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Updated April 26, 2016

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending December 2015 Membership Trial Vote

Justin Rice, VA

2014-15 Champion

Event History

1993 Ed Beach* 22
1994 Ray Rooks* 22
1995 Bruno Passacantando* 22
1996 Paul Tisevich * 27
1997 Jeff Otto* 22
1998 Bruno Passacantando * 13
1999 Ken Lee* 18
2000 Chris Withers** 19
2001 Chris Withers** 20
2002 Chris Withers** 18
2003 Chris Withers** 19
2004 Chris Withers** 16
2005 Chris Withers*** 26
2006 Chris Withers 19
2007 Chris Withers 22
2008 Ed Beach 17
2009 Ed Beach 20
2010 Chris Withers 18
2011 Chris Withers 17
2012 Rob Doane 10
2013 Dave Cross 17
2014 Justin Rice 17
2015 Justin Rice 19

* Stonewall Jackson's Way ** Combined into GC2 ***Combined GC2 & GC3 into GCA

PBeM Event History
2000 Ed Beach 17
2010 Ed Beach 51
2013 Steve Likevich 46
2016 Bruno Passacantando 28



Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Chris Withers      CA    12    395
  2.  Ed Beach           MD    13    275
  3.  David Cross        VA    15    148
  4.  Rob Doane          RI    16    135
  5.  Justin Rice        VA    15    125
  6.  B. Passacantando   CT    16    124
  7.  Mark Booth         VA    15    116
  8.  Steve Likevich     OH    13    106
  9.  Paul Nied          KS    04     78
 10.  Scott Spurgeon     on    16     67
 11.  Michael Pacheco    CA    13     62
 12.  Patrick Pence      FL    16     39
 13.  Doug Smith         PA    13     36
 14.  Greg Tanner        AZ    15     33
 15.  Pat Duffy          NJ    02     29
 16.  Mike Metcalf       NC    16     19
 17.  Raynald Foret      fr    14     18
 18.  Thibault Nguyen    fr    15     15
 19.  Ted Drozd          IL    14     15
 20.  Ken Lee            PA    09     15
 21.  Dennis Mason       ME    04     15
 22.  Robert Dwyer       NJ    04     15
 23.  Jim Pyle           VA    00     15
 24.  John Cissel        ID    16     12
 25.  John O'Day         VA    15     12
 26.  Jonathan Moody     OH    13     12
 27.  Jay Meyers         CA    07      9
 28.  Steve Sandy        OH    02      9
 29.  Buck Karpowitz     DC    01      9
 30.  David Dockter      MN    00      9
 31.  Gary Kirk          au    13      8
 32.  Peter Putnam       PA    14      6
 33.  Allen Hill         MD    10      6
 34.  Brad Merrill       ME    10      6
 35.  Brad Anderson      OH    02      6
 36.  William Cooper     NJ    00      6
 37.  Geoff Allbutt      NY    13      3
 38.  Rod Coffey         MD    05      3
 39.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    04      3
 40.  Marty Musella      VA    03      3
 41.  Forrest Speck      MD    01      3
 42.  Mike Metcalf       NC    01      3
 43.  Hugh Mater         NJ    00      3
 44.  Doug Pratto        MA    00      1
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 2

Greg Tanner, AZ

John O'Day, VA

Mark Booth, VA

Dave Cross, VA

Thibault Nguyen, fr

Past Winners

Ed Beach, MD
1993, 2008-09

Ray Rooks, MD

Bruno Passacantando, CT
1995, 1998

Paul Tisevich, FL

Jeff Otto, OH

Ken Lee, PA

Chris Withers, CA
2000-2007, 2010-11

Rob Doane, MD

Dave Cross, VA

Justin Rice, VA

Mark Booth battles designer Ed Beach.

Peter Putnam and Roger Covington prepare to repel the French.

Forrest Speck rejoins the ranks.

The finalists decide the title.

Start of a New Streak ...

The 21st year of the tournament actually looked a lot like some of the events from its first decade. Several champions from the 1990s returned this year (Forrest Speck and Ken Lee) along with two serious contenders from the early 2000s (Mark Booth and Rod Coffey).  These veterans mixed with our recent contestants and a healthy crop of new players to give us some much needed reinforcements. Even the opening round scenarios had echoes of the early tournaments: with the recent reprint of Stonewall Jackson's Way (the original game in the series) we had a great time trying out the newest take on the Second Manassas campaign, the newly designed tournament scenario Bag the Whole Crowd.  By the evening we had five contestants who had qualified for the single elimination rounds by securing two wins: John O’Day (our Risen from the Ranks winner this year), Mark Booth, Greg Tanner, Dave Cross, and Justin Rice.  Scenario balance was excellent during these rounds with the VP that had been bid to choose sides deciding several contests.

The final spot in the elimination rounds would be filled by either series designer Ed Beach or Thibault Nguyen, the leader of our new contingent of French players.  The two faced off in a rematch of last year’s game of the Battle of Chickamauga and went late into the night on Wednesday.  For the second year in a row, Thibault’s Confederates prevailed, using a march around the Union left flank at the north end of Chickamauga Creek to great effect.

The quarterfinals featured two close games of Sheridan Rides South. In the first, Justin Rice used a late Union attack to kill Stuart and a number of his troopers to secure a win over Dave Cross.  Greg Tanner prevailed over Thibault, also winning as the Union.  This left Justin facing John O’Day and Greg vs. Mark Booth in the McLemore’s Cove semifinals.  The Sheridan winners prevailed again to advance to the Battle of the Wilderness Final.

Justin lives near the Wilderness battlefield and used this “home field advantage” to good effect for the second straight year.  Greg’s early advance to the Brock Road intersections was met by a swarm of troops from Hancock’s corps. By the end of Day 1 two of Ewell's divisions had been routed back with heavy casualties and Hancock held all the middle VP locations.  Day 2 opened with another successful Union assault from Hancock and Warren, further weakening the Confederate center. Burnside raced south and added muscle to Sheridan's hold on the southern VP locations.  When Greg’s advance fell victim to poor movement he conceded the win to Justin, now a two-time champion.

While these elimination rounds were underway, Ed Beach set up the final maps for Atlanta is Ours, the upcoming installment in the series.  We look forward to taking Charlie Kibler’s latest maps for a spin in a year or two.

2016 PBeM Tournament

Some 2.5 years and 60 games after it started, Bruno Passacantando emerged from a field of 28 to claim the fourth BPA PBeM tournament for Great Campaigns of the American Civil War by besting Patrick Pence in the the final. They played From the Rappahannock to Bull Run from SJW II. Patrick's yanks were in a hole early on but managed to encircle Longstreet around Warrenton. Bruno, true to form, fought his way out of the trap, and Patrick graciously offered his sword on the last turn when it became apparent that the Union didn't have enough left for the counterattack. Also earning laurels were Mike Metcalf, John Cissel, Rob Doane and Scott Spurgeon for finishing 3rd through 6th respectively. 

GM Ed Beach [14th Year] NA NA

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