Chris Withers     19
2007    Chris Withers     22
2008    Ed Beach     17 
2009    Ed Beach     20
2010    Chris Withers     18
2011    Chris Withers     17
2012    Rob Doane     10
2013    Dave Cross     17

Dave Cross, VA
2014 GM



Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

Last year’s tournament was very successful. We will keep the format with three preliminary rounds with eight advancing to the quarterfinals and strict start times allowing everyone to schedule their trip to WBC. Once again, we hope to see a good showing and hope that many of the old grognards of the original games will stop in to play the new versions as we look forward to the next reprints and Atlanta.

The scenario selection will change slightly. Last year was rightfully focused on the newly released Stonewall Jackson’s Way II. This year, we will add back in Battle Above the Clouds scenarios so that both in print games are played. In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Overland Campaign, we will play Wilderness in the semifinals, always a favorite.

The selection of scenarios all should provide plenty of opportunities for maneuver and attacks by both sides. Also, you will readily see the varying characteristics and capabilities of the armies in different years and theaters.

SJWII and BAC are the only games necessary although we will have a number of tournament copies available.

Swiss Elimination Qualifying Day
Demo—9 am
Learn the mechanics of the system from some of the best players. Try out a brief scenario: “An End to Innocence” from All Green Alike. This will then be the game in the first tournament round.
Round 1: An End to Innocence (AGA #4), 11 a.m.
Round 2: Lee vs. Pope (SJW II #2), 2 p.m.
Round 3: McLemore’s Cove (BAC #1), 6 p.m.

Elimination Rounds
Quarterfinal: McDowell’s Opportunity (AGA #3), 9 a.m.
Semifinal: The Battle of the Wilderness (GTC #1), 2 p.m.

Final: The Battle of Chickamauga (BAC #3), 9 a.m.


Games not completed by the start time of the next round are subject to adjudication by the GM and his assistants.

Bidding for sides: Players must bid for sides. First, players secretly select what side they want by placing a Confederate or Union counter in their hand. If players pick opposite sides play proceeds with no VP modifier. If players pick the same side, roll dice to determine the first bidder. Players then bid VPs until a player passes. That bid becomes the VP modifier for the game.

Pairings: Round 1 pairings will be made at random. Round 2 & 3 pairings will be random among players with identical records. In all preliminary rounds, we will ensure no two players meet more than once.

Advancement: Players who win at least two preliminary games will be eligible to advance. We will strive to advance eight players to the quarterfinals. The quarterfinal round will be seeded first based on total preliminary wins, and then points. Typically two wins and you will advance.

Points: Players receive points each time they win. No points are awarded for a loss. Points are given to the winner by taking the loser’s AREA rating and multiplying by the scenario multiplier (longer scenarios have higher multipliers)

Scenario Multipliers:
End to Innocence 1.0
Lee vs. Pope 1.1
McLemore’s Cove 1.2

Supplementary Prizes: Multi-Man Publications will supplement the WBC plaques with merchandise credits of $10 per prize level.

 GM      Dave Cross  [4th Year]  NA   NA

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