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Updated May 27, 2015

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Debut Event




Tom Cannon, MD
2015 GM



Learn Mage Wars as you and your fellow apprentices battle to the death in this customizable strategy game of dueling mages. The event will use the Mage Wars Core Set with no expansions and consist of four total rounds.

This is a 4-heat round with players using the Apprentice Mode with the pre-built spellbooks from the Core Set. These will be available on the Arcane Wonders tournament site ( for players who don't have the game yet. Mage Ability Cards will not be used and the Arena size is reduced in half for the first round. Players can enter in any or all heats of Round 1, but must play a different Mage in each of the heats they enter. The top scoring eight players after Round 1 will Graduate to Full Mage status and advance to Round 2 for single elimination play.

Method of Advancement to Graduation Round 2
Tournament Points (TP) awarded for each heat using the highest of the following: Kill Opponent=5TP, Highest Remaining Health (Life minus Damage)=3TP, Lowest Remaining Health-1TP, Mage Death=0TP. Tie-breakers in priority order: Highest Total TPs for Wins, Highest Total TPs of Opponents Played, High Roll of D12 Die. Players will be ranked by total points scored during Round 1 with the top eight graduating to Round 2.

In Round 2 players are given an additional hour to select one specific Mage and upgrade the apprentice spellbook of that mage with additional spells from the Core Set up to the Spellpoint limit of the Mage selected (120). The selected Mage and Spellbook will be used by that player for the rest of the Tournament Rounds. These matches will also use the Mage Ability Card and the full arena. Players will be coached on the Spellbook design rules during the first hour of the round as needed to prepare their mage for the battles to come.

After Round 1 all players will advance in a single elimination format using the Tournament Point system to determine the winner of each match.

Arcane Wonders will provide promo cards for entrants, promo packs for those who advance, and a Mage Wars poster for finalists.

 GM      Tom Cannon  [1st Year]   NA    609-240-5038

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