Updated April 25, 2015

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 Ballroom A Marietta Terrace 3

Meghan Friedmann, MA

2014 Champion

2nd: Luke Koleszar, VA

3rd: Joe Yaure, PA

4th: Rebecca Hebner, CO

5th: Thomas Strock, PA

6th: Alyssa Mills, MD
Event History
2007    Chris Johnson      82
2008    Andy Latto    131
2009    Brittany Bernard    139
2010    Steven LeWinter    131
2011    Marcy Morelli    138
2012    Joe Yaure    158
2013    Jeff Mullet    133
2014    Meghan Friedmann    100



Max DuBoff, NJ
GM 2015


Geniuses Wanted ...

Join in the fun with this gem from Reiner Knizia! Place down two-sided tiles and match the colors on them to score points. It may look simple, but layers and layers of strategy exist just below the surface. Play for a chance to earn laurels in as few as three hours from start to Final.

Ingenious is an abstract tile placement game. Players put double-sided tiles with one color on each side onto the hexagonal board, scoring points towards six different colors for rows of matching colors. A player's score is only as strong as her weakest color, however, so she must carefully optimize her plays so as not to be shut out of any color. Blocking other players is a key aspect of the game, forcing players to continuously watch for opportunities to block opponents while not being blocked themselves.

Limitless tile combinations make Ingenious incredibly replayable. The simple yet clever gameplay ensures short, tense games. One of the finest German abstracts in existence, Ingenious works very well in tournament play. In this tournament, 4-player games will be used as much as possible. 3-player games will be used only when 4-player games are not possible, and 2-player games will only be used when neither 4- nor 3-player games are possible. The GM will play only as an eliminator to help make the numbers work. In any game involving the GM, two designated assistant GMs will adjudicate if there is a need.

16 players will advance from the three heats to the elimination rounds (semifinal and Final). The Final will start as soon as possible after the completion of the semifinal; both elimination rounds should be finished in two hours. The tournament is structured to encourage players to play in multiple heats. With only a fraction of the field able to advance to the elimination rounds, participation in more than one heat is probably necessary to secure a spot in the semifinals. The GM will post a list of qualifiers and alternates for the elimination rounds shortly after the conclusion of the third heat. In the past, alternates have usually been needed, so make sure to check the kiosk and appear for the elimination rounds even if you don't place in top 16 in the heats.

Every year there is a shortage of games. Only players who bring a copy of the game will be guaranteed a spot in a given heat. In the past, the GM has had to turn away players without games, particularly later in the week, so make sure to bring a copy. (And if you don't own a copy, go buy one; you won't regret it!)

Criteria for Advancement:
1. Most wins.
2. Best two games according to the following scoring system: five points for a win, two points for second place, one point for third place (no points for third place in a 3-player game or for second place in a 2-player game).
3. Fewest heats entered.
4. Highest percentage of score in top two games. Winner's score compared to runner-up's (>100%); runner-up's score compared to winner's (<100%).
5. Die roll.

Feel free to email the GM with any and all questions. Looking forward to seeing you at the tournament!

Joe Yaure will GM a Juniors version of the game in Vistas CD for those 12 and under on Wednesday at 11 AM.
 GM      Max Duboff [1st Year]   NA    NA

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