settlers of catan [Updated April 2009]

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Matt Tolman, UT

2008 Champion

2nd: Tom Dunning, NY

3rd: Harald Henning, CT

4th: Mikkel Christensen, DK

5th: Sue Lanham, MD

6th: Nick Henning, CT
Event History
1999    Brad Johnson       94
2000   David Platnick    175
2001   Craig O'Brien      93
2002   David Buchholz    102
2003    Charlie Faella    131
2004    Aran Warszawski    110
2005    Rob Effinger    100
2006    Roy Gibson    102
2007   Tom Stokes    132
2008    Matt Tolman    113

Joseph Maiz, NJ

2009 GM


AREA Boardgamegeek Laurels

Spiel das Jahre 1995 ...

Settlers of Catan - The game that was a key factor in the Eurocraze in America continues its run at the WBC. This year's format will be similar to recent versions used at the WBC

The basic tournament format is a three-round Swiss preliminary session to qualify 16 for a single elimination playoff where winners advance to the Final table. All games will be consecutive, including the playoffs and Final, so plan for a full day. Players achieve tournament points based on finishing position and bonus points based on the strength of victory. Seating will be random and you will earn 5 points for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th.

Die Siedler von Catan (published in Germany by Kosmos) won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) prize in 1995. The Settlers of Catan (published in the US by Mayfair) won the 1996 Board Game Award. Both versions will be allowed for play in the tournament, but the card distribution of the Kosmos version will be used. The settlements begin Saturday morning at 9AM!


GETTING STARTED: There is no sign-up sheet for this event. Players with games at the event will check in with the GM and be given a table number to be set up at designated tables, thus a guaranteed seat - so bring your copies! The remaining players will select a card with a random table number on it and go to that table. Your card is your voucher to play; please do not mark or write on them as they will be re-used and collected during the game. Expect to play the 4-player version of the game with no expansions. If there are not enough players for a 4-player game, tables will be split to get the most-per-table with a 3-player minimum per game, as per the GMs direction.

Once at a table, sign the check in sheet that we will provide --please spell your name and relevant info. Once the game is finished, place scores on the sheet and return to the GM/Assistant GM. Scores will be entered into an excel sheet and can be viewed by all for current score status.

Games are scheduled to be played for 1hr 45min. Time will begin when your table has been seated; A general 'time check' will be announced at the 1hr mark, 30 min mark, 10 min mark and 1 min mark. All games will finish at the time when called. Scores will be calculated and returned if there are games remaining


1) Determine who is first (Highest Roll on 2D6); Play starts from that player (player 1) and goes clockwise.

2) Player 1 places a Settlement/Road, then player 2 does the same; this continues from player 1 to 4. (As per the rules)

3) Player 4 places a settlement/road, then places a City/Road (via a settlement/road as per the rules) and collects the resources from the adjacent tiles from that location (yes, two per tile). Placement is now reversed for the second phase of placements.

4) Once coming back to player 1, each player then places a third road, going from player 1 to player 4.

5) Player 1 starts his/her turn as normal.

WINNING THE GAME: The first player to reach 10 or more points wins, instantly.

WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR GAME: The rest of the information on the scoresheet should be completed at the end of play. The scoresheet will be used to track results and to compile statistics on the game.

All information, particularly players' names, badge numbers and final positions, should be LEGIBLE so that the appropriate result will be entered. Feel free to add any comments about the game on the back, and return completed scoresheets to the box labeled "Scoresheets" near the event kiosk. This is the only way you will receive credit for playing in the tournament. Games should be completed in two hours or less. If a game is running long, then players will be asked (usually with no less than 15 minutes before the end of the two-hour round) to complete one more turn and simply add up the scores as if the game had finished, regardless of the board position.

TOURNAMENT SCORING: The tournament format has players "settling" in three preliminary games. Each of these games earns the players Tournament points. Points are awarded based on placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (5, 3, 2, and 1 points, respectively). The 16 highest scoring settlers at the end of the three rounds advance to the semi-finals.(EX: Player Bob has 2 first place wins and a third place finish - he would have 12 tournament points, plus the total win margin, as his tournament score)

The top 16 players will be advanced; Typically, you would need at least two wins to advance. Playoff players will be designated 1-16, with 17-20 as alternatie and based on the following:

1) Top overall score (15 being max)

2) Most 1st place wins

3) Win in game 1

4) Win in game 2

5) Win in game 3

6) Top winning margin (Ex: a game ends 10-7-7-6, thus the winner has a +3 margin; All margins are added up)

7) Highest dice roll -- 2D6

 Ayree Rice will also offer a Juniors tournament in the Heritage room for those 12 and under. See
 GM      Joseph Maiz [1st Year]   NA    856-278-4095

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