lost cities

Updated 4/20/2014

LST   HMW   
  9    19      18
     17    20 until conclusion

   Marietta         Heritage     Terrace 4

Chris Entwistle, PA

2013 Champion

2nd: Vidar Aas, no

3rd: Thomas Tu, NJ

4th: Yoni Weiss, NJ

5th: Ewan McNay, NY

6th: Lissa Rennert, MD
Event History
2000    Daniel Broh-Kahn       48
2001    Jared Scarborough       84
2002    Daniel Karp       66
2003    Charles Blahous       60
2004    Rebecca Hebner       60
2005    Chris Entwistle     130
2006    Sean McCulloch     125
2007     Jarett Weintraub     171
2008     Andy Latto     185
2009     Rebecca Hebner     166
2010    Sean McCulloch     177
2011    Eric Hufford     180
2012    Eric Hufford      211
2013    Chris Entwistle     205

Ivan Lawson, MD
2014 GM

GM of the Year 2007

3 Top Six GM nominations



a quick Euro for two


Lost Cities is an easy-to-learn two-player card game, and an excellent test for all gamers, age and gender neutral. The tournament will consist of heats that will determine qualifying players to advance to the Single Elimination (SE) Rounds concluding with the Championship (see Heats). Players with copies of the game should bring them! Extra copies will be needed. This event has turned away players in the past and will doubtless do so again this year for lack of games. Bring a copy of the game, if you expect to play.

Heats: The event uses three (3) heats—each played on a different day, which comprise Round 1, and will be followed by 30 minute SE Rounds on Saturday evening. Players may play in as many of the three heats as they wish. The Heat is one game of three hands per two players registered. EXCEPTION: In the third Heat, time has been allotted for a second game to be played ONLY between winners of the first game in the 3rd Heat. This allows weekend attendees, as well as weeklong attendees, a chance to win a second game and advance to the SE Rounds.

Games will be played according to the box rules with one modification: Before play, opponents will shuffle and cut the cards to determine who plays first; higher numbered card plays first for the first hand only. Also, before play, opponents will count the cards to verify that the deck is complete with sixty (60) cards. Each game will be three hands with the best cumulative score of the three hands declared the winner.

Only players with two or more wins in the Heats will qualify to advance to the SE Rounds. There will be no list of alternates this year. Note: If he does play, the GM will be acting only in the role of an eliminator, and will not be eligible to advance.

Advancement Tie Breakers: No tie breakers are required as only winners of two or more Heats will be eligible to advance to the SE Rounds.

Single Elimination Rounds: Single Elimination rounds (SE) will begin Saturday evening with Round 2, and run continuously through the Championship Round. Once it begins, the SE Rounds will feature 30-minute games with warnings at 15 minutes and 5 minutes, after which games will be adjudicated. Games tied after three hands will be allowed an additional ten minutes for a fourth hand. If still tied after the fourth hand, then each opponent will subtract the highest and lowest scores of their four hands from their total in order to determine the winner. If still tied, then the higher roll of a ten-sided die will prevail.

If the field of players for the early SE Rounds is an odd number, then the GM will play as an eliminator. Beginning with the Quarterfinal Round, the replacement to fill out the odd pairing will be drawn from the losers of the immediately preceding Round, using the following tie breakers: 1) Higher score in immediately preceding Round, 2) Most successful expeditions with investors in immediately preceding Round (Score 0 or positive number), 3) Most successful expeditions in immediately preceding Round (Score 0 or positive number), or 4) Higher roll of a ten sided die.

Places 1 through 4 will be determined by game results in head-to-head competition. Places 5 through 10 will be determined by using the approved WBC rules.

Jarett Weintraub will host a Juniors version for those 12 and under Wednesday at 9 AM in Vistas CD. See http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbkex/jnrpge.htm

 GM      Ivan Lawson  [10th Year]   NA 
    lawsonic@comcast.net    NA

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