saint petersburg [Updated April 2008]

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  Marietta  Paradise Terrace, Table #1

Chris Robbins, UT

2007 Champion

2nd: Joe Harrison, KY

3rd: Gordon Rodgers, PA

4th: Mike Hazel, SC

5th: Anne Norton, NJ

6th: Daniel Eppolito, CA
Event History
2005    Arthur Field    123
2006     Anne Norton    106
2007     Chris Robbins    114

Steven Quade, MD

2008 GM



Building Blocks of the Czar ...

This Hans Im Gluck game by Michael Tummelhofer has been brought to us in an English edition by Rio Grande Games. Saint Petersburg makes its third showing, after two years with 100+ entrants.

In this game each round consists of four phases. During each phase new cards of that color (green, blue, orange, all three) become available for purchase and will score only at the end of phases of that color. Some cards generate rubles (green and orange cards), some generate victory points (blue and some orange cards). The fourth phase reveals upgrade cards which may be used to replace cards for better payouts later. The game end is triggered when one of the draw piles is exhausted, which usually takes between five and nine rounds. Play continues through the fourth phase. Then end of game bonus points are awarded for leftover rubles and the number of different orange cards played. The most points wins. It is a challenging game of resource management that should take about 90 minutes to play.

Game tie breakers for a win:
1. money left over
2. number of orange people
If still a tie then all involved in tie are considered winners for highest place tied.

Please attend the demo session or contact the GM if you need to learn the game or if you have a rules question. Four-player games will be the norm, with as few three-player games as possible. After the four first round heats, 16 players will advance to the semi-final of four 4-player games. Winners of the four semi-final games will advance to the Final. Qualification for advancement to the semi-final round will follow these guidelines as per the standard WBC HMW tie-breakers:

1. Most Wins
2. Win in first Heat entered
3. Win in second Heat entered, then third, then fourth
4. Best single win (winner's % of total points scored)
5. Average finish in all heats entered
6. Highest die roll

Please bring a copy of the game if you have one!

 GM      Steven Quade  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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