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   Ballroom B 

Tom Browne, PA

2008 Champion

2nd: Eric Freeman, PA

3rd: Jason Levine, NY

4th: Debbie Gutermuth, NC

5th: Jeff Mullet, OH

6th: Eric Brosius, MA
Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet     123
2005    Bill Salvatore       48
2006     Bruce Reiff       43
2007    Peter Stein       42
2008     Tom Browne       44

Jeff Mullet, OH

2009 GM


AREA Boardgamegeek Laurels 

Return to Puerto Rico! ... Two-Player Format

Puerto Rico's golden age returns. Through you and this card game sequel! Players travel now to the capital city of this beautiful island. Who will build the most important buildings? Players build palaces, poor houses, silver smelters, gold mines, and many others - each with its own special features. The cleverest player will build best and win!

As with the boardgame, players choose roles which can help all players, but the choosing player gets a special privilege with the role chosen. Players build buildings, produce and sell goods, and so on. The game is based on Puerto Rico, but is different enough to give players new challenges and opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

Games will be 2-, not 4-player, making it imperative that players bring a copy of the game if they wish to play. If games are in short supply, and they almost certainly will be, priority will be given to those bringing a copy of the game.

The first round will consist of four preliminary games starting at 10 AM with players matched by their records in true swiss fashion. After the swiss portion, those with at least three wins will qualify for Round 2 and continue to Single Elimination play.

We will be using the optional rule wherein the first player starts with five cards and the second player starts with six cards. Both players will then discard down to four cards.

 GM      Jeff Mullet [3rd Year]   NA   NA

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