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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Rich Meyer, MA

2015 Champion

Event History

1993 Luke Kratz 23
1994 Eric Olin 25
1995 Chuck Foster 24
1996 Luke Kratz 25
1997 Stephanie Greenwood 19
1998 Caleb Cousins 29
1999 Shantanu Saha 17
2000 Randy Cox 31
2001 Aaron Silverman 34
2002 Doug Hoylman 48
2003 Aaron Silvermann 43
2004 Doug Hoylman 31
2005 Sean McCulloch 40
2006 Richard Meyer 37
2007 Winton LeMoine 43
2008 Paul Bean 36
2009 Richard Meyer 50
2010 Richard Meyer 35
2011 Matthew Beach 72
2012 Paul Bean 78
2013 Mark Guttag 75
2014 Jason Arvey 96
2015 Richard Meyer 107


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Richard Meyer      MA    15    115
  2.  Richard Irving     CA    14     86
  3.  Paul Bean          MA    12     72
  4.  Jason Arvey        VA    15     61
  5.  Roderick Lee       CA    15     47
  6.  Mark Guttag        VA    14     45
  7.  Aaron Silverman    FL    03     44
  8.  Doug Hoylman       MD    04     42
  9.  Eric Brosius       MA    12     40
 10.  Ted Drozd          IL    15     38
 11.  Randy Cox          SC    03     31
 12.  Winton LeMoine     CA    07     28
 13.  Shantanu Saha      NY    10     24
 14.  Pitt Crandlemire   MA    02     24
 15.  Matthew Beach      MD    11     20
 16.  Rob Winslow        NY    10     20
 17.  Sean McCulloch     OH    05     20
 18.  Jim Eliason        IA    15     17
 19.  Francis Spencer    MD    09     14
 20.  Edward Fear        OH    14     12
 21.  Natalie Beach      MD    10     12
 22.  Steve Cameron      PA    00     12
 23.  Matt Amitrano      VA    08      8
 24.  Debbie Bell        MD    01      8
 25.  Caleb Cousins      ME    01      8
 26.  Sean Cousins       ME    01      8
 27.  James Hopkin       CA    00      8
 28.  Stephany Greenwood MD    99      8
 29.  Bruce Rae          bc    14      6
 30.  Kevin Lewis        DC    11      6
 31.  Dave Burkey        PA    09      6
 32.  Ed Kendrick        uk    08      6
 33.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    05      6
 34.  Roy Pettis         VA    03      6
 35.  Ted Simmons        NJ    07      4
 36.  Robert Cranshaw    RI    05      4
 37.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    05      4
 38.  Luke Kratz         ID    04      4
 39.  Donna Balkan       on    01      4
 40.  Andy Maly          MD    99      4
 41.  Don Del Grande     CA    15      3
 42.  Gordon Elgart      CA    02      1
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 2

Roderick Lee, CA

Jim Eliason, IA

Jason Arvey, VA

Ted Drozd, IL

Don Del Grande, CA

Past Winners

Luke Kratz, ID
1993, 1996

Eric Olin, CT

Chuck Foster, TX

Stephanie Greenwood, MD

Caleb Cousins, ME

Shantanu Saha, NY

Randy Cox, SC

Aaron Silverman, NJ
2001, 2003

Doug Hoylman, MD
2002, 2004

Sean McCulloch, OH

Rich Meyer, MA
2006, 2009-10, 2015

Winton LeMoine, CA

Paul Bean, MA
2008, 2012

Matthew Beach, MD

Mark Guttag, VA

Jason Arvey, VA

GM Corrado's showmanship and preparation has popularized the event beyond the seating capacity available at the Host.

Facts in Five broke triple digits for the first time—sorely testing the fire marshall's patience. A bigger theatre awaits us in 2016.

Don't Tell the Fire Marshall!

Once again, we set a new attendance record as we broke triple digits for the first time—the seating capacity of the Hopewell room not withstanding. We thank everyone who came out, and especially those who stayed to laugh and play even if they had to make their own seating in the back or in the aisles. We’ve been assured by the Con Staff that Seven Springs has more space for everything, and we’re looking forward to see how well people do next year with real tables to write on!

As always, results are below with a review of who did best, and a smattering of trends and specifically wrong answers that made us laugh. In the latter cases, names are withheld to protect the guilty, so feel free to claim to your friends that you’re the one who thought of it.

Round 1 Categories:
* Named Personnel of the Starship Enterprise;
* Members added to the UN since 1988;
* Edible Beans;
* Games for the original NES;
* Named Characters from Dickens Novels.

Round 1 Letters:
C, K, L, M, S

Round 1 results: As always, Round 1 is designed to be a bit of an easier start to let people remind themselves how to play before we discourage them with tough categories. Round 1 had the highest overall performance for the audience, with people getting on average over 10.5 right answers out of a possible 25. Last year’s winner Jason Arvey took the lead with an astounding 20 correct answers; but Rich Meyer, Ted Drozd, Glen Pearce, and Andrew Drummond were hot on his heels with 19, and Don Del Grande, Brian Barrish, and Ed Beach were in the running with 18 each.

Round 1 great, but wrong, answers: While somewhat timely, King George never appeared in a Dickens novel; nor did the Scarlett Pimpernel. No points to the person who answered “Leonard Nimoy” as an L for Enterprise personnel, which was wrong in two completely different ways. Lots of people were hopeful that Chili was a bean and not a pepper (I blame Bohnanza), and practically no one could spell Kazakhstan (though we forgave that). For NES games, many people guessed “Link” or “Link’s Adventure” rather than the correct title of “Legend of Zelda”; others guessed that the adjective was “Knock Out” rather than “Punch Out”; and one person hopefully guessed that Candy Crush had been around since the mid-‘80s for his C answer. Finally, we’re disappointed in the number of people who just copied over their “Enterprise Personnel” answers into their “Dickens Characters” answers, because we were hoping at least one person would do the reverse.

Round 2 Categories:
* Pop Artists with a Billboard Top 20 hit in 2014 or 1984;
* Films nominated for top 100 comedies of the 20th century;
* Players in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame;
* Wrestlers who competed in a Wrestlemania;
* Declared candidates for the 2016 Republican Party Presidential Nomination

Round 2 Letters:
B, H, J, P, W

Round 2 results: Round 2 saw a sudden drop-off in performance as the tougher questions came out, with less than 7.5 average correct responses per participant. Rich Meyer took the lead this time with 17 correct, followed in short order by Don Del Grande and Brian Barrish with 16; Paul Bean with 15; and Jim Eliason with 14.

Round 2 great, but wrong, answers: Apparently neither Mike Huckabee nor Bobby Jindal have easy-to-spell names, with Huckleberry, Jardin and Jandi being alternatives for the non-political junkies. We appreciate the person who guessed Bush, Hogan, Johnson, Perry, and West for all of the last three categories, getting an amazing seven out of 15 right. Likewise, the person who knew nothing of wrestlers but general name format and guessed Birdman, Jumpman, Punchman, and Win-man for wrestling names has a special place in our heart. We also apologize if our example of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar overwhelmed people as many could only guess “Kareem Jabbar” for the J answer in Players in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Round 3 Categories:
* Muscles of the Human Body;
* Provinces of the Roman Republic and Empire;
* 100 Most Followed Twitter Accounts;
* 100 Most Common Street Names in the USA;
* Movies Tom Hanks Appears In;

Round 3 Letters:
D, G, P, R, T

Round 3 results: This proved to be the toughest of the rounds, with just over 6.5 correct answers per sheet. Rich Meyer and Roderick Lee tied for first with 14, with Jason Arvey and Brandon Bernard next with 13, and then Joseph Marriot, Rich Atwater, Thomas Lind, and Pete Noteman next at 12.

Round 3 great, but wrong, answers: Movies Tom Hanks has not appeared in that I would love to see him in include The Terminator, Time Bandits, Trainspotting, Twins, Pepe’s Penguins, Rain Man, Reds, Garden State, Ghostbusters, The Godfather, Good Will Hunting, Deadwood, and Dumbo. Also, I checked, and the movie is called “Road to Perdition”, not “Road to Pertitude”, which at least two people guessed. Twitter accounts I would like to follow but am not sure how to: Ronald Reagan, Russia, Lady Diana, God, Gay, and Doge. Things that are not medical names for muscles in the body: Discus, Thigh, Testicles, Rib, Pulled. Finally, if Persia and Persepolis were ever part of the Roman Empire I think things would have gone very differently in the Middle Ages.

Round 4 Categories:
* Layers of the Atmosphere and the Earth;
* Cities with a National Football League team;
* Defunct Car Brands, 1921 - present;
* Native American Tribes in the United States;
* 100 Busiest Airports in the World, by Airport Code

Round 4 Letters:
I, M, O, S, T

Round 4 results: This round saw things ease up a little bit, either because of some of the categories or people were finally getting into the groove, with over 10 correct answers on average. Leading the pack was Jim Eliason with an amazing 22 correct answers, with Thomas Lind a close second at 21. Far behind were Chris Morse, Ted Drozd, and Don Del Grande with 17.

Round 4 great, but wrong, answers: Iowa City does not yet have its own football team, nor does Santa Fe; and Minnesota, Ontario, Tennessee and Texas are not cities. We liked that one person answered “Tallahasee” as a City with an NFL team, a Car Brand, and a Native American Tribe currently in the U.S., but draw the line at him having guessed it to be a Layer of the Atmosphere as well. “O” was a tough letter for layers of the Atmosphere and Earth, with Oosphere, Oonosphere, Orbitosphere, Osmosphere, Oceansphere, Oxisphere, and Orthosphere being awesome (though incorrect) guesses. Double-zero points to the person who had “Senter of the Earth” as their S answer for that category. Finally, some favorite three-letter codes for airports I don’t want to visit are TKO, SKA, and OHI.

Round 5 Categories:
* Convention Rooms at the Lancaster Host;
* Vendors at the 2008 – 2015 WBCs;
* Tourneys at the 2005 WBC;
* Tourneys tried at the 2006 – 2015 WBCs;
* Food establishments within two miles along Route 30

Round 5 Letters:
C, L, S, V, W

Round 5 results: As you’ve probably guessed, Round 5 was themed all around the Lancaster Host in celebration of the last of our ten years spent there. Most people were familiar enough with the Host (having just spent a week there) that the average score was just under 10 answers correct! Long-time attendee Lisa Gutermuth ran away with this category with 21 answers correct; she was followed by Daniel Broh-Kahn at 18, Ted Drozd and Roderick Lee at 17, and Rich Meyer and Brandon Bernard at 16 each.

Round 5 great, but wrong, answers: While it’s a fun game, Stratego has never been offered at a WBC. And while it might have been a popular nickname for Wheatland this year, “Sump Room” was not an actual tourney room. Finally, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable eating at a place called Larry’s Food Shack or Lucky China.

Final Results:
Having the highest score in Rounds 2 and 3, and being the only one in the top six for all five rounds, Rich Meyer walked away with an amazing 82 points – an incredible eight-point lead over runner-up Roderick Lee in a tourney usually decided by three or less points. Roderick himself had a strong four-points lead over Jim Eliason and Jason Arvey, who tied at 70 each, with Jim taking third on the second tie-breaker. Ted Drozd at 68 points and Don Del Grade at 66 rounded out the top six.

As always, it was great fun to run Facts in Five for you, and Greg and I are both looking forward to seeing you all next year at our spiffier digs in Seven Springs!

The full answer key is available.

The full list of results is available.

GM John Corrado [4th Year] NA
johncorrado@hotmail.com NA

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