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Updated 4/20/2014

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   Paradise        Terrace 3

Jarett Weintraub, NY

2013 Champion

2nd: John Skiba, NY

3rd: Tim Hitchings, DE

4th: William Austin, VA

5th: David J. Glowny, CT

6th: David Rennert, MD
Event History
2004    Steve Lollis    91
2005     Joe Harrison    93
2006     Joe Harrison    73
2007    Jon Miller    62
2008     Scott Gibson    62
2009     Gordon Rodgers    62
2010    John Skiba    53
2011    Johan Vanhuyse    70
2012    Eric Caron    69
2013    Jarett Weintraub    64



Sam Edelston, CT
2014 GM

Demos by Richard Borg


The new scenarios keep on comin’


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Memoir ’44 and the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, so we have some extra-special things planned.

Richard Borg, creator of the game, will be back. For this year’s tournament, he has created brand-new, updated versions of six familiar battles from June 6, 1944. Players will get copies of these new scenarios to take home.

* Mulligan & Round 1 … D-Day Begins: Pegasus Bridge
* Round 2 … D-Day: Sainte-Mere-Eglise
* Round 3 … D-Day: Sword Beach
* Round 4 … D-Day: Gold Beach
* Round 5 … D-Day: Omaha First Wave
* Round 6 … D-Day: Juno Beach

These scenarios will use some units that are not in the basic set. All special units will be taught at the pre-tournament Demo -- for beginners and for experienced players who want a refresher -- and also will be summarized at the tournament. In addition, “Help” sheets will be provided.

Just the basic set will be sufficient for you to play all the scenarios in the tournament, because spare badges for the special units will be available.

However, if you have Equipment Pack or Winter Wars, it’ll be helpful. (British army figures from Mediterranean Theater are optional, too.) Updates on tournament details can be found at

For more news about Memoir at WBC this year, see below.


The schedule for Memoir ’44 will be the same as last year. The format will be six rounds, Single Elimination with a Mulligan Round. On Thursday evening -- after an 8 PM Demo for new players -- with an additional instructor for experienced players who want to brush-up on their special units. Then, we’ll play the Mulligan Round at 9 PM. Winners in the Mulligan round are excused from Round 1 the next day, and can rejoin the event in Round 2 at 11 AM Friday. Losers from the Mulligan Round can rejoin the event fresh in Round 1 at 9 AM Friday. The tournament will then run continuously for the rest of the day.

In each round, competitors will play twice against each other, switching sides for the second game. Best total medal count for the two games wins the match. In the case of a tie, the player who inflicts the most casualties on his opponent wins. In Rounds 3 and later, cumulative wins and cumulative medals will serve as additional tie breakers, if necessary. The last tie-breaker for all rounds will be a number drawn at random by the player upon registering for the tournament. Players who bring games being rewarded with higher tiebreak numbers. Please bring your game!

If three players remain after Round 5, the two with the best records (based on the tiebreaking rules) will advance to the Final, and the other will automatically be awarded third place.


This year, we’ve scheduled six Overlords, including three games from the brand-new D-Day Landings expansion. Memoir’s creator, Richard Borg, will be there to teach what’s new in the D-Day Landings scenarios.

These games will be played in the Demonstration area outside the Paradise and Cornwall rooms.

* Thursday 11AM—Scenario from new D-Day Landings expansion
* Thursday 3PM— Scenario from new D-Day Landings expansion
* Friday 11PM—Push to the Roer (for experienced players, Scenarios From the Front)
* Saturday 10AM—Rzhev
* Saturday 2PM—6-board D-Day Mega-Overlord
* Saturday 8PM—Peleliu Landings


Memoir’44, like its cousins from other eras (Battle Cry, BattleLore, Commands & Colors: Ancients, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, and Samurai Battles), combines a strong element of strategy with just the right amount of luck from cards and dice. A typical battle can be fought in under an hour, including setup time. Now in its eleventh year of distribution, new expansions continue to keep it a vibrant and growing game. Over 350 official scenarios have now been published, along with more than 3,300 player-created scenarios. (Many of these so-called “Scenarios from the Front” are excellent.) Also, Memoir ’44 Online gives players a ready source of opponents most times of the day or night. A wealth of information about the game is available at

 GM      Sam Edelston [5th Year]   NA    NA

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