Updated 4/28/2014

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    Ballroom A     Heritage    Marietta 

Jeff Mullet, OH

2013 Champion

2nd: Jamie Tang, MD

3rd: Nick Avtges, MA

4th: Ed Kendrick, uk

5th: David Metzger, NY

6th: Matt Charlap, NJ
Event History
2007    Chris Johnson      82
2008    Andy Latto    131
2009    Brittany Bernard    139
2010    Steven LeWinter    131
2011    Marcy Morelli    138
2012    Joe Yaure    158
2013    Jeff Mullet    133



Peter Stein, OH
GM 2014


Abstracts …

Reiner Knizia’s game of matching colors. It’s the proverbial “minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” game. Four heats lead to the semis on Sunday. It’s possible to earn wood in three hours tops—from preliminary to Final.

Ingenious is an abstract placement game. Players place colored tiles on the hexagonal board, scoring points, blocking opponents’ tile placement, and trying to protect themselves from being blocked by their opponents.

Elegant and compulsively replayable, Ingenious is an excellent introduction to German-style abstract board games. It’s ingeniously simple and suitable for up to four players, as well as for solo and team play. Tournament play will be limited to the 4-player version, with 3-player games used only as needed.

The rules for advancement are meant to encourage those who wish to advance to play in more than one heat—doing so won’t make your position worse and probably will help. This should increase the number of players per heat so it makes this request more important than ever: BRING A COPY OF THE GAME!!!

Criteria for Advancement:
1. Most Wins
2. Best two games. Five points for a win, two points for second place, one point for third place (no points for third place in a 3-player game). 
3. If there’s a tie at #2 at 10 points, then the player who played in fewer heats advance.
4. Best percentage of score in those two games. If you win it’s your score to the second place player’s score (that will be at least 100%). If you didn’t win it’s your score to the winner’s score (that will be at most 99%). Add the two together for your score.
5. Die roll

Up to 16 players will advance to the semifinals on Sunday at 9AM. I will post the list Saturday afternoon including alternates. In previous years there have been a decent number of eligible semifinalists who don’t appear, so it doesn’t hurt to look.

Joe Yaure will GM a Juniors version of the game in Vistas CD for those 12 and under on Wednesday at 11 AM.
 GM      Peter Stein  [8th Year]   NA    NA

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