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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Vien Bounma, NJ

2015 Champion

Event History

2000 Keith Levy 65
2001 Roderick Lee 80
2002 Barry Smith 58
2003 Steven May 50
2004 James Kendrick 52
2005 Jason Levine 63
2006 Jason Levine 62
2007 Lance Fogel 60
2008 Mario Veillette 80
2009 Jason Levine 57
2010 Jason Levine 65
2011 Jason Levine 88
2012 Matt Kucic 67
2013 Rejean Tremblay 82
2014 Alex Metzzger 69
2015 Vien Bounma 78


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jason Levine       NY    11    160
  2.  Barry Smith        NY    13    125
  3.  Lance Fogel        PA    07     78
  4.  Roderick Lee       CA    13     61
  5.  Rejean Tremblay    qc    13     52
  6.  Curt Collins II    PA    14     49
  7.  Vien Bounma        NJ    15     40
  8.  Alex Metzger       NY    14     40
  9.  Robert Kircher     MA    02     38
 10.  John Schoose       IL    12     34
 11.  Nick Henning       DC    13     33
 12.  Matt Kucic         PA    12     30
 13.  Mario Veillette    qc    08     30
 14.  James Kendrick     uk    04     30
 15.  Steve May          MD    03     30
 16.  Keith Levy         MD    00     30
 17.  Bill Dyer          IL    09     27
 18.  Haakon Monsen      no    15     24
 19.  Scott Sirianna     NY    15     24
 20.  Harrison Anderson  PA    09     24
 21.  Stan Buck          MD    08     24
 22.  Rob Runnicles      FL    06     24
 23.  Andrew Maly        MD    08     18
 24.  Patrick Maloney    PA    07     18
 25.  Joe Sposito        NJ    04     18
 26.  Ilan Woll          CT    03     18
 27.  Matt Muir          MD    00     18
 28.  Bill Beckman       SC    14     16
 29.  Tony Musella       VA    12     15
 30.  Steve Field        IL    02     15
 31.  Brad Johnson       IL    02     13
 32.  Dan Harthan        MN    15     12
 33.  Bruce Rae          bc    14     12
 34.  Grant LaDue        NY    12     12
 35.  Matt Bacho         MD    10     12
 36.  Josh Githens       SC    07     12
 37.  Doug Galullo       FL    06     12
 38.  Rich Shipley       MD    05     12
 39.  Steve Cameron      PA    04     12
 40.  Jack Howell        PA    12      9
 41.  Patrick Monte      NY    09      9
 42.  Brady Wade         IN    08      9
 43.  David Albin        PA    07      9
 44.  William Kendrick   uk    06      9
 45.  Jessica Finkeldey  MD    05      9
 46.  Paul Murphy        UT    03      9
 47.  Jim Rochford       IL    00      9
 48.  Jonathan Wyatt     PA    15      8
 49.  RJ Gleaton         SC    14      8
 50.  Pierre Paquet      qc    11      8
 51.  Mark Mitchell      VA    03      8
 52.  Jason Wagner       PA    10      6
 53.  David Wong         NJ    01      6
 54.  Joe Wetherall      PA    00      6
 55.  Josh Coyle         VA    15      4
 56.  Eli Zlotowski      CA    14      4
 57.  Bill Place         PA    11      4
 58.  Steve LeWinter     NC    10      3
 59.  Robert Davidson    IL    09      3
 60.  Chris Hancock      NH    06      3
 61.  Jim Castonguay     PA    05      3
 62.  Eric Lenhart       PA    04      3
 63.  Eric Eshleman      PA    00      3
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 0

Haakon Monsen, no

Scott Sirianna, NY

Dan Harthan, MN

Jonathan Wyatt, PA

Josh Coyle, VA

Past Winners

Keith Levy, MD

Roderick Lee, CA

Barry Smith, NY

Steven May, MD

James Kendrick, uk

Jason Levine, NY
2005-06, 2009-11

Lance Fogel, PA

Mario Veillette, qc

Matt Kucic, PA

Rejean Tremblay, on

Alex Metzger, NY

Vien Bounma, NJ

Roderick Lee deals with a Fast & Furious intimidator.

GM Levine presents the new champ with a copy of the Final course.

For the Very Track Itself ...

Formula De attendance rebounded in 2015 with three heats yielding 13 winners. No one won more than once during the preliminary races so tiebreakers were used to determine ten finalists. Only nine of those and none of the alternates appeared so the Final on Nevada Ride took place with only nine cars. The starting grid was Vien Bounma at pole followed by Glenn McMaster, Scott Sirianna, Josh Coyle, Haakon Monsen, Walt Collins, Dan Harthan, Jonathan Wyatt, and John Schoose. Vien earned pole position due to a
win and a second finish in two of the preliminary heats. Unfortunately, the person who beat him was Scott who was sitting two positions behind him to start the Final. Another pair of familiar adversaries occupied the fourth and fifth positions; Josh had finishedthi third to Haakon in their race.

The Final used the new Nevada Ride track which was to be awarded to the winner as a prize from Asmodee games. All of the street rules were in effect, including a new pit rule as well as hazards.

At the start Vien hit the first turn all by himself putting him a turn ahead in the early going. Both Haakon and Dan had fast starts by rolling a 20 and surged ahead to gain position. Lap 1 saw John Schoose use the big blue die 6th gear die (affectionately known as the golfball) to do a double slipstream and then redline into the Grand Canyon turn to shoot from last to third place. Unfortunately for him, his stay there was all too brief. On his next roll he had no breaks left and couldn’t triple downshift so he was forced to go in 4th gear and crashed while overshooting the turn. That was the first of many crashes and John returned to his ninth place starting position for good.

Later in Lap 1 Dan missed going over the jump and landed in the Colorado River. This caused him to have to drive up the cliff to get back into the race. Then Walt crashed while overshooting Wild West Corner to take 8th place. Lap 1 left carnage all over the track and our remaining drivers would have to navigate the debris during Laps 2 and 3.

At the beginning of Lap 2 the Flamingo turn was so full of debris that Glenn had to make a triple suspension check on his way through it. He failed two of his three rolls, lost his suspension completely and crashed in the Flamingo turn in 7th place. Josh had little time to celebrate his demise since he ran over some debris in front of the Grand Canyon turn when he needed to redline into it on Lap 1. Unfortunately for him, this time he needed to make a suspension check and failed it causing him to crash for 6th place. Jonathan ignored the yellow flags and sped into the same Grand Canyon turn, rubbing bodies and suffering so much body damage that he also crashed in 5th place. The Grand Canyon turn had claimed three victims via three different methods.

As the four remaining cars headed into Lap 3, Vien had a three-turn lead on Scott and Haakon. After taking a dip in the Colorado River on Lap 1, Dan was eight turns back. Haakon took the risk of going for the casino pit (in which on a 1-6 he would have gotten a new car in perfect condition) and failed the roll so he wasn't even able to get tires if he went into his regular pit. Dan, being so far back, also tried the casino pit and was rewarded with a new car. He now felt he could go hard to try to catch the racers in front of him since he already had a plaque since the worst he could do was fourth. He had nothing to lose.

Lap 3 is where things got interesting. Vien was extra cautious heading into the Grand Canyon turn as he saw three cars already crash there. So instead of rolling big blue to guarantee the turn with a chance of overshooting if he was too fast, he rolled the purple 5th gear die and missed the turn instead. Then he was forced to downshift and head through the Grand Canyon turn in a lowergear than he wanted. This mistake caused him to splash into the Colorado River just as Dan had done during Lap 1. Because of this mistake, that three-turn lead on Scott and Haakon looked like it was going to evaporate. Since Dan was racing hard to make up his eight-turn difference he had to try to run through debris and by the time he got the Red Rock turn he had ruined his suspension and crashed in 4th place. He was the first plaque winner, but the real race was still ahead.

Now all three drivers were near one another and due to good rolls for Scott and Haakon coupled with Vien’s summer bath, they both made it into Wild West Corner at the same time as Vien. As they exited Wild West Corner, Haakon took the lead away from Vien for the first time. All three cars used tires to overshoot out of Wild West Corner and they all had one tire left. All of them were exactly eight spaces away from the Las Vegas Strip corner. Haakon went first and rolled an 8 exactly. He took the inside lane and was feeling good. Vien went second and rolled a 7 but had two engines left so he redlined into the corner in the middle lane. Scott went third and also rolled a 7 and had to
use an engine to redline into the outer lane of the corner as well. This meant that all three drivers were now down to their last engine as well as their last tire. There would be no more redlining and anyone's engine could blow as they were exiting the last turn of Las Vegas Way. The upcoming roll would decide the race.

It came down to a 5th gear roll. Haakon went first and rolled a 14. He knew he was in trouble as either or both of the other two were likely to surpass his with a ceiling of 20. Vien went next and rolled a 15. It wasn't enough to pass Haakon outright, but being in the middle lane Vien was able to use an extra space in the turn and place his car directly behind Haakon and then slipstream Haakon to take the lead on the final homestretch. Scott now needed a 17 or a 20 to either slipstream or pass Vien. Scott only rolled a 12 and had to settle for third. Vien breathed a sigh of relief and
took home his first WBC shield after the most dramatic finish yet.

GM Jason Levine and his finalists.
GM Jason Levine [1st Year] NA

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