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Updated 4/19/2011

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Nicole Reiff, OH

2010 Champion

2nd: Patrick Mirk, FL

3rd: Jeff Cornett, FL

4th: Bruce Reiff, OH

5th: Scott Sirianna, NY

6th: Eric Martin, MD
Event History
2001    Ilan Woll     56
2002    Philip Shea     52
2003    Josh Githens     64
2004    Barry Shoults     52
2005    Robert Eastman     52
2006    Jeff Cornett     42
2007    Larry Lingle     64
2008    Jeff Cornett     48
2009    Steve Lollis     32
2010    Nicole Reiff     44

Jeff Cornett, FL

2011 GM



Fresh Scenarios

The 2011 tournament will feature new rules and scenarios from the 150th Civil War Anniversary Edition. Players will be coached on the rules changes before play begins. You may play with the original edition including the original edition card deck.

Scenarios for the first five rounds will be Falling Waters, Wilson's Creek, Belmont, Dranesville, and Little Sugar Creek. Later in the playoffs, scenarios will be determined randomly from the last six in the new game.

Each match will consist of a single game. Because there is no guarantee that the scenarios are completely balanced, skill at recognizing the possibilities for each side in a scenario could be important. Therefore, players will bid replacement card draws for choice of sides. A replacement card draw can occur at any time in the game, and consists of drawing a card and then immediately discarding a card (including perhaps the card just drawn).

Players with at least four wins in the 5-round Swiss competition will advance to the single elimination playoff. As needed, players with three wins will be randomly selected and added to the playoff to achieve an optimal number of players (most likely 8, but perhaps 16 total). Top 6 rankings will be based on the ranking of the player who eliminated you from the playoffs.

 GM      Jeff Cornett  [3rd Year]  728 Ashgrove Terrace, San ford, FL 32771   407-330-1968

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