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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Jim Fleckenstein, VA

2014 Champion

Event History
2001    Steve Cameron     31
2002    Mike Stachowski     47
2003    Bill Place     69
2004     Lisa Gutermuth     87
2005     Debbie Gutermuth     72
2006    Matt Evinger     73
2007     Dan Lewis     70
2008     Jordan Flawd     79
2009    Chris LeFevre     71
2010     Lisa Gutermuth     90
2011    Stefany Speck     83
2012    Sarah Vasilakos     95
2013    John Speck    105
2014    Jim Fleckenstein    106


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Lisa Gutermuth     NC    10     78
  2.  Sarah Vasilakos    VA    12     61
  3.  John Speck         MD    13     46
  4.  Faith Wobbeking    MD    14     42
  5.  Brandon Bernard    PA    13     42
  6.  Jim Fleckenstein   VA    14     40
  7.  Chris LeFevre      AZ    09     33
  8.  Jordan Flawd       PA    09     33
  9.  Stefany Speck      MD    11     30
 10.  Forrest Speck      MD    08     30
 11.  Dan Lewis          DE    07     30
 12.  Matt Evinger       PA    06     30
 13.  Debbie Gutermuth   TX    05     30
 14.  Mike Stachowski    NY    04     30
 15.  Bill Place         PA    03     30
 16.  Steve Cameron      PA    04     28
 17.  Richard Fetzer     NY    09     27
 18.  Katie McCorry      VA    07     27
 19.  Ron Wuerth         VA    04     27
 20.  Dave Welden        PA    13     24
 21.  Gary Schaefers     PA    12     24
 22.  Robbie Mitchell    VA    11     24
 23.  Mike Coomes        PA    06     22
 24.  Scott Nerney       RI    10     21
 25.  Matt Fetzer        NY    09     21
 26.  Jordan Shea        MA    10     18
 27.  Ed Bielcik         NJ    07     18
 28.  Barb Flaxington    NJ    03     18
 29.  Alan Bargender     VA    02     18
 30.  Mark Love          MD    14     16
 31.  Dan Leader         MA    13     16
 32.  Scott Saccenti     MD    12     16
 33.  Chris Janiec       PA    06     15
 34.  Chris Kizer        CA    14     12
 35.  Ashley Worley      ru    14     12
 36.  James Kendrick     uk    05     12
 37.  Devin Flawd        PA    06     12
 38.  John Shaheen       MA    11      9
 39.  Nicola Bradford    LA    10      9
 40.  Bert Schoose       IL    04      9
 41.  Mike Nagel         NJ    03      9
 42.  Drew DuBoff        NJ    14      8
 43.  Bob Laird          PA    13      8
 44.  Dominic Blais      qc    11      6
 45.  Harry Flawd        PA    09      6
 46.  Pam Gutermuth      FL    08      6
 47.  Josh Ostrander     NY    05      6
 48.  Arthur Wines       PA    13      4
 49.  Dacey Collinson    MD    12      4
 50.  Carolyn Strock     PA    11      3
 51.  Shannon Keating    IN    10      3
 52.  Nick Smith         uk    08      3
 53.  Bob Titran         NY    04      3
 54.  Peter Perla        VA    03      3
 55.  Steve May          MD    01      3
 56.  Jeff Mullet        OH    01      2
 57.  Greg Mayer         MO    01      1

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists: 0

Faith Wobbeking, MD

Mark Love, MD

Ashley Worley, ru

Drew Duboff. NJ

Chris Kizer, NC

Past Winners

Steve Cameron, PA

Mike Stachowski, NY

Bill Place, PA

Lisa Gutermuth, NC
2004, 2010

Debbie Gutermuth, TX

Matt Evinger, PA

Danny Lewis, DE

Jordan Flawd, PA

Chris LeFevre, AZ

Stefany Speck, MD

Sarah Vasilakos, VA

John Speck, MD

Jim Fleckenstein, VA

Matt Evinger looms over his elves at the "Santa Claus table" of Shira Weiss, John Wobbeking, Brett Fox, Michael Sana and Aaron Correira.

Two-time champion Lisa Gutermuth and fellow Dookey Chirs Kizer toil in the preliminary heats but fail to reach Round 3. Obviously due to a deficiency in that Blue Devil education.

2011 champ Stefany Speck races
against Ashley Kilroy and Jack Morrell.

Defending champ John Speck tries to recapture
his winning form but is unable to defend his title.

Big crowds at the Track ...

We again had a total of 27 preliminary races in the three heats with Wednesday afternoon being the most popular - generatng 12 races in midweek. The 27 qualifier games produced the following statistics:

Min score for win: 28 (decrease of two from 2013)
Max score for win: 43 (increase of one from 2013)
Average score for win: 34.0 (decrease from 34.9 in 2013)
Min score for second place: 26 (decrease by two from 2013)
Max score for second place: 35 (same as in 2013)

A review of the score sheets shows close games between the top three places in most games. We had a new outcome with a race in the second heat ending in a four-way tie for first. In this race, Kristine Correica, John Dextraz, Craig Melton and Trevor Schoenen all ended with 28 points. The score after five races had Trevor leading with 28 points, Craig second with 26, Kristine third with 22 and Forrest Speck, John and Holly Saccenti all tied with 18. With John's penultimate play in the sixth race, he played the Crash card, taking out one of Trevor's cars and one of his own. Kristine had the last play but the best she could do is advance John's car to the lead for 10 points, taking her car along for second place with 6 points. Craig had one of his cars finish fifth for two points and none of Trevor's cars finished in the points giving us the four-way tie. Based on tie breaker rules, John won the race with Kristine coming in second, Craig third and Trevor fourth. This was almost repeated in the third heat. After the fifth race, Thomas Strock was leading with 28 points, Adina Weiss was second with 27 points and Dan Correira in third had 25 points. Eric Caron and Jodi Folk formed the trailing pack with 18 points and Anna Rinko brought up the rear with 14. Eric was able to win the sixth race to reach 28 points, Adina just getting her best car in sixth for one point to also reach 28, Thomas was shut out to stay at 28 and Dan got his best car into fifth for 27 points. The race ended in three-way tie for first with Dan just a point behind.

Ten games were 5-player races, with the non-player (aka bank car) taking third once, fourth twice, fifth twice and sixth in the remaining five races. The dummy player is still, well, dumb.

2006 champ Matt Evinger took time off from his Enemy In Sight GM duties to run the ace table in the second heat. The five drawers of the aces for this heat who ended up being at his table were not long out of the Juniors program. If you added the ages of his five opponents, it did not come close to Matt's age. With Matt's white beard, his table ended up being labeled as Santa Claus and his five elves.

A special prize was offered to whoever lost the most cars in all three heats. Mike Coomes started out with top billing for this as he lost eight of his cars in the first heat, with three of the six races finding him in the pits without a functioning car. However, Katie McCorry claimed the booby prze with ten cars lost in the three heats.

It was good to see Yoel Weiss back with additional members of his family. He and his daughter Adina attended the demo last year and won a free copy of the game. He put it to good use in the offseason in the family game sessions and it paid off when daughter Shira made it to the semifinals - winning in the second heat at the Santa Claus table with 40 points. Adina also qualified for the semifinals again via tiebreaker rules.

2011 champ Stefany Speck earned top seed for the semifinals since she won in two heats and took second in her third heat. In total, 14 of 26 heat winners returned for the semifinals. Mark Love, Kris Correira, Adina Weiss and Trevor Schoenen were the alternate runners-up to fill the 18 slots for Round 2. Faith Wobbeking and Jim Fleckenstein were first and second at Table 1 with 33 and 32 points, Drew Duboff and Chris Kizer tied at Table 2 with 31 points and Ashley Worley and Mark Love claimed the last two seats at the Final with Ashley 34 and 28 points. Lisa Gutermuth would remain the only two-time champ as none of these six had won previously. Faith was the most experienced as the only former finalist..

Race 1 of the Final did not start well for Ashley as she lost both cars, one to crash and the other to spin-out. The spin-out was due to Drew playing it as his last play. Faith lost a car when it was crashed into and Drew lost one to a blown engine. Jim took the early lead by winning the race. Race 2 had only three cars lost with Chris and Jim losing one each in crash and Drew losing a car to spin-out. Faith was the lucky recipient of both the Crash and Spin-out cards in her hand. Ashley won Race 2, but, fate continued to stalk Ashley in Race 3 when her crash card took out her own car as well as Mark's. Faith lost a car to spin-out and Jim suffered a blown engine. Faith was able to win this race to give her the lead at the halway mark with 20 points, Mark was second with 17, Ashley and Jim had14 points, Chris eight and Drew trailed with just five. Things evened out in the fourth race with no crash victims. Faith did blow an engine and Mark spun-out. Drew made a bold move to charge from sixth position to take the lead and win the race with his last card play, giving him a total of 15 points. Ashley took second to tie Faith for the lead with 20 points. Mark was only able to score one point with his sixth place car for total of 18 points. Jim got fifth place, Chris took both third and fourth. This race really leveled the playing field as everyone drew within 5 points ... it was truly anyone's to win with two races to go.

Race 5 only had two cars knocked out with a crash claiming a car each from Drew and Chris. Ashley played the Spin-to-Last card and rolled a 5, to hinder her own car. You can either keep this roll or re-roll, but you must keep the second die roll. The saying we have in FMR is if it is not your car on the first roll, keep it as it will always be your car on the second roll. And this remained true as Ashley rolled another 5, placing her car in last. Faith played a pit stop on the car in first position, which is Jim's. She rolls a 2, which moves his car back two spots. This was a perfect roll for Faith as she had her cars in second and third position, moving both of them up one spot. Faith ended up winning the fifth race and Jim was only able to move his car up one spot to claim second. Mark was able to get both of his cars in scoring positions at third and fifth. Faith's second car finished in the fourth position and Chris took sixth position.

Faith now took a commanding lead with 33 points, Mark was second with 24 points, followed by Jim with 22, Ashley with 20 points, Chris with 16 and Drew with 15. Mark's first play in the final race was the engine blown card against Faith's lead car. He rolls a 10, knocking it out of the race. The crash card was then played, but a 12 was rolled to determine which car crashed. Since there was no car in the 12th position, crash did not occur. Faith returned the favor by playing engine blown card as her final play against Mark's third position car and rolls an 11, knocking his car out of the race. That left Mark with the last card play. Losing his lead car left him with no way to get his remaining car into the lead. The best he could do was play overtake on his remaining car to get it into fifth position. But, this also brought along Faith's remaining car to sixth position. The surprise of the game was that Jim had cars in position 1 and 3, giving him 14 points for a grand total of 36, making him our new champion. Faith was second with 34 points, Mark third with 26, Ashley fourth with 24, Drew fifth place with 21 points, and Chris took sixth with 16. Since we had over 100 players for the first time last year, Ashley became the proud owner of the first fourth place plaque for Formula Motor Racing - but not the last.

I would like to thank Lisa Gutermuth and Katie McCorry for their help as assistant GM's, Katie and Danny Lewis' help on giving a tutorial and refresher training before the start of heats and Lisa for providing us with the great track and scale cars used in the Final.

Italian Fabio Pellegrino shows Adam Wojtaszczyk and Drew DuBoff how to draft.

GM Chris LeFevre with five new finalists and previous laurelist Faith Wobbeking.

Craig Melton thinks he is dealing with a couple bumper car drivers but Holiday Saccenti has nasty plans of her own.

 Bumper Cars anyone?

James Freeman lends a hand as a racing official.

Formula Motor Racing Junior

Eric Freeman took time off from GMing Vegas Showdown to take a stint in the Junior's room on Thursday afternoon to provide a junior racing circuit for the pint-sized drivers. There were 24 little race drivers sans learning permits loosed on the streets of the Vistas room. The fastest of these was:

~ 1st: Xander Goddard, age 11

~ 2nd: Sydney Matusiak,, age 10

~ 3rd: Alex Freeman, age 10

~ 4th: Jay Schoenen, age 9

~ 5th: Aidan McNay, age 11

~ 6th: Linsey Saccenti, age 10

 GM     Chris LeFevre  [9th Year]  NA  NA

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