the napoleonic wars

Updated April 22, 2015

NW5   HMWG  
   18    10    12
   18     18

  Lampeter      Wheatland      Terrace 5

Bruce Young, SC

2014 Champion

2nd: Gareth Williams, ma

3rd: Bill Burtless, SC

4th: Kevin Emery, SC

5th: Al Hurda, on

6th: Michael Dauer, TX
Event History
2003    Forrest Speck     69
2004     David Gantt     64
2005     Ed Rothenheber     50
2006     Mel Casselberry     55
2007     Scott Fenn     52
2008     Lane Hess     46
2009    Henry Russell     45
2010    Mike Casselberry     45
2011    Bruce Young     54
2012    John Emery     48
2013    Francis Czawlytko     50
2014    Bruce Young     42

Gareth Williams, ma
2015 GM



Nappy & his ABC's ...

TNW continues to evolve wih two more changes:

1) After some discussion we are moving to a six-hour window. This should enable more games to run their course and not be forced to a finish.

2) Under revised guidelines we may no longer officially list the Thursday heat as a CAT C; however we will continue to have at least one coached game available at that time.

Heat I Monday Duchess of Richmond's Ball CAT A: Normal CAT A rules apply.

Heat II: Wednesday Austerlitz CAT A: Normal CAT A rules apply.

Heat III: Thursday Collingwood CAT B. For most players this will be a normal heat, however there will be one or perhaps two coached games for new players. If you wish to participate in a coached game please attend the demonstration also.

Rules: 2nd Edition Rules with the current FAQ will be the default. 1st Edition will only be acceptable if there are not enough 2nd Edition sets.

House Rules and Pacing: GMs will review the pace of the games throughout the tournament. Games are intended to finish within the time indicated; going beyond this will only be acceptable if all parties are in agreement. We will attempt to put those with the same preference in the same game but this is not guaranteed, as noted above the planned finish time will be the default.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Any game not finished by midnight will finish at the end of the current turn

Thursday: Any game not finished by 1800 will finish at the end of the current turn

From precedent this suggests that games with a time limit will go to three turns, with the extra hour now allotted, possibly four.

Balancing/Setup changes: There are no plans to make any changes for this year, however I am collecting data for future consideration.

Side determination and drawing: Draws and side allocation for Heats will be random. However players will stay with their own set and players will be grouped according to preference for finish time where possible. Cat-C players will also play separately.

Semifinals: Number and format of semifinals will be dependent on the total number of players and the winners from the heats. No more than half the field may advance to the semis. Possible formats for the semis and Final include:

Semis: 4 x 4 player Final: 4 player
Semis: 5 x 4 player Final: 5 player
Semis: 5 x 5 player Final: 5 player

Tie-breakers and place assignment will be as follows:
3 wins + overall VP count
2 wins + overall VP count
1 win + overall VP count
3 second place + overall VP count
2 second place + overall VP count
1 second place + overall VP count
Any wild cards by GM specific trivia challenge

Second place in a 3-player game, if any take place, will not count towards advancement. Win or 2nd place in a game you are coaching still counts, but at 0 VP. I have been mildly concerned that players have been playing for runner-up status given its use as a tiebreak, however the other obvious candidate is VP count and as games may not go the distance and occasionally we receive result cards without a VP total that may not be appropriate. However we will keep this under review.

The format decision for semis and Final will be taken on Thursday night, because of possible no-shows it is possible there may will be some wild card assignments. We will try to avoid 4-player games in the semis and Final where possible

Final: Winners of semis proceed; side pick in the Final will be based on performance in the semis. Semifinal performance will decide places for those not in the Final. Ties will be broken on inverse seeding (so 2VP with a third pick is better than 2VP with a second pick)

A selection of random stuff picked up in my travels. Currently I have Moroccan Monopoly and I will be visiting Stratfield Saye (Wellington's House) before WBC.

 GM      Gareth Williams  [4th Year]  NA   NA

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