Juniors Events 2011
May 31, 2011

The following is an alphabetical list of Juniors Events. We also provide a chronological listing of Juniors events in our program and in a list of only Juniors Events. Find out more about WBC's Juniors Program, including the requirements to participate. All events take place in Heritage. An adult with a badge must accompany the Junior to Heritage to register for the week. Registration is FREE for Juniors who participate only in Juniors events. All events are Coached, but it is helpful if children are familiar with the games. When possible, Juniors should bring a copy of the games they will play. Listed times are per round. Event winners receive a plaque.

Adel Verpflichtet Jr. (also known as By Hook or By Crook and Hoity Toity)
GM: Ashley Collinson, PA
We18 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
2010 Results
What do bored English noblemen do with their free time? Well, according to this Klaus Teuber Spiel des Jahres (1990) winner, they like collecting old junk and then showing it off. Players buy or steal various pieces of junk in the form of cards, trying to form the largest and oldest collection. Built on a 'rock-paper-scissors' mechanism, this game gives all players a couple of choices each turn. The trick is in guessing what your opponents are likely to do, and planning your choice accordingly; only after everyone's decision is revealed do you know for certain whether you made the right one.

Apples to Apples Jr.
GM: Joanna Melton, VA
Fr16 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
In this game, there are two decks of cards: Things and Descriptions. Each turn, the current referee selects a Description and players try to pick, from the cards in their hands, the Things that best match that Description. The referee then chooses the Thing that appeals most and awards the card to the player who played it. The first player to be awarded a pre-determined number of cards, wins.

Beep Beep Jr.
GM: Crystal Shipley, MD
Su10 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
A fast-paced game of driving through a forest and swerving to miss the wildlife. The game consists of a small rubber squeaky car and 112 cards each with an animal in a particular color on it. Players simultaneously try to match either the animal OR the color to those they have already avoided. When three of the same color or animal appear at the same time, hit the squeaky car to Beep! Beep! your horn and get them out of the way.
The player who avoids the most animals wins.

Blokus Jr.
GM: Daniel Broh-Kahn, MD
Fr20 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Take turns placing pieces on the board, starting from your corner. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is to get rid of all your pieces.

Bumper Car Arena Jr.
GM: Marc Houde, VA
Sa15 (R1/2) • 1.5 hour • SE
You and your friends have taken over the bumper car ride for your own purposes. Players score points for bumping other players cars and going around the track in the proper direction.

Can't Stop Jr.
GM: Rich Shipley, MD
Th16 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Be the first to move your markers to the top. During your turn, you roll the dice and place temporary markers onto the board. You can continue moving these markers until either none of your dice match (your turn is over and all progress you've made is gone), or cut your losses and end your turn (placing a permanent marker in your rows). Can you stop before your luck runs out?

Elchfest Jr.
GM: Dan Dolan, Sr., NJ
Fr12 (R1/8) • .25 hours • SE

2010 Results

Two moose face each other across a river. Can they get to the other side and keep their feet dry? Players flick the rocks to form a path. Reach the opposite bank first! GM will bring the giant version!

Formula Motor Racing Jr.
GM: Robert Schoenen, PA
Th14 (R1/2) • 1 hours • SE
2010 Results
The quickest playing auto racing game ever. Slick, fast, and fun.
Each player controls two cars in the race. Each turn, players play one card and draw one card. Card effects vary from shifting cars forward or backward in the race to removing cars from the race altogether. Control you team of two cars to block opponents and win the most of three races. Beware the crash cards!

Guillotine Jr.
GM: Ray Stakenas, MI
We9 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
It’s the French Revolution. As an executioner pandering to the masses, try to behead the least popular nobles. Manipulate the line order to suit you. After three days, the highest total wins.

Hero Scape
GM: Frank Sinigaglio, NJ
Sa9 (R1/1) • 3 hours • SE
This Fantasy Battle Board Game comes with dozens of painted plastic miniatures, each representing a warrior from a different era, and hex-based hard plastic terrain pieces.

Igloo Pop Jr.
GM: Jason Levine, NY
Th9 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Shake plastic igloos in an attempt to identify how many beads (between 2 and 13) they hold and match the number on your card. When a match is found, the player marks that igloo with a colored chip and places it on the card with the same number. The game is finished when one player has no chips left, or when all of the cards have been claimed!

Ingenious Jr.
GM: Chris Yaure, PA
We11 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Place you pieces on the board. Some pieces have two identical symbols, some have two different symbols (not unlike dominoes). The goal of the game is, through clever placement, to obtain points in the different symbol colors. Points are claimed by placing a piece such that the symbols on it lie next to already-placed pieces with the same symbol. The game ends when no more tiles can be placed onto the board or when a player reaches the maximum number in every color. Now each player looks to see how many points they scored in the colour they 'scored the least'. Whoever has the most points in their least-scored colour is the winner.

Ivanhoe Jr.
GM: Kirk Harris, NJ
Sa12 (R1/2) • 1.5 hour • SE
2010 Results
Take on the role of a knight and join the prestigious tournaments at the king's court. Use your cards to win the jousting competitions, and to fight with your sword, axe or morningstar. Rally your squires, gain the support of a maiden, and play action cards against your opponents.

LoTR: Confrontation Jr.
GM: James Doughan, PA
Fr9 (R1/6) • .5 hours • SE
2010 Results
You’re a hobbit with one chance to take the ring to Mordor. The group making it furthest wins a prize. The least corrupt hobbit—ringbearers get bonuses—wins the wood.

Monsters Menace America Jr.
GM: Mark Love, MD
Th18 (R1/2) • 2 hours • SE
2010 Results
As a giant monster, stomping cities is what you do. But now, other giant monsters are moving in on your turf - and you have to put a stop to that. Through a bizarre twist of fate, a branch of the military has decided to focus all its firepower on the other monsters. While your rivals are busy trampling tanks and swatting fighter jets, you'll be out there growing in power and infamy - getting ready for the Monster Challenge. In the end, when the dust settles and the radiation fades, the last creature standing will be crowned King of the Giant Monsters!

Montgolfiere Jr.
GM: John Poniske, PA
Fr14 (R1/2) • 1 hours • SE
Fly your balloon as high as possible. Dump ballast at the right oppotunity or use grappling hooks to link to other balloons, soporific gas to knock out balloons below, or a super motor.

Settlers of Catan Jr.
GM: Tim Mossman, MD
Fr18 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
2010 Results
Try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Players collect these resources to build up their civilizations to get to 10 victory points and win the game. A special table offered for very young Juniors.

Slapshot Jr.
GM: Mark Yoshikawa, CA
Sa19 (1/2) • 1.5 hour • SE
2010 Results
A wheeling, dealing game of hockey. Your goal is to manage your team into the playoffs and win the championship. Cheer for Tiny Tim and keep your best players away from the bruisers!

Ticket to Ride Jr.
GM: Matthew Beach, MD
We15 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
2010 Results
Collect various types of train cards and claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. Balance greed for more cards with fear of losing critical routes to competitors.

Titan: The Arena Jr.
GM: Greg Crowe, VA
Th11 (R1/2) • 1 hours • SE

2010 Results

Place your bets on who you think will survive these fantasy gladiatorial combats and play your cards to make sure they do. Play two games in the first round. Winners advance.

TransAmerica Jr.
GM: Ewan McNay, CT
We13 (R1/2) • 1 hours • SE

2010 Results

Be the first player to build a railroad network to connect your five cities. Lose points if you aren’t yet connected. At the end of the game, the player who has the most points left is the winner!

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