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Bruce Reiff, OH

2006 Champion

2nd: John Shahen, MA

3rd: Davyd Field, SC

4th: Ken Gutermuth, TX

5th: Kevin Brown, GA

6th: Richard Meyer, MA
Event History
1994      Dave Walrath      29
1995      Bruce Reiff      45
1996      Tom Pavy      43
1997      Dave Metzger      65
1998      Kevin Wojtaszczyk      61
1999     John Coussis     71
2000     Adam Gugliemini     74
2001     Dennis Nicholson     72
2002     Terry Coleman     86
2003     Ken Gutermuth     80
2004     Devin Flawd     75
2005     Nate Hoam     54
2006      Bruce Reiff     67

Bruce Monnin, OH

2007 GM

GM of the Year 1998

Two Top Six GM Nominations


Lancaster makes PGA Tour

That’s Poor Golfer’s Association … Come to either get all those bad dice rolls out of your system before the rest of the week, or hope to ride your current wave of die roll luck to become the Tiger Woods of the WBC. 
The Thursday late night die rolling tradition lives on. This year’s event will follow last year’s format which shortened the tournament but hopefully increased the drama and intensity. All players will play the first 18 holes on the newly lengthened 2002 Augusta National course, using the long MI tee on hole #12. 
All golfers used this year will be from 2003, 2004 and 2005 golfer cards.  That means there will be three Tiger Woods cards in play this year, plus many other golfers fans of the sport may recognize over the the old time legends of the original game.
The four lowest scores will be matched for a skins game final on the first 12 holes of the Lancaster Host Golf Resort (the course found on the grounds of the Lancaster Host, site of the World Boardgaming Championships).  
Any ties for determining the four Skins game players will be resolved using a sudden death playoff beginning on the back nine of Pebble Beach. 
If the Skins Game is tied after 12 holes, sudden death will be played between the tied players only starting on hole #13 at the Lancaster Host Golf Resort.
ALL players will be required to use courses provided by the GM.
First edition rules will be used, which means we are not using the Trouble or Gambling rules, nor will the roll of doubles allow players to ignore parenthesized negative modifiers to shots as in the second edition.
Even if you don’t compete in the tournament or advance past the preliminary round, you might want to hang around to observe the Skins game final. It’s played with big foam dice that can be viewed by all in the theater setting of the Hopewell room. A commentator will even be providing a shot by shot account over the PA system. Spectators have more fun than the participants since they don’t have the pressure of halving the hole to keep their plaque hopes alive. And last year we had birthday cake!
See for more details on this event.

 GM      Bruce Monnin  [5th Year]   177 South Lincoln St, Minster, OH 45865-1240   NA
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