Bat. of American Revolution [Updated April 2009]

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   Lampeter    Conestoga 3    Terrace, Table #1

Mark Miklos, GA

2008 Champion

2nd: Dale Long, NJ

3rd: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

4th: David Stiffler, VA

5th: Rob McCracken, DE

6th: John Vasilakos, VA
Event History
1999    Mark Miklos     22
2000    Cliff Hansen     12
2001    Volko Ruhnke     16
2002    John Vasilakos     19
2003    Mark Miklos     23
2004     Mark Miklos     26
2005    Mark Miklos     28
2006     Andy Maly     20
2007     Dale Long     34
2008    Mark Miklos     24

Rob McCracken, DE

2009 GM



GMT's American Revolutionary War Series

Event Description

In this event, formerly known as Saratoga, five battles will be fought: Eutaw Springs (Historical Scenario), Brandywine Creek (Knypausens Feint Scenario), Monmouth Courthouse (Washington's Stand Scenario), Saratoga (2nd edition rules), and Savannah (3-player version). NOTE: There will not be a defeault scenario used in lieu of any of these scenario choices. To win the tournament, you must play each of the named scenarios en route to victory.

Format: Single Elimination

Mulligan: Eutaw Springs
Round 1: Eutaw Springs
Round 2: Brandywine Creek
Round 3: Monmouoth Courthouse
Round 4: Saratoga
Final: Savannah

First Round: By AREA rating , followed by Laurels, followed by random.

Subsequent Rounds:
By Tournament Points as follows.
Decisive Winner +4, Loser -2
Substantial Winner +3, Loser -1
Marginal Winner +2, Loser 0
Draw Winner +1, Loser +1

Important Note: This is an exception to Eutaw Springs Exclusive Rule 2.4 where it states, "In tournament play, a draw will be considered a double defeat."

Ties will be resolved as follows.
1st Cumulative Army Morale Point Differential
2nd Cumulative Victory Point Differential
3rd Die Roll

Side Determination:
By mutual agreement or bid. Bids will be for Army Morale Points, in whole numbers, and a bid of 0 is allowed.

Players will bid the amount of AMPs they will surrender from their At-Start AM total for the side they prefer. In the event of a tie, bid again. If after three bids the tie is unbroken, and players cannot agree, roll a die. High roll has choice of sides.

If a bye is necessary it will be awarded to the most recent past champion. After all past champions have received a bye, the advancing player with the best record in the immediately preceding round will receive one. No individual can receive more than one bye.

A bye will be scored as a marginal victory and the player receiving the bye will be awarded +2 Tournament Points.

Time Frame:
Play will be continuous.
Eutaw Springs will be allowed two hours. Brandywine, Monmouth & Saratoga will be allowed three hours each. Savannah will be allowed six hours.

A 15-minute set-up time will be allowed at the start of each round.
The GM and his two Assistants will adjudicate games that run long.
Winners of adjudicated games will be determined by a comparison of Victory Points at the moment play is suspended. The player with the higher Army Morale total will be awarded an additional VP for purposes of evaluating the situation. In case of a tie, the GMs will assess the tactical situation and vote with majority rule.

Finalists and GM may agree on an alternate starting time by mutual consent.

Special Rules:
All advanced rules will be used in each game.

In Saratoga:
Optional Fog Rules will be used. The GM will roll a common die for fog to be used by all players. 2nd edition rules will be used. British Limited Intelligence rules will be used.

In Eutaw Springs:
A draw will not be treated as a double-defeat. The "Historical" scenario will be used.

In Savannah:
The game will be played 3-handed. The individual winner (most VPs at end-game) will be the tournament champion. The next most VPs will finish 2nd and the remaining player will finish 3rd in the tournament.

In Brandywine:
The "Knyphausen's Feint" scenario will be used with the following deployment sequence. Both sides place units with designated starting hexes. British set up remaining artillery. Americans set up remaining artillery. British set up the rest of their forces. Americans set up the rest of their forces. The American player will be allowed two additional units not included in the original scenario manifest: The Rhode Island and the Continental artillery, each in their printed setup hexes.

In Monmouth: The "Washington\'s Stand" scenario will be used.

All games will use published replacement counters wherever possible, or players will modify counter values accordingly.

Medalists (plaque winners) will receive merchandise credits courtesy of GMT.

 GM      Rob McCracken  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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