tigers in the mist

   18   19    9    14    19

   Ballroom A     Paradise Terrace, Table #3

Ray Freeman, CA

2006 Champion

2nd: Jim Winslow, ME

3rd: Mike Mishler, CA

4th: Brad Jones, FL

5th: Tom Thornsen, NY

6th: Rick Sciacca, FL
Event History
2000     Ray Freeman     16
2001     Robert Mull     19
2002     Rick Young     14
2003     Ray Freeman     16
2004      Tom Thornsen     17
2005      Tom Thornsen     18
2006      Ray Freeman     17

Ray Freeman, CA

2007 GM

the Game’s Designer


Beat the Designer at his own Game …

ROUNDS: There will be four rounds if 16 or less players, five rounds if more than 16 (four rounds likely). 1st tiebreak is head to head. 2nd tiebreak is modified Solkoff system (sum of opponents scores divided by number of games they played).

TIME LIMITS: 5 hours per round. Games in progress will be adjudicated beginning 15 minutes prior to the start of the next round.

CLASS: Beginners welcome. Demo Tuesday night.

FORMAT: Swiss (You can not be eliminated) You can drop in or out at any time. However, please notify me at least 1/2 hour prior to the start of the next round that you will be dropping out or coming into the event. Winners in a round score 1 point. Losers 0 points. Draws score 1/2 point for each side.

CONTINOUS STYLE: Rounds are continued with breaks only for pairing purposes until ended. Final round may be played any time on Thursday or Friday by arrangement with opponent and GM.

SCENARIO: 5th Panzer Army Scenario, modified as follows: A Draw is 11 VP, instead of 10-12 VP. 10.5 is a US win. 11.5 a German win. See below. There are some minor changes to the scenario which were put into effect at WBC 2003. E-mail GM for details.

SIDE DETERMINATION: Any method that both players agree on may be used. However, the official default method is hidden choice of sides. If both players want the same side, roll a die. High DR gets first verbal bid for the preferred side. You may bid in 0.5 VP (or greater) increments, and you may open the bidding at 0. The final bid is the number added or subtracted from the final VP count. Alternate bid system using US Artillery DRMs may also be used.

HANDOUTS: Errata will be handed out at the event. However, generally it is posted in the Individual Boardgame/TITM folder on Consimworld or on the GMT web site. If you wish to get the errata in advance, e-mail me or send me an SASE.

Medalists (plaque winners) will receive merchandise credits of $15 for 1st place, $10 for second place and $5 for third place courtesy of GMT. The GM will award the winner and runner-up Tigers T-Shirts!

 GM      Ray Freeman  [6th Year]   1422 Peralta Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702
    Rayfreeman3@comcast.net   NA
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