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Updated April 22, 2015

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 Ballroom B Marietta Wheatland Terrace 5

Keith Boone, MD

2014 Champion

2nd: Ewan McNay, NY

3rd: Andrew George, NY

4th: Alex Henning, PA

 5th: Craig Trader, VA

 6th: David Meyaard, NY
Event History
1999     Daniel Lawall      40
2000     Bradley Johnson      41
2001     Jeff Ribeiro      44
2002     Jeff Cornett      42
2003     Bradley Johnson      71
2004      Bradley Johnson      61
2005      Bill Dyer      65
2006      Bradley Johnson      56
2007      Scott Buckwalter      66
2008      Bradley Johnson      68
2009      Bradley Johnson      65
2010     Alex Henning      63
2011     Bradley Johnson      72
2012     Chris Gnech      67
2013     Mark Geary      94
2014     Keith Boone      99

Marc Houde, VA
2015 GM

1 Top Six GM



AFL-CIO it ain't ...

It's a slow day at the widget factory, so the central race computer has prepared a RoboRally tournament for the factory computers. You can be one of those computers. Navigate your robot across conveyor belts, over gears, and past pushers in your effort to be the first to touch all the checkpoints. But watch out for the other robots, not only are they trying to beat you to the checkpoints, but they might even try to push you off course. And don't forget the lasers mounted throughout the factory, and on each of the other robots too. Easy to learn, hard to master. Beginners welcome but only if you've read the rules, played previously, or attended the scheduled demo in Paradise Terrace. Those who are only familiar with the new Hasbro Edition
should attend the demo session to learn the differences.

Two of the heats will use 2-board, 3-flag setups that will be pre-determined. As discussed at the 2013 tournament there will be one wacky heat (This will be whatever heat falls on Wednesday, or the first heat if we are not scheduled for Wednesday) which will use a variation on the rules. This year it will be DeathRace 2014 with a single board with four flags in close proximity and only two lives per player. Winner is the first to finish, or the last standing.

Heats: Winners Only (HWO): Only the winners from each heat advance to Round 2. No alternates advance. EVERY winner of a game advances. There is no limit on the number of winners that can be accommodated. Runners-up do not qualify even if the person who finished first in that game has won a previous heat or chooses not to advance.

Rulings of note:
1) We will be mostly using the original Wizards of the Coast rules which are different from the current Avalon Hill rules. If you have not played with these rules you will need to attend the demonstration session.
2) A robot may spend a turn offboard after being killed to come back at full strength.
3) The robotic arm does update your archive if used to touch a checkpoint - this is not optional
4) You turn in a robot head counter to get another life, so if you have three head counters you actually have four lives including the one you are currently using. (so for Deathrace 2015 you will get one head)
5) When entering/re-entering the board you may select your facing after seeing your cards.

Advice for beginners: Don't stop for options (unless it gets you closer to the checkpoint), and don't be afraid to shutdown, especially when those registers get locked, but don't overdo it, you do have at least three lives. And remember to update your archive point as often as possible. If you do die, you want to come back as close to the next checkpoint as possible.

 We will once again award the Kaarin Engelmann Memorial Crash & Burn Award certificate & playing aid to a "special" player in each heat/round except the deathmatch heat.

 GM      Marc F. Houde  [17th Year]   113 Lee St, Front Royal, VA 22630     NA

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