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Updated April 22, 2015

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   Paradise       Terrace 2

Geoff Heintzelman, NC

2014 Champion

2nd: Michael Shea, CT

3rd: Gareth Williams, ma

4th: Joe Harrison, NY

5th: Barry Shoults, MI

6th: Sam Edelston, CT
Event History
2004    Steve Lollis    91
2005    Joe Harrison    93
2006    Joe Harrison    73
2007    Jon Miller    62
2008    Scott Gibson    62
2009    Gordon Rodgers    62
2010    John Skiba    53
2011    Johan Vanhuyse    70
2012    Eric Caron    69
2013    Jarett Weintraub    64
2014    Geoff Heintzelman    62

Sam Edelston, CT
2015 GM

Demos by Richard Borg




The new scenarios keep on comin'


In last year's Event Report, the GM invited all players to participate in a vote to choose the scenarios for the 2015 tournament. Nominations were solicited from both WBC players and the broader Memoir '44 community. More than 20 scenarios were on the ballot, the voting was done on SurveyMonkey, and over 40 people participated.

Sure enough, the voters chose six awesome scenarios, which are all very evenly matched between Allies and Axis. Not only that, but the votes did a good job of putting the simplest scenario first and increasingly challenging scenarios as the tournament progresses.

Rounds 1-2 can be played from the basic set with no additional equipment whatsoever. Rounds 3 and 4 are both in the Eastern Front expansion, so bring that along if you have it -- but if you don't have it, the necessary equipment will be provided. For Rounds 5-6, the GM can provide the necessary equipment if the players don't have it.

For players who want to brush up on the basic rules, or on the special needs for the later rounds, there will be a Demo outside of the tournament room during the hour before start time. Also, help sheets will be provided for terrain or units, and any particularly unusual rules will be explained before the start of each round. So, players who make it to Rounds 5 and 6 won't be unfairly handicapped if they're new to cavalry, tank destroyers, or (for the Final) the special Winter Wars rules.

~ Mulligan & Round 1: Moyland Wood -- an exciting scenario with action in all three sections. And guess what: This scenario was first introduced to the Memoir world exactly 10 years ago, when it was unveiled at the 2005 WBC tournament as the special Final scenario.

~ Round 2: Vaumicel Manor -- A tactical D-Day battle, where the Americans are trying to dislodge terrain-protected Germans. This scenario was created by the prolific French Memoir master, "jdrommel," for the 2011 French Open. (The French have an active Memoir tournament scene. "L'Open" attracts 100 players every year, and often is held at locations connected to WW2.)

~ Round 3: Breakout to Lisyanka -- Popular scenario from the Eastern Front expansion, with the Germans trying to either defeat or run past the protected Russians. A late-war battle, there is no Commissar. (You'll be able to play it with just the base game, because there's only one new kind of terrain tile, and the GM will have spares.)

~ Round 4: Suomussalmi -- Another favorite from the Eastern Front expansion pack. This one features Finnish Ski Troops: They can battle when they enter terrain, move three hexes and battle, and retreat up to three hexes for every flag -- but with only three infantry figures per unit, they're fragile. This battle is from 1939, so the Russians do have a Commissar.

~ Round 5: Raseiniai -- Introduced in Campaign Book 1, as part of the Barbarossa campaign by "yangtze." It's a 7-medal battle with cavalry fighting alongside tanks. The map for this scenario is not available online. If you want more information, contact the GM.

~ Round 6: Wardin -- This is probably the single coolest scenario ever used in a WBC Memoir tournament. A battle from the Ardennes offensive, introduced in the Winter Wars expansion. Movement and battling are reduced by Winter Weather and Visibility - and Winter Combat cards spice things up.

Updates on tournament details will be at and on the discussion thread at .

For more news about Memoir at WBC this year, see below.


The schedule for Memoir '44 will be the same as last year. The format will be six rounds, Single Elimination with a Mulligan Round. On Thursday evening -- after a Demo for new players -- with an additional instructor for experienced players who want to brush-up on special units and rules. Then, we'll play the Mulligan Round. Winners in the Mulligan Round are excused from Round 1 the next day, and can rejoin the event in Round 2 at 11 AM Friday. Losers from the Mulligan Round can rejoin the event fresh in Round 1 at 9 AM Friday. The tournament will then run continuously for the rest of the day.

In each round, competitors will play twice against each other, switching sides for the second game. Best total medal count for the two games wins the match. In the case of a tie, the player who inflicts the most casualties on his opponent wins. In Rounds 3 and later, cumulative wins and cumulative medals will serve as additional tie breakers, if necessary. The last tie-breaker for all rounds will be a number drawn at random by the player upon registering for the tournament. Players who bring games being rewarded with higher tiebreak numbers. Please bring your game!

If three players remain after Round 5, the two with the best records (based on the tiebreaking rules) will advance to the Final, and the other will automatically be awarded third place.


These games will be played in the area outside the Paradise and Cornwall rooms as a form of scheduled Open Gaming.

  • Thursday 2 PM - Disaster at Dieppe @ Terrace 2
  • Friday 11 PM - The Forgotten Battle (by "LooneyLlama," geared toward experienced players) @ Terrace 2
  • Saturday 10 AM - Cadets of Saumur** @ Terrace 2
  • Saturday 2 PM - Firefight at Neffe** (geared toward experienced players) @ Terrace 2
  • Saturday 8 PM - D-Day Landings (three maps)** @ Terrace 1-4

** If an interesting, new scenario is published, the GM reserves the right to make one substitution. Any change will be announced in advance at


Memoir'44, like its cousins from other eras (Battle Cry, BattleLore, Commands & Colors: Ancients, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, and Samurai Battles), combines a strong element of strategy with just the right amount of luck from cards and dice. A typical battle can be fought in under an hour, including setup time. Now in its eleventh year of distribution, new expansions continue to keep it a vibrant and growing game. Over 350 official scenarios have now been published, along with more than 3,300 player-created scenarios. (Many of these so-called "Scenarios from the Front" are excellent.) Also, Memoir '44 Online gives players a ready source of opponents most times of the day or night. A wealth of information about the game is available at

 GM      Sam Edelston [6th Year]   NA    NA

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