Updated 4/20/2014

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Jeff Cornett, FL

2013 Champion

2nd: Doug Bryant, PA

3rd: Ron Draker, VA

4th: James Miller, VA

5th: Thomas Lee, NV

6th: Sharon Bryant, PA
Event History
1993    Tom Scarborough      12
1994    Dave Durlacher        8
2000    Jeff Cornett     16
2001    George Seary     14
2002    Jeff Cornett     20
2003    Scott Cornett     17
2004    Jeff Cornett       8
2005    Scott Cornett     12
2006    Jim Miller        9
2013    Jeff Cornett     16

GM: Ron Draker, VA



The classic wooden block wargame:

Like Napoleon himself returning from Elba, this is the original, classic wooden block wargame based on the Waterloo campaign returning to WBC in the wake of Columbia’s new improved 4th edition printing. Although the rules are fairly simple, the game provides for diverse campaign strategies and tense tactical battles. The WBC tournament is designed to provide a good learning opportunity for rookies, yet a high level of competition for veterans. The best of all block wargames, Napoleon requires a combination of strategic maneuver on a Waterloo regional campaign map, combined with tactical battles fought out on a separate battle board!

Napoleon returns to WBC with the release of the new and updated 4th edition. Those familiar with the 3rd edition will quickly adapt to the new game features. However, the game now plays much faster (similar to the original 1st and 2nd edition rules) with a smaller block count, plus popular new features including horse artillery and a larger campaign map. See the current rules draft at

The second WBC tournament of Columbia’s Games 4th Edition of Napoleon will be a Swiss event where players will play two rounds to determine the best four records before moving to single elimination play. Players will bid steps removed from their blocks to play a preferred side. Come to learn and play, and experience the best of both campaign strategy and tactical battle resolution.

 GM      Ron Draker  [1st Year]  NA   NA 

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