Updated 5/15/2013

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  Ballroom B 

Joshua Githens, SC

2012 Champion

2nd: Robert Drozd, IL

3rd: Doug Galullo, MD

4th: Carmen Petruzelli, PA

5th: Dominic Blais, qc

6th: Loc Nguyen, PA
Event History
1999    Kevin Wojtasczyk       86
2000    Harald Henning       84
2001    Doug Galullo       95
2002    Ann Cornett     115
2003     Tom Stokes     118
2004     Peter Staab     109
2005     Gary Noe       98
2006     Jeff Cornett       87
2007     Harald Henning       91
2008     Carmen Petruzelli     105
2009     Robert Drozd       61
2010    Jeff Cornett       69
2011    Scott Cornett       58
2012    Josh Githens       56

Jeff Cornett, FL
2013 GM

2006 Consul





Simple, easy to learn, fast play (60 minutes), but puzzling to play! Do you go for high hand, or the top of a pyramid? The more you play this game, the less you understand its strategy. That's because the secret to winning is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing!

Show up early, and have someone teach you to play. Then just do the opposite of whatever strategy advice he gives you!

Tables will be randomly assigned to groups of five players (or 6 or 4 as needed). Winners of either heat then advance to the semifinals. Ideally, we will have a 5-player Final, but 6-players or 4-players also work well if so dictated by the field.

Non-critical table talk is allowed, but spectators are only allowed to gasp, smirk, wink, or feint.

Version Differences: More recent versions of the game have a couple differences from the German version. The following rules will be used:
1. Players begin with 30 florins regardless of the number of players.
2. The 5-florin bonus spot is not paid.
3. The payment for high hand is as follows.
4-players: (30, 20, 10, 0)
5-players: (30, 20, 10, 5, 0)
6-players: (30, 20, 10, 10, 5, 0)

If players argue over choice of colors, the youngest player chooses first (except that the GM always gets to play purple with pink polka dots.)

An original mint Collegiate Crew board game will be given to the best finish among the losers in the Final who have a last name other than Cornett. The game will even be signed by the author AND any other Cornett who finishes ahead of you in the Final.

 GM      Jeff Cornett  [1st Year]   NA    407-878-8692 

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