Updated 4/23/2010

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 Ballroom B   Cornwall   Terrace, Table #2

Arthur Field, SC

2009 Champion

2nd: Edward Fu, NY

3rd: John Fanjoy, VA

4th: Lee Nguyen, PA

5th: Andy Latto, MA

6th: John Ostrander, NY
Event History
2009    Arthur Field     236

Tom Browne, PA

2010 GM



sir shufflesalot abandons heats ...

To no one's surprise, after a successful showing as a trial event in 2009, Dominion returns to WBC as a Century Event. Dominion is a game of planning, strategy and reaction as players seek to develop the best deck of cards to take advantage of the various effects and synergies amongst a different set of cards each game.

Each action and purchase a player takes helps to determine their fortunes in future turns, so early decisions can be critical to long term success.

This year, Dominion returns with a completely new format to address some issues with last year's structure, as well as simplify the process so players have a better understanding of where they stand, and their chances of advancing.

Tournament Format:

In an effort to assure that there are enough copies of the game, only the base Dominion game will be used for the tournament (Intrigue, Seaside and promo cards will not be used!)

Dominion will be played in four single-elimination rounds - a single preliminary round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and Final.

Each round will consist of two complete games, and players will be required to complete both games in each round that they play. All tables will use the same set of action cards for each of their two games. The action cards for both games will be determined randomly by the GM just prior to the round in question.

Players will be assigned to tables randomly.

Turn order for the first game will be determined in the following manner:

1. Shuffle a copper, a silver, a gold and a province together for a 4-player game. For a 3-player game, use the copper, silver and gold.

2. Each player will draw a card at random.

3. Turn order will be as follows:

a.1st Player - Copper

b. 2nd Player - Silver

c. 3rd Player - Gold

d. 4th Player - Province

Turn order for the second game will be in reverse order of the first game.

The number of players advancing in each round will be determined by the number of players in the preliminary round, according to the following chart.

 # of Players/Preliminary




 40 or less




41 - 64




65 - 96




97 - 144




145 or more




Individual Game Position:

Finish position in an individual game will be determined using the following rules:

1. Highest Victory Points

2. Latest in Turn Order

For each game, players will receive "Advancement Points" based on their finish.

In a 4-player game, 1st is worth 5 APs, 2nd is worth 4 APs, 3rd is worth 2 APs, and 4th is worth 1 AP.

In a 3-player game, 1st is worth 5 APs, 2nd is worth 3 APs, and 3rd is worth 1 AP.

Advancement: Dominion is a single-elimination tournament, and advancement is based strictly on the results of the previous round. Advancement will be determined using the following rules:

1. Most Wins (two wins before one win before 0 wins)

2. Total Advancement Points in both games

3. Total Victory Points in both games

4. Brought a copy of the game

5. High die roll

Be aware that this means that multiple people from a single table can advance, while it is possible that a table will have no players advance. This means it will be important to check the tournament kiosk for the list of players who advanced, and top alternates.

 GM      Tom Browne  [2nd Year]   NA   NA 

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