twilight struggle

Updated 4/16/2013

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  Lampeter         Terrace 2

Riku Riekkinen, fi

2012 Champion

2nd: Chris Withers, CA

3rd: Paul Sampson, OH

4th: M. Pare-Paquin, qc

5th: Randy Pippus, on

6th: David Amidon, PA
Event History
2006    Stefan MeCay    70
2007     Stefan MeCay    66
2008     Stefan MeCay    54
2009     Chris Withers    66
2010    Stefan MeCay    57
2011    Stefan MeCay    55
2012    Riku Riekkinen    64

George Young, VT
2013 GM



first in space ...

Twilight Struggle is back for another year. Deluxe edition will be used as the default; the FAQ, Q&A, and a list of the changes from 1st to 2nd edition can all be found at, in the Twilight Struggle folder, and on the Boardgame Geek. A list of card changes from 1st to 2nd edition is in the same locations (and included in the FAQ). Players should check the same two locations for changes to the deluxe edition. Incomplete games will use final scoring rules.

If necessary to accommodate even numbers in the next round, a player will get a bye. Past champion gets the first bye. After that, byes will be determined randomly.

Balancing rules will be in effect. We will use the Chinese Civil War option from the deluxe set as the default. No optional cards unless both players decide to do so (NOTE that the revised Ames from Deluxe is not an optional card, but part of the basic card set). Players that do not have the Chinese Civil War variant and do not know it may play 2nd edition rules instead. In either case, players may bid PCs for sides. Both players roll a die. The high roller gets the first bid or side preference (no minimum). From there, simple auction bidding with the high bid taking the preferred side. Losing bidder then receives the amount of the bid in additional influence, placed after all other setup is complete, and only in countries where the player already has influence. Over-control is permitted with the influence placement from the bid.
A list of the card changes from 1st to 2nd edition can be seen at:

 GM      George Young  [5th Year]   NA    802-578-3774 

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