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Marietta     Wheatland      Limerock
  Terrace; #5

Nick Henning, DC

2011 Champion

2nd: Doug Galullo, MD

3rd: Andy Gardner, VA

4th: Phil Entwistle, MD

5th: Bob Hamel, NJ

6th: Ben Gardner, VA
Event History
1992    Debbie Otto     28
1993    John Kilbride     24
1994    Kevin LeRow       8
1995    John Pack     22
1996    Jason Wagner     16
1997    Jason Wagner     49
1998    Stephanie Mayers     40
1999    Pitt Crandlemire    51
2000    Pitt Crandelmire    63
2001    Mark Love    49
2002    John Pack    72
2003    Pitt Crandlemire    68
2004    Nick Henning    76
2005    Nick Henning    69
2006    Tom Richardson    69
2007    Jeff Hacker    72
2008    Bob Hamel    71
2009    John Elliott    64
2010    Nick Smith     88
2011    Nick Henning     63

John Pack, CO

2012 GM


Laurels Recommended Extra Prizes

The Night Chicago Died ...

Mob blood run in your veins? Or does it just run in the streets of Chicago? Gangsters is your chance to find out, to prove your metal, or to catch a slug in the back! Four gangs compete to rule the streets of Chicago in
all-out gang warfare. Your racketeers secure the choice joints from which to conduct your affairs. Your vamp seduces the members of rival gangs with promises of wealth, power, fame, and success. Meanwhile, thugs give your gang the raw muscle to make your plans a reality. Feel like puttin' the squeeze on local businesses or just puttin' the enemy six feet under? These are yer boys!
Meanwhile, youse gotta keep da boyz in blue under control with carefully placed bribes and by tippin' 'em off to rival operations! And if dat wuzn't enough, youse gotta get da marks tah buys lots o' yer moonshine!

Game Mechanics
Originally thought of as a simple, beer-and-pretzel game (with a squirt gun, for cryin' out loud), Gangsters has evolved as top contenders have analyzed and published strategy into a serious (and seriously fun) competition. Youse can expect tah see names like "Dusk", "The Head", "Slumord", and "Sticky Fingers" appear in the Final year after year. Gangsters is an elegant game of balancing and maximizing odds. "There are no bad die rolls in this game - youse just gotta be ready!" How many of the possibilities can you turn into good ones? Should you pursue a monopoly? Real estate domination? Or should you just pile up the dough? When is the right time to use your muscle, to risk the cops, or sit tight? The decisions aren't trivial nor for the faint-of-heart. But if you're ready, the streets of Chicago await you-with the best combination of pure fun, strategic competition, and squirt guns anywhere! Youse can learn what you need to know to begin your life of crime at any heat or delve into greater strategy at the demo session.

Squirt Guns
Please help us keep our singular exception to the BPA Weapons & Uniforms policy by using only squirt guns with neon colors and only at those Gangsters' tables designated for squirt gun use. Thank you!

Format & Prizes
Each heat is a brand-new competition. Win once during any of the four heats to advance to the single-elimination semi-final. Those who've played zero or one times before are eligible for the Junior Godfather award. The player who takes the most hits in a single game wins the Roadkill award. The player who gets seduced most often in a single game wins the "I think She likes Me!" Award. Cement Overshoes and a trip to the bottom of Lake Michigan reward good sportsmanship.

Complete Format, Rules Video, Tie-Breakers, Strategy Articles, Squirt Gun Etiquette & Statistics:

Bonus Prizes:

Complete Errata/FAQ:

 GM      John Pack [16th Year]   11213 Keota St, Parker, CO 80134   720-851-2095

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