Updated 4/16/2013

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  Ballroom B

Mikko Raimi, fi

2012 Champion

2nd: Brad Raszewski, MD

3rd: Nathan Hill, MD

4th: Allen Hill, MD

5th: Greg Ottoman, VA

6th: Dave Stiffler, VA

Event History
2008    Chris Byrd    57
2009    John Emery    50
2010    George Young    50
2011     Richard Beyma    43
2012    Mikko Raimi    40


Andy Lewis, DE
2013 GM



Monday Wood ...

The key for this tournament is you must play the different countries. You will be allowed to play each country only once for the entire tournament. The Swiss portion will be four games; first 3 games will be in a pod of four players. After three swiss rounds, all 3-0 and 2-1 players will play the fourth swiss round. All four games will use the same map (or alternate map if multiple games from one box) layout. High die roll will be first player and gets choice of friendly map edge or country. Each game will last a maximum of 60 minutes. Different map layouts will be used in each round.

The top eight players will advance to single elimination.

See for map specifics and more details.

GMT will provide merchandise credits to the three winners of wood for this event,

 GM      Andy Lewis  [6th Year]   NA    NA

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