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Doug Smith, PA

2006-08 Champion

2nd: Dan Dolan Jr, NJ

3rd: Rob Seulowitz, NY

4th: Ahmet Ilpars, TU

5th: Francis Czawlytko, MD

6th: Craig Melton, VA
Event History
1998    Doug Smith      32
1999    Jim Gutt     16
2000    Jim Gutt     16
2001     Robert Seulowitz     17
2002     Robert Seulowitz      16
2003      Doug Smith      18
2004      Henry Rice      17
2005      Ross Jones      18
2006      Doug Smith      24
2007      Doug Smith      22
2008      Doug Smith      12

Robert Seulowitz, NY

2009 GM


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Alexander is dead ­ hail to his Successor!

We are pleased to announce that "Successors" returns to the WBC in 2009 with the new and improved GMT edition as our official version! If you are an experienced player, you will find that there are a number of important changes, including a large number of new cards.  Fortunately, the rules are available online, and I strongly recommend that all players read and familiarize themselves with the rules before the event.  Earlier versions of the game will not be suitable for use, so we encourage players to bring a copy of the new edition (one or two extra copies may be available).

Rounds of Play

Heat one (Mulligan Round):

  • All winners qualify for advancement to Semifinals
  • Other players may play again in Heat 2 at no penalty

Heat Two (Qualifying Round):

  • Heat 1 winners may be asked not play (unless required by GM to balance tables to 4 players each)
  • All Heat 2 winners qualify for Semifinals

In all cases, for players who play in both rounds, only their one highest-ranked game will be used to establishing RANKING.


Depending on the number of Qualified Winners, highest ranking qualifiers may get a "bye" for the Semi-Final and qualify automatically for the Final Game. Only table winners in the Semifinals will Qualify for the Finals. However, to ensure balanced tables of 4 players per game, non-winner "Alternates" may be able to play in both the Semis and, if circumstances demand, in the actual Final.  Alternates cannot make up more than one-third of the players in the Semi-Final round. In the event that there are fewer than five Qualifiers after two rounds, no Semifinal will be played. If fewer than eight players (Qualified Winners plus Alternates)  are available for the Semifinal round, the top three ranked Qualifiers becomes Auto-Finalists and only one Semifinal table will play. If fewer than 12 players are available for the Semifinal round, the top two ranked Qualifier becomes an Auto-Finalist and only two Semifinal tables will play.


Game Winners will be ranked as follows:

  1. Most VP on Turn 5 (thus rewarding players at the toughest tables).
  2. Automatic Victory (Either via Legitimacy or VP) – Please note that in the revised edition, either form of Automatic Victory will end the game immediately – there is no continuation of the round to try to roll the player back.
  3. Regency Victory (that is, Possession of Crowned Heir at the end of Turn 3 or Turn 4.)
  4. Adjudication.

Additional ranking within these categories will be published prior to the event.


Players who do not qualify for the Semifinals through Victory will be ranked according to the following Criteria:

  1. Total L + VP at game end (highest value)
  2. Total VP at game end (highest value)
  3. Percentage of VP (excluding L) as a total of the entire game (highest value)

Game Tie-Breakers

The revised rules eliminate any possibility of ties (see 20.3).  Also please note that 21.4 now stipulates that the player controlling the Heir may NOT proclaim him to be King unless he/she would win the game, including resolving any ties in that player's favor.


Each round will last six hours, an adequate amount of time to finish a full game. Should time expire, the current round of card play will be completed and the game will be decided by adjudication. In the case of an adjudication the GM (or in the case of a conflict, an Assistant GM) shall adjudicate each finish position not just the winner based on the combination of VP and Legitimacy scores.  Decisions of the (Assistant) GM on adjudication are final and not subject to appeal.


Each table is required to fill out a results form, indicating player names, badge numbers, order of finish to include the total loyalty and victory points scored by each player at game end, and how the game ended (automatic victory, Heracles/Alex crowned, etc.). Results forms for each game are to be turned in by the winner to the GM and it is the responsibility of the winner to ensure completeness. Players are encouraged to check the results form and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure accuracy. Once a results form has been turned in and all players of a game have left the game area the results as listed are final.

Assistant GMs

At least two Assistant GMs will be appointed before the start of the event, at least one will be on hand for each Round of Play.

Rules Versions and Optional Rules

Copies of the Revised Version Rules (and at least two copies of the game) will be provided at the event, along with relevant FAQs, errata and other required materials. The only Optional Rule that will be used in the Preliminary Rounds is 23.1 ("Prestige for Defeating Independent Armies.")

In Semifinal and Final games, Optional Rule 23.5 ("Seleucus and Eumenes") will be used. Preset General pairings will NOT be employed this year – General draws will be random in Preliminary Rounds; in Semifinal and Final games, Reverse Draft can be used if ALL Players unanimously agree to do so, otherwise it will be random draw.

If Alexander’s Body is buried in Babylon, Susa or Ecbatana, the General (and his Faction) receive NO Legitimacy Points.  This WBC-only rule remains in effect as a part of the Great Tradition of Annoying Ross Jones. Reminder:  The Body MUST be buried in a Major City, and a General must be Present.  It is that General, and not the Faction as a whole, who receives the Legitimacy Bonus.

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Another link to the Revised Edition rules in PDF Format
FAQ and Errata for the Revised Edition
Last Year's Results

 GM      Robert Seulowitz  [4th Year]   26 Downer Ave., Scarsdale, NY 10583   NA

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