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Updated 4/19/2011

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Conestoga 3     Terrace, Table #1

Michael Johnson, MA

2010 Champion

2nd: JR Tracy, NY

3rd: Chris Byrd, CT

4th: Jeff Spaner, MD

5th: Peter Gurneau, WI

6th: Martin Sample, NH
Event History
2007    Bob Heinzmann      48
2008    Mike Galandiuk     55
2009    Bob Heinzmann     56
2010    Michael Johnson     40

WAM Event History
2010    Bob Heinzmann     19

Bryan Collars, SC

2011 GM



Popcorn and a Drink, Please ...

Combat Commander will feature a WWII movie theme in 2011. The new scenarios designed for this year's tournament will be loosely based upon classic and popular Hollywood movies. How will your Combat Commander story go? Could it be, "Once upon A Midnight Clear I chanced upon Kelly's Heroes searching for a Cross of Iron but alas I went A Field too Far"?

The Swiss Elimination format continues this year. There will be four qualifying Swiss rounds (play in as many or few as you wish, but the less you play, the less your chances to advance) that will advance four players to semi-final Single Elimination play.

Starting with the first round, each match will give players a scenario to play. There will be a default scenario for use in each game of the first round. The scenarios for this year's event are custom designed and will be given to each player to keep as a "door prize". This year's event will require the use of CC:E and CC:Med. Tourney participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring other CC components (ie. CC:Pacific or Battlepacks). The tiebreakers for advancement will be as follows:

1) Opponent records;
2) Common opponents;
3) Coin flip.

GMT will provide merchandise credits to the four medalists of this event. The GM will be providing additional prizes to the finalists.

 GM      Bryan Collars  [1st Year]   NA   803-467-7980

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