through the ages [Updated April 2009]

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  Marietta   Ballroom B  

Jason Ley, WA

2008 Champion

2nd: David Metzger, NY

3rd: Eric Brosius, MA

4th: Raphael Lehrer, MD

5th: David des Jardins, CA

6th: Aran Warsawski, IS
Event History
2008    Jason Ley    39

Raphael Lehrer, MA

2009 GM



Civilization: The Card Game ...

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization (originally titled Civilization: The Card Game) is a civilization-building game that plays in a much shorter time frame than classical games of the genre (though it remains longer than the typical Euro). Originally published in a small print run by Czech Board Games in 2007, many people were unable to play it until a recent reprint by FRED Distribution. It is currently (Feb 09) ranked at #7 in Boardgamegeek.

Play in Through the Ages is free to Tribune level members. All others must be registered for the Time Machine Pre-con to participate.


AGE will be run as a tournament with 2 heats. For the heats, the default will be three-player games, with two-player games as necessary. Players will be paired at random in both heats, except that players who played in a 2-player game in the 1st heat will be preferentially placed into 3-player games in the main first round. The format will be Heats Most Wins with a GM-specific tiebreaker. Players are asked to bring copies of the game to ensure that there will be enough for all to play.

Because AGE is classified as a "B" event this year, newcomers must attend one of the demos if they expect to be taught how to play. There will be a 1-hour demo in advance of the 1st heat. No such instruction will be available during the event itself.

Rules for Advancement: the structure of the semi-finals and Final will depend upon the number of winners of first-round games present at the semi-finals. Some alternates may be allowed to advance to fill the tables to the appropriate numbers as shown below:

* With 4 or fewer winners, the semi-finals will be cancelled and the winners will proceed directly to a Final.
* With 5-6 winners, the semi-finals will consist of two 3-player games. The two winners plus the best second-place finisher in the semis will advance to a 3-player Final.
* With 7-9 winners, the semi-finals will consist of three 3-player games, with the winners advancing to a 3-player Final.
* With 10-12 winners, the semi-finals will consist of four 3-player games, with the winners advancing to a 4-player Final.
* With more than 12 winners, the top 12 will be selected.

Tiebreakers in the event that there are more than 12 winners, or in the event that alternates are required will be:

1. Most Wins - double winners
2. Win in a 3-player game (vs. a 2-player game)
3. Win in first Heat entered;
4. Two second place finishes in 3-player games
5. One second place finish in a 3-player game
6. Percentage of the winner's score in best 2nd place game
7. Brought a copy of the game; and
8. Coin flip.

Tiebreakers in Individual Games: Ties will be broken by player order (e.g., start player wins ties.)

 GM      Raphael Lehrer  [2nd Year]   5A Chalk St, Cambrdge, MA 02139   NA

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