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Grognards Pre-Con 2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending December 2014 Membership Trial Vote

Greg Tanner, AZ

2014 Champion

WBC Event History
1991    Tom Oleson     8
1992    Mike Sincavage    13
1993    Mike Sincavage    12
1994    Mike Sincavage    14
1995    Mike Sincavage     9
1996    Mike Sincavage     8
1997    Tom Oleson    10
1998    Mike Sincavage     8
1999    Mike Sincavage     12
2000    Robert Ryan    24
2001    Stephen Likevich    21
2002    Mike Sincavage    18
2003    Mike Sincavage    20
2004    Robert Ryan    22
2005    Paul Fletcher    18
2006     Paul Fletcher    22
2007     Bruno Sinigaglio    33
2008    Robert Ryan    17
2009    Tom Oleson    19
2010    Tom Oleson    20
2011    Mark McCandless    21
2012    Robert Frisby    17
2013    Robert Frisby    17
2014    Greg Tanner    17

PBeM Event History
2001    Bob Ryan    22


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Robert Ryan        MI    09    204
   2.  Tom Oleson         WA    11    184
   3.  Paul Fletcher      CT    13    159
   4.  Robert Frisby      VA    14    116
   5.  Mike Sincavage     VA    03    114
   6.  Stephen Likevich   OH    01     74
   7.  Mark McCandless    LA    14     54
   8.  Greg Tanner        AZ    14     48
   9.  Bruno Sinigaglio   AK    13     40
  10.  John Clarke        VA    14     30
  11.  Carl Walling       PA    06     30
  12.  Ed Witkowski       VA    14     29
  13.  Chris Harris       VA    08     25
  14.  Mike Scott         MD    10     21
  15.  Paul O'Niel        MD    06     21
  16.  Bill Scott         VA    11     19
  17.  Vince Meconi       DE    13     18
  18.  Mark Bayliss       uk    05     17
  19.  John Grant Jr      CT    01      8
  20.  Marty Musella      NC    14      6
  21.  Randy Heller       NH    06      6
  22.  Frank Sinigaglio   NJ    05      6
  23.  Walter Garman      MD    99      4
  24.  Johnny Hasay       PA    11      3
  25.  Bill Riggs         VA    09      3
  26.  Steve Foren        FL    07      3
  27.  Brian Addison      VA    05      3
  28.  Bryan Jackson      NY    01      2
  29.  John Ellsworth     IL    01      1

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists: 

Robert Frisby, VA

John Clarke, VA

Ed Witkowski, VA

Marty Musella, NC

Mark McCandless, LA

Past Winners

Tom Oleson, WA
1991, 1997, 2009-10

Mike Sincavage, VA
'92-'96, '98-'99, '02

Robert Ryan, MI
2000, 2004, 2008

Stephen Likevich, OH

Paul Fletcher, CT
2005, 2006

Mark McCandless, LA

Robert Frisby, VA

Greg Tanner, AZ

Defending champ Robert Frisby was unable to repeat vs Greg Tanner in the Anzio Final.

Year 15 of the Renaissance sans Icon

This year generated 22 matches with the Germans winning 14 times. Entrants played 12 games of the 6-turn Italia scenario, nine games of the 15-turn Italia scenario, and one game of the eight-turn 1944 "Advance North of Rome" scenario. The Germans won seven of the 12 6-turn games with none of the players bidding RPs for either side, suggesting roughly even play balance for this scenario. In contrast, the Germans won six of the nine 15-turn games with players bidding at least one infantry RP to play the Germans in eight of the nine games as follows:


No bid: Germans 1-0
One RP: Germans 1-1
Two RPs: Germans 2-1
Three RPs: Germans 1-0
Four RPs: Germans 1-1

Thus, the German players bid an average of about 2 RPs to play the Germans. None of the players bid RPs for the Allies. In addition, all three of the German players in the playoffs bid either three or four RPs to play the Germans. The finalists both bid 4 RPs with the sides therefore determined by a die roll. The bidding and outcomes in the 15-turn game suggests that play balance favors the Germans in this scenario. The Germans won the one "Advance North of Rome" scenario played.

All of the Allied players in the 15-turn game invaded either Termoli (4), Salerno (3), or Terracina (2). The Allies won one game at each invasion site.

The first semifinal, a rematch of the 2012 and 2013 semifinals, featured Robert Frisby's Allies against Ed Witkowski. Ed bid 4 RPs for the Germans. The Allies came ashore at Salerno and awaited a German counterattack. Instead of attacking, the Germans aggressively deployed around the beachhead in a way that allowed the Allies to surround the 26 Pzr and the 29 PG on the second turn. The German gamble looked like it might pay off when the two isolated divisions and a German relief force consisting of the 16 Pzr and the 1st Para eliminated the surrounded U.S. 45 xx in a 1-1 attack, thereby placing the isolated German divisions back in supply. The Allies responded by surrounding all four of the German divisions on September IV. The Germans attacked again but were unable to place the four divisions back in supply. Fearing that the four German divisions might break out of the pocket, on October I, the Allies attacked and eliminated the surrounded 16 Pzr and 29 PG on a 3-1. The loss of these two divisions, and the possibility of losing the other two isolated divisions, resulted in a German concession.

The other semifinal pit Greg Tanner's Germans against John Clarke. Greg bid 3 RPs for the Germans. The Allies again came ashore at Salerno and steadily advanced north, playing somewhat conservatively to minimize losses. The Allies seized Salerno, Termoli, and Foggia and pressed toward Naples and Cassino. In November, the Allies invaded north of Naples and attacked the now surrounded German HG xx. The attack failed, but the U.S. 1 Armor xx and Rangers retreated toward Cassino. The Germans counterattacked and surrounded the American armor. The Allied relief attacks failed. With no realistic prospect of taking their fifth objective, the Allies conceded defeat.

The Final was thus a rematch of the 2012 championship game, with Tanner's Germans against defending champ Frisby. In 2012, Robert won as the Germans after bidding 4 RPs for the wehrmacht. This time, both players bid 4 RPs for them. Greg won the die roll and the bid. The Allies invaded at Termoli and held off several German counterattacks near the beachhead. On September III, the Allies eliminated the surrounded 29 PG xx on a 3-1 attack north of Barletta. Although successful, the attack placed four Allied divisions in a vulnerable position on the coast and left Taranto vacant. The Germans seized Taranto and aggressively attacked the Allied divisions pinned on the coast. The pinned divisions unsuccessfully attacked two surrounded German divisions at 1-1 (rolling twice using the reroll chit). Eventually all four Allied divisions had to evacuate and slowly rebuild. The temporary loss of these four divisions slowed the Allied advance, even with the addition of the U.S. 1 xx due to the German seizure of Taranto. The Allies took heavy losses, including the elimination of a couple of British divisions, as they slowly advanced north and occupied Salerno, Foggia, and Naples. On December III, the Allies managed to fight their way into Pescara. They did not hold it for long. The Allies lost Pescara on the next turn when they unsuccessfully attacked adjacent German units and had to retreat out of Pescara. On December IV, the Allies took Cassino and landed at Anzio, although they had to prevent the Germans from destroying the newly activated ports needed to keep Anzio in supply. Thus, the Allies held six objectives at the start of the German December IV turn. With Pescara secure, all available German units headed for Cassino or the Anzio beachhead. Successful German attacks near Anzio eliminated both ports, placing Allied-controlled Anzio out of supply. The Germans also mustered enough strength to attack Cassino at 2-1. The Germans had the reroll chit but did not need it. The attack succeeded, and the Allies lost Cassino and their fifth objective in what was likely the closest Anzio Final in recent years.

 GM     Robert Frisby  [1st Year]  NA   703-220-1277 

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