enemy in sight

Updated 4/23/2010

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  Lampeter     Terrace, Table #7

Matthew Bacho, MD

2009 Champion

2nd: Gordon Rodgers, PA

3rd: Michael Ussery, MD

4th: Dan Gavrilovic, on

5th: Matt Evinger, PA

6th: Evan Hitchings, DE
Event History
1991    Winston Forrest      17
1992    John Kilbride      32
1993    Fred Gosnell      38
1994    Larry York      37
1995    Phil Thomas      49
1996    Fred Gosnell      36
1997    Tim Evinger      64
1998    Winston Forrest      59
1999    Gordon Rodgers     42
2000    Gordon Rodgers     42
2001    Thomas Wojke     55
2002    Michael Sincavage     42
2003    Matt Evinger     50
2004     Bill Peeck     30
2005    Wade Fowble     31
2006    Evan Hitchings     28
2007     Matt Evinger     32
2008     Robert Eastman     46
2009     Matthew Bacho     42

William Alderman, VA

2010 GM


  Laurels GM Site

introducing musical chairs to enemy in sight ...

After 17 years as GM of his own design, Neal Schlaffer took down the colors and handed command to Bill Alderman who has accepted the challenge and returned for his third engagement with a new format for this old favorite with the twin ambitious goals of increasing participation while reducing the player's overall time commitment. In years past, this event was always Single Elimination which recently meant only two rounds. However, because the game was always fought to a set number of points, the playing times could vary widely. Some games would finish in two hands while others would take four. This meant much downtime for those who finished early while waiting for the winner of the longer games to be determined. This year each heat will be played to the conclusion of two hands - regardless of points - so each round will end at approximately the same time and be considerably shorter.

This year Enemy in Sight will have three Heats, to 100 points or two hands (whichever comes first), and will have a three-hour time limit. In the event of a tie, the winner of each Heat will be determined by the following tie-breaker: 1. Most ships taken (sunk or prizes); 2. Then most prizes; and 3. The dreaded die roll.

Heats: Winners Only (HWO) - Only the winners from each heat advance to the Final. EVERY winner of a game may advance. There is no limit on the number of winners that can be accommodated. Those who come in second or worse may not advance, even if the person who won that game has won a previous heat or chooses not to advance. There will be no semi-final so as to reduce the time commitment of those needing to hit the road on Sunday. The Final will include all Heat Winners who appear. It will play to 100 points, regardless of the number of hands. However, to speed play and create tension, at the end of each hand, the player with the lowest score will be eliminated. In the case of a tie for lowest score, the tied player who had the last turn will be eliminated.

 GM      Bill Alderman  [3rd Year]   5 Baskin Court, Palmyra, VA 22963-3015 
    bill@teamwidget.com   434-409-8411

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