power grid [Updated April 2009]

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Eric Brosius, MA

2008 Champion

2nd: Bill Murdock, NY

3rd: Jim Castonguay, PA

4th: Barb Flaxington, NJ

5th: Ian Miller, MA

6th: Phil Shea, FL
Event History
2004    Eric Brosius      84
2005     Jim Castonguay      94
2006    Jim Castonguay      79
2007     Patrick Shea    121
2008     Eric Brosius    123

Jim Castonguay, PA

2009 GM



new and improved Funkenschlag ...

Power Grid will be played per the printed rules from Rio Grande Games.

2F's FAQ is located here: http://www.2f-spiele.de/spiele/faq/faq_frames_eng.htm

Setup: 5-player games use five of the six board regions and 4-player use four of the six. These are selected by each player in player order (randomly determined). There is some bad wording in the rulebook and here is how it shall be handled: each player in turn order selects a region they want to be "in play"; you can select any region with the caveat that all regions must be able to be connected when the last player selects.

Example: 5-player game on the Italy board. P1 choose the brown boot section, P2 selects the Green northern region, P3/P4/P5 must choose Yellow, Red, and Purple. This will help speed setup for some boards.

Map choice per heat:

Heat 1 Germany or France Maps may be used. 
Heat 2 U.S. or Central Europe may be used.
Heat 3 Italy or Benelux may be used. 

The semi-final will be played on Italy, and the Final will be played on Korea.

We will use 5-player games by preference, resorting to 4-player games if necessary based on the number of players and boards available. Up to 25 players will advance to the semi-final using non-winners to fill the tables as necessary; as per the WBC rules governing MESE events.

Format: HMW/G

Players will earn points in each heat they play in based upon their finish position as follows:

1. 10 Points
2. 4  Points
3. 2  Points
4. 1  Points
5. 0  Points

Qualifiers will be taken from most points to least points. Your highest point value heat will determine ties; with the highest taking precedence. I.e. If Player A had 1 win and Player B had 2 seconds and 1 third (both total 10 points) then Player A would qualify ahead of Player B. In the event of further tie then high die roll will prevail.

Since Power Grid is played as a 5-player game and 4-player only if necessary the above points will be used for 5-player games. For 4-player games the points are as follows: First = 10 points / Second = 4 Points / Third = 1 Point / Fourth = Zero Points

This system alleviates a player having to win in their first heat entered; a win is a win and should count the same no matter which heat it is. Points are heavily weighted to first place, so much that a win is worth two and a half times as many points as second place.

It is also a flexible system especially for some games where a player's starting place gives advantages or disadvantages, Puerto Rico or Princes of Florence for example; in games like that a GM could add, or subtract, points based on starting positions if wanted.

Up to 25 players will advance to the semi-final using non-winners to fill the tables as necessary.

Winner: Supply electricity to the most cities.
Tie Breakers as stated by Rio Grande:
1. Most Money.
2. Most Cities.
3. Biggest/Highest power plant number (added by GM)

Event Sheet: In order for a game to count an event form must be accurately completed recording ALL pertinent info. Event form(s) will be handed out by the GM before play begins.

 GM      Jim Castonguay [2nd Year]   NA  
   tamerlayne@yahoo.com   NA

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