lord of the rings: the confrontation

Updated 4/23/2010

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  Heritage   Terrace, Table #3

Debut Event



GM: Jim Doughan, PA

a challenge to the graybeards from the rugrats ...

Apologies to Dan's World for stealing that headline. The younger set used to enjoy taking it to the old folks in crokinole but now that has gone away so Juniors GM Jim Doughan has decided to stir up trouble in another way. It's not enough he embarrasses grognards in Breakout Normandy ... he's determined to humiliate them further by challenging them to send forth a champion to do battle with his junior champ.

The kids have been playing this Reiner Kneizia Classic at WBC for years. Now it's your chance to see if you can outwit them! We'll play one round to get us to an an even field and then its Single Elimination from then on. If both players agree before hand they can play with Deluxe rules. Adult winner plays the children's champ for all the marbles! No sore losers!

The game is a quick playing (30-minute) two-player Stratego-type game based on characters from Middle Earth whose identities are hidden at start. The play of special cards resolves combat.

Jim will also GM the Juniors version of the game in Heritage for those 12 and under on Friday at 2 PM to crown his little champ with the honor of taking down the graybeard champ.
 GM      Jim Doughan  [1st Year]   NA  
    jdoughan@gmail.com   NA

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