settlers of catan

Updated 4/20/2014

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   Ballroom B       Terrace 3

Julie Ehlers, NJ

2013 Champion

2nd: Natasha Metzger, NY

3rd: John Min, NJ

4th: Doug Faust, NY

5th: Thomas Strock, PA

6th: Carolyn Strock, PA
Event History
1999    Brad Johnson       94
2000   David Platnick    175
2001   Craig O’Brien      93
2002   David Buchholz    102
2003    Charlie Faella    131
2004    Aran Warszawski    110
2005    Rob Effinger    100
2006    Roy Gibson    102
2007   Tom Stokes    132
2008    Matt Tolman    113
2009    Rick Dutton    113
2010   Rob Kircher    112
2011    Andrew Arconti    138
2012   Jeremy Osteen    116
2013   Julie Ehlers    123

Rich Shipley, MD
2014 GM



Spiel das Jahre 1995 …

The most recent US edition of the rules (Mayfair 4th Edition) will be used in the tournament. All games will use the standard variable setup. The current setup instructions and rules clarifications will be provided to each table.

There are three preliminary rounds, the results of which qualify 16 players for a single-elimination semifinal leading to a 4-player Final. Please check in with the GM prior to each round you play. Arrive early if possible and bring a game if you have one. Tables will be randomly assigned for the three preliminary rounds. Let the GM know if you are seated with a teammate in your team game.

Please complete the tournament scoresheet with your name and badge when you have time during the game. Game winners are responsible for turning in a completed table scoresheet to the GM when the game is over. Any games not finished by 15 minutes prior to the start of the next round will be halted at the end of the 4th player’s turn and adjudicated as finished by the GM. Any ties for first place will be resolved in reverse player order by the GM.

Advancing to the semifinal games will be determined by most wins, then most second places, then the total points scored in games. Any ties will be resolved by a GM’s die roll. Players will be placed at tables by their rank:

Table 1—#1,8,9,16
Table 2—#2,7,10,15
Table 3- #3,6,11,14
Table 4- #4,5,12,13

Semifinal winners advance to the Final. Ties for places other than first in the Final are resolved by the ranking coming into the semifinals. Fifth and sixth place are determined by the highest runner-up scores in the semifinals, then by ranking coming into the semifinals.

 Tim Mossman will also offer a Juniors tournament in Vistas CD for those 12 and under Tuesday at 6 PM. See
 GM     Rich Shipley [1st Year]   NA    NA

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