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  Ballroom B  

Jeremy Spencer, NC

2006 Champion

2nd: Peter Putnam, MD

3rd: Rod Spade, PA

4th: Christine Frattali, WA

5th: Ken Rothstein, NY

6th: Tom Browne, PA
Event History
2006    Jeremy Spencer    72

Jeff Finkeldey, OH

2007 GM

AREA Boardgamegeek Laurels
AREA  Laurels

Calling All Master Builders...

One of the deeper Euros on the market, Caylus returns for a second engagement at WBC.  The lure of the game for me is in its minimal luck and multiple viable strategies.  This year’s tournament will feature two heats.

Tournament Rules:
The 2nd edition rules will be used ( Also note the publisher’s FAQ at The Jeweler bonus tile will not be used during the tournament.

Each heat will use 4-player games to the maximum extent possible. Odd numbers will be placed into 5-player games. The heats last three hours. A half-hour before the heat ends, the GM will issue a warning to all games in progress. At 15 minutes before the end of the heat each table will be instructed to finish the current turn. The tower scoring and end of game scoring will then be conducted and a winner determined.

25 players will advance to the 5-player semi-finals. Qualifying for the semi-final will again use the standardized WBC MESE tiebreakers. The qualifiers are in order:

Win in first Heat entered
Most Wins
Win in second Heat entered
Win in third Heat entered (not applicable)
Average finish in heats entered; e.g., a 1st and a 4th = 2.5 and beats two 3rds (average: 3)
High dice roll

The 5-player Final will be played at the scheduled time unless the finalists unanimously agree to play at another time prior to Sunday at noon. The GM reserves the right to enforce the scheduled time for the Final if in his sole opinion undue pressure is being made on a finalist to accept an undesirable time.

Ties will be broken by the player’s turn order at the end of the game. So the player who would have gone first in the next turn has the highest tiebreaker, the second player the next highest, etc. The game winner is responsible for turning in the summary card with the information completed at the end of each round.

A designated assistant GM will be named before each round begins.

 GM      Jeff Finkeldey  [1st Year]   NA   NA
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